Student: A lot of people of color
are living paycheck to paycheck, and it allows for very little room to move
upward. How would you address that? Shapiro: By less market regulation.
By less regulation in housing, for example. Let people build more
housing because that’s what drives the price down, better supply
of housing. By less government regulation in rent control, which
leads to less supply of housing. By allowing businesses to start up
and hire people without all of the licensing fees and taxes that are
associated in the state of California, for example, with that. By getting rid of
the minimum wage because if you want… [Audience applause] Shapiro: The minimum wage puts half
of the people who could get those jobs out of work. Right now, if you put
the minimum wage up at 15 bucks, college grads would be making the minimum
wage, and all the people who are 17 and want to get those jobs, they want to
start working their way out of poverty, will not get those jobs. No one
is going to pay a 17-year-old kid to flip burgers. It’s not going to happen.
Less regulation allows for more economic freedom, which is why,
in the past, when you had less regulation, you saw more social
mobility. Social mobility slows as government sticks in the gears
of the economy. This is why the inner cities, for example,
areas that have been governed by leftists, have very little social mobility. There is
permanent poverty, generation after generation, because no one is starting
a business in the inner city because of regulations and taxes.
This is what happened in Detroit. Detroit got completely cleaned out.
Detroit was the industrial heartland of the United States. Through
government subsidies, regulations, and high tax rates that confiscated
property and wealth from the people who were generating it all the
businesses left. They raised the taxes again because they felt like they
still owed people there money so they raised the taxes again. More
people left, and they had no tax base. Now Detroit is a center of permanent
poverty and what looks like zombie aftermath.

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85 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro DESTROYS minimum wage, regulation, & subsidies in under 2 minutes”

  1. Notice how YouTube censors out the word "leftist." Can't stand people calling things what they are can they? How utterly pathetic.

  2. Im Norwegian, and I'd love to start my own buisiness, but due to laws and regulations, I'm not allowed to compete with others eventhough I could do it faster and cheaper and so forth. It's silly

  3. BEN WANTS TO PAY POOR PEOPLE 2 DOLLARS AN HOUR. THAT'S HOW BEN FEELS ABOUT POOR PEOPLE. THEY ARE PIECES OF SHIT WHO DESERVE SLAVE LABOR. HE COMES UP WITH STUPID REASONS WHY WE NEED TO GET RID OF MINIMUM WAGE. The fact is, big business is making record profits. They can easily afford to pay more. He says business will not pay 15 an hour for a kid to flip burgers. They will, if they have no choice.

  4. Remove all regulations thus allowing employers to use work gangs to force people into slavery. It's time we all just accepted what would make America and the entire world Great Again.

    You know it makes sense.

  5. I grew up in Detroit and Shapiro, as usual, is full of shit.

    Coleman Young played a role in dividing a city by color and the corporations finished things off by moving production to other states countries so they could yield higher gains for their share holders.

    Share holders; you know, people that dont even work for the company. That's the biggest motivation behind the anti minimum wage movement.

  6. this a hole hasnt been in my hood, because plenty of whites are living paycheck to paycheck. i really despise suburban white liberals.

  7. Right On!!! It is not just people of color living pay check to paycheck. I am a single full time dad and have a 10 hour a day job. Working as an AG Mechanic. I make 15 an hour. Still live pay check to pay check. I am white. Race has nothing to do with it. The world needs to change for everyone to be able to make it. In the same sense I don’t believe is hard working people should have to carry the lazy fucks b

  8. Race isn't the defining factor in poverty in America, so the questioners 'black people' is irrelevant and should just be 'people'. There are more white people in poverty and there's also a fair few Latino and even some Asians…

  9. This is directed towards the little asshole who asked the question…..hey, you brainwashed dickhead! There are plenty of people other than just the poor “I’m a victim” blacks who are living paycheck to paycheck! So sick how everything in a libturds Head is always based on race!

  10. The true minimum wage is zero.
    It's worth taking a job for zero money to learn the skills needed to earn a lot more.

  11. Yeah but thing ben is that we tried your way and didn't work. And detroit was broken during 70s and 80s under nixon and reagan era. Under their watch. And free market as well. Because detroit car industries could not compete with japan, Italy, france and germany. But nice try though

  12. I think Ben is over simplifying a very complex issue. Government has so ruined the economy that it has to intervene with things like the minimum wage. The economy Ben speaks of actually exists. It’s called Tijuana, notice how in TJ there is a free market everywhere? People can sell junk or food or even their bodies on the streets and sidewalks. All governments get involved in the economy to varying degrees. They all create “ economic dead weight”. However, often that “dead weight” can sprout in the future.

  13. as a senior who's fixed income went from $810 to $756 all I can say is learn how to budget and keep doing the best you can, if I can make it so can you

  14. Left and right is the root of the issue, expand your mind instead of attacking your fellow humans, anger is blinding

  15. When Shapiro said "areas governed by democrats" the word democrats was fucking silenced. If that was google that did that shit can you imagine the speech dictatorship at the headquarters?

