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100 thoughts on “Bannon: Trump is taking bold actions with China”

  1. Maria – I've always liked you , but bringing on Steve Bannon is a huge boost in my interest. He is a fantastic interview. I hope you can continue to lean on his view. He's an incredible political annalist and I, like many , appreciate his input. Thank you. Robert from Tampa

  2. I believe she made a mistake on calling it super Tuesday? According to Joe Biden it's super Thursday !

  3. I feel like bringing up that Trump was criticized for doing something is wasting your breath. He gets criticized for stuff no matter what he does. Also no one trusts China. It's why no one imports their wine from their slave harvested grapes.

  4. I see why faux news is so called, Watters: "Chinese are very hungry people, their government cant feed their ppl, they are eating raw bats." Batiroma: "China fabricated the virus". Such a group of ignorant bigots.

  5. Can you American be somehow reasonable mature? You will really need us in the coming pandemic. Anyway, we can still be mean to u, if u keep being such a gangster.

  6. i really don't think US has the ability to handle this crisis without China's assistance …..but china may not help, considering lovely trump's nice face.

  7. Trump is a f**ktard. Bioweapon against China will only force multi nationalist Billionaire to try to vote Trump out of office. Their will be a collapse of the economy where mass lay off come to working class Americans.

  8. This is proof that we need to live through spirit living towards eternal life loving one another while creating frequency in our heart's engraving treasures in Heaven, as no stock nor monies will save your flesh.. Surrender your hearts and ask for forgiveness as God will lead you through the Holy Spirit.. Wake up "We The People"

  9. Bringing the supply chain back to the democracies ….is exactly what we need and NO MORE BUSINESS WITH COMMUNISTS COUNTRIES is what I pray for !!! I also pray for China government to be taken over by the people and form a Constitutional Republic like we have, in the name of Jesus Christ…..LET FREEDOM RING !!!

  10. China China ruined the world they really did ever since it became the world Walker mm they killed off the American middle class f*** then

  11. Meanwhile, why are there so few cases in the US? BECAUSE THE US DOESN’T HAVE THE TEST KITS! Timing is important here. Narrative is always important to the ptsnb. Be prepared. There are multiple sources saying that RNA analysis indicates it was engineered. Trust but VERIFY, Pray but DO.

  12. Hmmm specialist go infront of senate back in august. Specialist provide peer review studies on 5th generation 60ghz frequencies changing RNA/DNA in EVERYTHING including viral/bio. China gets 5th gen common flu mutates. Well get rid of these millimeter/ microwave frequencies and then see what happens. My opinion

  13. Can't go with Hillary or Michelle. There goes your whole Bill of Rights. And back, to business as usual, with china. Real Americans aren't taking that step backward again!

  14. Bannon is a smart man but he's being mischievous and misleading when he calls what Bernie is advocating Socialism. What Bernie is advocating is Social Democracy, an ideology that has similar values to socialism but within a capitalist economy. It's what the rest of the civilised world has, and the last time I looked, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Scandinavia etc etc weren't over run with communists and socialists. The rest of the civilised world has just as many freedoms as Americans but they actually receive services from their governments in return for their taxes. Americans pay their tax but receive, expect nothing?

  15. Time to treat the disease…, "Addicted to Cheap Chinese goods…"

    Warning: Can Cause Dependency and Habit forming.

  16. The CDC is still looking up to the WHO. CDC has no mind of their own. CDC does not know WHO has become Wuhan Health Organisation, not for the World. WHO cannot even get to china to investigate but just praise China when this virus spreads all over the world.

  17. Fox are idiots . The stock market bubble been crumbling since the repo bailout in September .Maria retire already your just embarrassing yourself working for fox.

  18. Disappointed in Bannon and how he treated the President on the way out. But he seems to be trying to make it right.

  19. What is Lou Dobbs problem? He was back to Rude Lou yesterday when interviewing Secretary Azar. I usually like Dobbs, but he can be a real jerk when he gets irrascible.

  20. China Is Getting To Big For Itself!!!!! Getting To Bowl, In The China Sea, 🤬 Bring Our Factory’s Back, Made In The U.S.A.

