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100 thoughts on “BICEPS: The ONLY TWO Exercises You Need For GROWTH! | BIGGER ARMS NOW!”

  1. Two exercises might not seem like much, but by the time you finish 7 sets of EXERCISE 1, you will quickly realize why! Workouts do not need to be complicated to be effective! Now get those gains and comment below which muscle group you would like to see next!

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  2. You've got a great channel Scott. You're one of my two "go-to" authorities on lifting(Alan Thrall being the other). Thanks for always posting good content and not being one of these non-natural douche bags acting like they're natural(not naming any names…).

  3. Is your app only available on android? Can you show a picture of an iPhone with your app on it but I cannot find it on an iPhone

  4. Hey, I’ve been using @healedplus for some time now and it works so well for me! I’ve improved in the gym and in school! Contact me for details and a discount code!! 🤙🏽💪🏼🌎 insta: brysongregory

  5. By the way, great channel, love your work and the way you explain in depth about how to achieve certain goals!

  6. You do the same Biceps Failes like everyone else. You dont get the maximum out of this Training

  7. People that always insist on doing hammer curls will never have thick biceps… I see it all the time…. likewise for the triceps, people do hammer grip extensions, will never develop thick triceps….. the only exception to the rule is steroid users they developed monster body parts no matter what they do!

  8. Another great video. Excellent description of the incline dumbbell curl experience. It goes from light weight to feeling like you hit a wall. Great exercise for biceps.

  9. You do 6 to 7 sets of 10 reps of curls, that's 70 then dumbbell curls, another 70 – well that's 140 reps. You will be in pain for days on end. Every time you move your arm, it will hurt. You will be popping pain meds. Just giving you a warning.

  10. Hey Scott! Do you have any workouts for stronger wrists? met some of men and women who couldn't even lift a 20 lb dumbbell because of weak wrists…any suggestions or does it all connect thru the forearm to the bicep? Just starting out at age 31..anything will help! Thanks in advance!!

  11. So, basically, I need to do 12 to 14 sets for each muscle group? If I'm training 2 groups each day, each group needs at least 12sets?

  12. You are amazing and that’s because you make me feel normal. Every video you see the guys are so heavily built and for must you know they didn’t get that way just because of the exercise their showing.

  13. I'm sorry but it's hard to trust what you are saying because you don't look like you train at all.

  14. Is it just me or does it look like Scotts got a pair of cartoon nutts hanging on his groin when he's doing the incline curls @4.20 .
    It's like he's untucked them and he's hanging them on display.

  15. I’m sorry but am I the only that noticed when your doing inclined dumb bell curls it looks like you have a huge cartoon camel toe. Lmao! Sorry. I love you videos though in all seriousness. Sorry for putting this nonsense comment on here but you seem like the type of guy who can take a joke. Keep them videos coming Scott.

  16. I tried drop sets on the incline biceps curl once and was destroyed for a week. Probably a good shocker to do now and then.

  17. On an extension of the incline curl, do you ever do them on a flat bench? I have never felt a burn like it

  18. How do u get bigger cavs. My cabs are kinda flat but I got a lot more muscle everywhere else, and I don’t have that much equipment cuz I’m only 14. Plz do a vid on this

  19. I'm very glad I found this channel. Always helpful information that I implement into my workouts. I have noticed a massive difference since I started following your advice. Thanks.

  20. Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean X mentioned that overloading the supination by supinating throughout the curl is beneficial to bicep growth. In another bicep video you specifically disputed the practice of doing this.

    Are you and Jeff talking about the same thing here? I’m not entirely sure.

    Also, you emphasize the incline curl which is more focused on the long head of the bicep. Wouldn’t relying heavily on this exercise cause a serious imbalance within your bicep?

  21. I have very long biceps, no gap at all, i feel it kinda sucks, i mean the ideal one is one who have a very small gap, no gap at all also sucks a bit.

  22. Should I do this only once a week or twice a week? Because I think if I did this twice a week it would go over recommended total weekly sets

  23. in my opinion..u need to have an exercise that you can overload more your forearms and the outer head/brachialis..something like an accessory superset where u do some hammer or reverse curl and then some close grip cable curls

  24. When you said 10,15 top 20 pounds on exercise 2 I was like "oh thank God, I thought somehow my biceps were suddenly useless"

  25. Hey bro awesome stuff the bicep belly info. Really made a lot of sense n thank u for that please keep it real n keep itt up

  26. Great videos…. and ya gotta love the "chowdahead" accent!! Really enjoy the info as delivered, and it's all relevant!!! Well done!

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