  16. You call out the growth of government regulation in Detroit but the demographic changes between the periods of prosperity and ruin are far more profound.

  17. Why did you assholes bleep out Democrats at 1:13? Oh wait, because Google is a bias shithole that's needs to be split into pieces

  18. The left built the middle class by unionizing the labor force and driving back the fist of the free market that would see most of us impoverished in order to have the 1% control everything.

    Deregulation leads to modern day feudalism.

  19. Sorry, but if you started a business in these wastelands of inner cities you would have a virtual monopoly. Too bad there is a high crime rate to worry about.

  20. If folks would understand government is the prime driving force behind the cost of living with high taxes, fees, regulations, and getting involved in forcing businesses to follow their leftist agenda, use the power to vote out leftist then you can see your wages buy more.

  21. People who defend places like L.A. and Detroit as the great "success stories" of the western world makes my face sour and leaves my jaw agape at how blind to reality these people are.

    Those cities are SHITholes, and everyone knows it, and yet the leadership there will piss on everyone and tell them it's raining. These voters are so goddamn partisan that they say these places are something to aspire to and it makes me wretch.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  22. Easy to say this when you're born to a family with rich parents and married to a doctor and from a certain tribe.

  23. Ben Shapiro destroys foreign aid, specially to countries that have attacked America in the past……..never mind. Remember The USS Liberty false flag bombing by Israel and the Lavon Affair.

  24. This is why I hate the left, this is why I literally think they’re liars and bad people, why does that matter to say people of color? A lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck and even if it was just black and brown people what does that have to do with it? I don’t care of all white people are rich in all black people are poor that still doesn’t mean it’s not the individuals fault unless you have hard evidence for a claim like that. And if he’s not making the claimants racism why the hell would he even bring it up? It’s always the tactic of the left is to bring race and accuse people who don’t agree with him not caring about minorities being racially discriminated or hurt.

  25. Shapiro is complaining about regulations that make driving safer and less polluting. Would he scrap regulations requiring cars to be fitted with seat belts, crumple zones or catalytic converters? America’s car industry declined in the 70s because they were uncompetitive against more economic cars at a time when fuel prices were rising.

  26. Cities like Detroit have been killed by Democrat leaders for years. The people in these cities still support them. I pity the fools.

  27. Are they really starting to censor what peopel say on youtube…. I saw that on mark dice. They beeped out the word supremacist after saying white then beep, thought it was him doing it and was confused. Now it makes sense.

  28. I'm sure there may be a good reason for this, but were in 2019 – almost 2020. Why is the video quality (frame rate) so bad?

  29. No one believes in a minimum wage until they are down in the dumps working for peanuts taken advantage of by immoral employers.
    The same way people don't believe in a welfare safety net until they lose their job through no fault of their own and suddenly can't afford the rent.

  30. ….less legal and illegal immigration resulting in less flooding of workers in the workforce so that each American employee and legal resident is valued more

  31. The next cities that are going to join the likes of Detroit: LA, SF, NYC, Chicago, Boston. Basically all the large cities with liberal Democrat strongholds. States like Florida and Texas will pick up their residents as they flee.

  32. California leads the nation in business creation. I am self-employed in California. I no longer have employees because I am now semi-retired but I never had to pay a penny to start my business. My city business license is $43 per year. If I wanted to incorporate I think the fee payable to the Secretary of State is something like $115. There is a minimum franchise tax of $800 per year, for which I would gain liability limited to the assets of the firm. As a limited liability company state income tax would be 1.5% of profit only if that exceeded $800. Not the end of the world. A corporation like Google taxed under subchapter C of the internal tax code would owe California income tax of something like 9.3% if I remember correctly. Deductible on federal taxes. I found this from 2017, bit out of date, showing California creates more new businesses than any other state.

  33. The very first sentence lets you know what kind of individual we are dealing with. He clearly only cares about people of color living paycheck to paycheck, nevermind the millions of whites and asians that are in the same situation.

    G'damn the Left is racist af, and they lack the self awareness to see it.

  34. We here in Kentucky laugh at the way Utube and the leeftieeeees censor. They haven't met us yet. Words spelled wrong on purpose

  35. Why are liberals so stupid that they think anyone can organize society better by doing something rather than nothing? Its like thinking we should organize nature for our own benefit. That's so dumb.

  36. Alot of people regardless of skin colour are living paycheck to paycheck I'm basically all the white people regarding my race so that argument is bs.

  37. "Less regulation in housing". Isn't this the reason for risks taken by mortgage companies which lead to 2008 financial recession?

  38. 3rd world countries have Low Minimum Wages. Low Minimum Wage earners make terrible customers. You cannot sell stuff to someone who is on a poverty wage. It does not matter how good your product or service is a person on a poverty wage cannot buy it. Henry Ford fought hard to have the Minimum Wage Raised. WHY would he do that wouldnt that be bad for his business he would have to pay higher wages. Henry Ford always said he didnt want to only sell cars to 20% of the population he wanted to sell cars to 100% of the population. A person who earns $7.27 an hour is not going to buy a new car that is bad for the Car Business.

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