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38 thoughts on “Bill Gates, Elizabeth Warren On Same Side Of Wealth Tax Debate | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. If wealth is spread more equally people are able to consume more and that results in economic expansion. There is a limit in consumption you can generate and investing doesn't create as many jobs and that speedy flow of money as consumption does.

  2. You need a lot of smart people to compensate for the absolute idiots who are governing, the cult of conspiracy believers who elected them and the Fox News morons who defend them while raking in the millions.

  3. O'Donnell aborted this interview too soon, right after the point that mobility of unemployed workers in the U.S. has decreased considerably since 1948. The next question should have been WHY has mobility decreased? In particular, has the improved social safety net reduced the incentive to move to where jobs are, or is that another myth to refute?

  4. Tough to go after work if you own or in debt because of your home in areas of large unemployment when your home value plummets.Where to go,how to go without money?

  5. can we get rid of all millionaires ? No single individual should be able to control so many human beings anymore.NO PRESIDENT! NO DICTATORS! NO MILLIONAIRES,.

  6. It's funny how MSNBC is trying to mislead the people into believing that corporate candidate Warren is indeed against the wealthy and Gates is on the side of Poors.

  7. When we reach the point at which we cannot pretend that anyone, “believes,” Trump is, “innocent,” we a forced to a chilling conclusion. This is not about, “Truth.” This is about the fact that Trump’s Cult, and his GOP, have made their choice. And, their choice is to burn the Constitution, END the Republic, and install a Putin Style, Single Party, Totalitarian, Dictatorship. If Trump walks out of the Impeachment, still POTUS, the Republic is DONE. “Elections,” will be a RIGGED, Russia style, joke. This is the End Game. It’s now, or NEVER . . . Smh

  8. Why does Elizabeth Warren think the billionaire in America will always be a billionaire? Why does she think they will always live in the U.S.? Why doesn't she realize that when they die, they cease being a billionaire and their estate is broken up to surviving relatives and foundations that are granted money or funded by their estate. How on earth can you send them a bill for Universal Healthcare when they are free to leave the U.S., move money out of the U.S. undetected, or end up going belly up and no longer be a billionaire. If Warren thinks people hate Trump, she is going to be hated more if she gets elected on the basic of Universal Healthcare and the middle class and the poor will not pay more taxes than they do now. There is a saying "fool me once and shame on you … but fool me twice and shame on me." I just went through all the ways in which this plan could go wrong and I can sum it all up with Warren being another "used-car-salesman" and simply change the gender depiction.

  9. Every user of Windows software helped developing it! Remember the first ten years! Night Shifts all the way! Bill never has paid a dollar for this!

  10. Bill is talking about past taxes — what he paid in a lifetime. But is he still earning as much as he did when he was CEO? Or is he now struggling to find ways to spend some significant chunk of his fortune before he dies?

  11. Warren has no chance in beating Trump in a head to head. If she or Biden are given the primary by the Democrats we are going to have to sit here and watch Trump serve up another 4 years of golf and corruption. It's going to be 2016 2.0.

  12. of course and here i mean a big of course that wealth/corporate taxation needs to be risen but we must not forget that higher the taxes are the tax evasion would be higher just think of panama papers findings. the tax evasion is the very first thing that needs to ve solved and then afterwards think on wealth/corporate taxation

  13. Reintroduce Keynesian Economics. It was the replacement of Keynes with Hayek/Friedman economic rationalism of the late 1970's that has caused what we see now.

  14. I recall Warren Buffett, during "Obummer's" Presidency commenting that his secretary paid a higher percentage of taxes than him, the implication being that the wealthy don't pay enough taxes. But, I didn't see where Buffett actually wrote out a check to the U.S. Treasury to back up his contention. The fact is that he, and other billionaires, are free to give as much of their wealth to the U.S. Treasury as they wish…..but they don't, do they? Go ahead, Mr. Buffett, reach into your pocket and, if you really think that you don't pay enough taxes, I am sure the U.S. Treasury will gladly relieve you of your excess cash (and, of course, waste most of it).

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