Well, the most important thing we have to
deal with is our democracy itself. If your presidency could only tackle one
issue, what would it be? Don’t ask me that question because we
can’t do just one issue. It’s not that if elected president, we’re only
gonna accomplish one thing. I don’t look at politics like that. It would be the lack of economic mobility in America. The fact that we’ve got the greatest income inequality that we’ve had in a hundred years. It would be what I see as the cancer that
underlies all the other cancers, and that is the nefarious, undue influence
of money on our political system. Corruption. Look, when you talk about climate, the
issue is not climate. We all know the answer on that. There’s no other side of the debate. The problem is the oil and gas companies
run the Congress. We know we can solve it, but the oil and gas companies won’t let us. And so the real question there is legalized
corruption of our government. Every other issue I care about, from
climate change, to gun violence, to education, isn’t going to get handled very well until we fix the structures of our government itself. It’s why we need, if necessary,
constitutional reform to get money out of politics, to make sure that districts are actually
drawn so that politicians are chosen by voters instead of what’s happening now, which is that politicians choose their voters by the district lines. I don’t think it’s reasonable to think that we will be able to overturn Citizens United anytime soon, so we need either a constitutional amendment or—and this is what I would do— public funding of federal campaigns. I think we have a real challenge in this nation that we’re going from a beloved
community to a level of tribalism. We need to heal this country. We need to have a revival of civic grace, a more courageous empathy for each other. And I believe the next leader of this country can’t be demeaning and degrading other Americans, pitting us against each other. We’ve got to put more ‘united’ back into
this ‘one nation under God.’ My flagship proposal is a Freedom Dividend of $1,000 a month for every American
adult, starting at age 18. This would create over 2 million new jobs
in the U.S. economy. This is the trickle-up economy, and it
starts with universal basic income of $1,000 a month for every American
adult, starting in 2021. It probably would be climate change
because that’s an existential threat to the planet. I think it’s very clear to Americans right
now that the climate crisis is not happening in 100 years. It’s happening right now. Climate change has to be an issue that
has to be tackled if we actually want to leave the world
better than we found it. And I think that’s our most fundamental responsibility. Day one, I’d sign us back into the
international climate change agreement. And day two, bring back the clean power rules that the Trump administration just left on
the cutting room floor. From there, you introduce sweeping legislation and work with Congress. I just don’t think we can wait. I look at a political movement in this country, which transforms this nation. So it’s not just one thing. You know, it’s not combating climate
change or Medicare for All, it is doing all of those things. And we can do ’em because that is what the American people want.

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100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders and Other 2020 Candidates Explain Their Top Issue | NowThis”

  1. Klobacher and mayor re-Pete. Please drop out. We will stay home if corrupt politicians are the candidate. You two are corrupt and bring nothing but the same. You have been bought and sold. Support Bernie so you can have some dignity when you look in the mirror. But again. Go away.

  2. Another Media outlet that ignores Presidential Candidate Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard; end Foreign Government Interventionism and Corporate Welfarism and begin rebuilding our Nation.

  3. Only two people answered the question: Steyer and Yang. The rest just babbled and not directly answered a simple question.

  4. Yeah…. no.
    You can't accept millions and millions of dollars in donations from corporations and the elite, then turn around and say the problem is corruption and money in politics. FOH.

  5. Sadly, none of this will sway the potential trump voters in 2020 😔 his supporters need a charismatic leader to "wow" their simple minds… someone who can make trump embarrassed.

  6. I noticed that Andrew Yang was the only one who immediately explained his top proposal instead of saying a lot of buzz words and making a vague statement. He's clearly the most genuine one in this video 🙂

  7. A republican. Running for President. Against Donald Trump. Whose number one issue is climate change. Inconceivable.

  8. Yang is right. Bernie typical politician. All typical. Styer and Marian right. 1st thing…get the economic boot off of people's throats…then 2nd…because people want trust in the government.

  9. Spending. We are screwed if it doesn't eventually get solved. The dollar will mean nothing. Our debt will destroy us.

  10. YangGang!! UBI and Democracy Dollars for the win! That is how you help every single American in this country while also flushing out the dirty pipes of the government that is run by rich corporations.

  11. My vote to Bernie Sanders..if I was American…but I am Italian…I’m so sorry…american people vote Sanders 2020!👍🏻

  12. Where is miss native american warren? Steyer and buttigieg and bloomberg are rich snobs. Bernie is old. Yang or klobuchar or someone

  13. There is a difference that we must learn to recognize between
    a) moving in the right direction with imperfect solution and
    b) moving in the wrong direction with a solution which appears to be moving us in the right direction.
    Yang's fake UBI is moving us in the wrong direction because it is a transactions-based UBI.

  14. Don't vote for Bernie…he would've been more deserving of a vote if a good amount of his supporters weren't toxic trolls and racist idiots.

  15. Only 1 candidatel had clear answer that was ANDREW YANG everyone else spoke n general. Bernie feels he so insightful many issues mf' er name one. Like Barack ACA. Meaning Bernie gonna get nothing done. Marianne on the money.

  16. Jfc, hearing Buttigeig say that while knowing he rakes bribes is so infuriating and there goes Yang again with "just throw money people, no other change, just give people a check" 😒

  17. Yang is the One. Everyone else is either establishment or living in the past which is basically the same thing. Vote Yang 2020!

  18. It really is a trick question, that requires a moment of ponder.

    Homeostasis occurs when all things are at a perfect balance.

    Take notice of those who refuse it to be an immediately answerable question, and those that are speaking upon their regurgitated conclusions.

  19. In taking on and eliminating special interests and fossil fuel-based political inertia, climate change has to be fought from the bottom up and align with the good of the disenfranchised in order to be defeated. That’s why we need joint political energy around issues that inhibit people in their daily lives in order to galvanize the struggle for the Earth in historic proportions.

  20. under donald trump and the republicans,30,000 people die every year because they cant afford health care premiums and deductibles and donald trump and the republicans would like to triple the deaths by getting rid of obamacare and under donald trump and the republicans 500,000 people file bankrupt because they get cancer,this the billionaires support these deaths by giving the republicans and the media donor money to stop medicare for all.the way we can stop them is by electing bernie sanders for president and voting against all those republicans in 2020

  21. Love how Andrew Yang had an economic message whereas everyone else was like “everything” or “climate change- because that polls well with the base” or “corruption” because one president can remove all corruption

  22. Yang is the only one even mentioning things like thorium and cyber militia! Please everyone give him a chance, you might be surprised!❤

  23. I am not voting for any of these corrupt UN dream act open borders dems, especially Bernie sanders who wants to rebuild that globalist organizations his true colors have shown who he really is.

  24. At face value, all the candidates seemed really decent here. That is, only if you haven’t heard about wine cave pete.

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