  21. WE are going to Shoot ,slap beat, torture anybody who goes for the soon to be $ 30 + TRILLION REPUBLICAN NATIONAL DEBT ! Take a kitchen knife and stick it in the EYES of every Republican.

  22. We need to part Company with China completely. Its the only way to bring the communists to come in line with the free world. There’s plenty of nations to trade with that don’t have us on there enemy list.

  23. Hilarious cannot never live with herself if she lost the presidency THREE times!!
    9:00 min
    Its hilarious how Bannon mentioned coming against the virus. Guess there are 2 types of virus he is up against!

  24. STOP CCP's DECEIT . . .
    The WORLD must DO to PERPETRATORS the way

  25. Biden and Clinton are for CCP rather than for USA. Whether you like Bannon or not, to for protection of Democracy, he makes sense. Human rights, college educations environmental protection, all those poetic ideas Democrats have can wait. It is about world democracy we are fighting for.

  26. China's is not friends with America or Germany so we do not need them! America is stronger, tougher & richer than china so we should keep them away from us as long as they keep on trying to take us over, many stand against us but they will never win!!!!

  27. Unfortunately if world war 3, broke out, it will not be a war with weapons bombs & nuclear it will be a war with viruses. All that sort of stuff. Too reduce the population and keep all the infrastructure. Like roads building transport that's what will happen. People will be very sick and die. Once the population is right down to say 2 or 5 billion or enough people to run everything. A vaccine will come out.? To save to rest off human kind. This virus will stop soon because its not a WW3 Virus, once the stock is right down. So i bet China let this virus out because they're under extreme pressure from the USA's tarriffs this virus will stuff the stock exchange around and give China breathing space.

  28. Decouple from communist China. You can't cohabit with a dragon that boasts it intends to eat you by 2049.

  29. We Will NEVER get rid of the partisanship .. We STILL have rabbit communists in the USA.. We STILL have rabid communists in Cuba. This is a mental illness or a financial necessity for them. What we MUST do is expose them and keep going.. A little of their own medicine is NOT bad.. Let's begin hammerings the LEFT on their riches special government officials. Let them bleed a little.. animals run away at the smell of their own blood

  30. According to the latest news, Japan found that there are five new crown virus family genes in the United States and only one in mainland China. what does this mean?

  31. Bring production back to America.Create more jobs for Americans.Corona virus will bring back jobs for Americans Manufacturers will think twice to invest in China.More and more jobs for Americans.U.S.can compete and will compete with other manufacturers.

  32. NEVER rely on any other country to do what is BEST for your country. This has been shown time and again throughout history. Always put your country in FIRST place for your citizens sake. This is why we have such a huge mess worldwide now. You're citizens will be your strength through all adversity. God Bless.

  33. There is increasing evidence that the novel coronavirus originated in the United States.
    The United States is responsible for the novel coronavirus epidemic.
    America doesn't even have the courage to face it. What a pity!
    Lies will not make America great again.

  34. CHINA INDEED use the right way to contain the vius which USA knows it, does not like it, and tries to keep it covered. It's really dangerous for west to do it like this. This virus is no joke. China has quarantine Wuhan for nearly two month, everyone is STAYING AT HOME. STILL 100+ case everyday. Please stay safe wearing mask. Do not believe what your gov told you. They are all lying to you. No way USA OR JAPAN could do what China is doing now. Literally shutting down 60million people.

  35. Democrats have Biden touch their children for political gain is as bad as China spreading diseases during election times for political gain, yeah I said it because I KNOW the TRUTH!!!…

  36. Michael Obama would be America's first transvestite President. Wouldn't the swamp creatures be proud of themselves……

  37. Every time a household appliance breaks and I examine it to see the words, "made in China," I say, "China wins AGAIN!"

  38. This virus was put out here on purpose. All you trump supporters think trump's in tight with China right🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣your all braindead and brainwashed. When you get coronavirus you scumbags you can thank your hero for it because theres things going on you got no clue about cuz your inbreaded.china hates America.

  39. These scumbags talking about how gd the economy is now and lying about everything it will never change this country is a diseased shitbowl

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