Today we will talk about Bangladesh’s Economic Miracles If you are thinking what has happened so miraculous, then stay with us, you will be shocked seeing these facts Firstly lets talk about Bangladesh’s GDP growth rate which is growing with an average speed of 6.5% since last decade Experts believe that this growth rate can go to 7.2% in 2018 Friends, Bangladesh’s GDP in 2016 was 227 Billion Dollars in 2017 it became 250 Billion Dollars and it is predicted that in 2018 it will reach 273 Billion Dollars whilst Pakistan’s GDP is 305 Billion Dollars and the Bangladeshi govt. presumes that they will cross Pakistan’s GDP in 2021 Large Infrastructure Projects are being built in Bangladesh like, Nuclear Power Plant Costing 1 billion Dollar Dhaka Metro Rail costing 2 billion dollars and Bangladesh’s Dream Project which costs 3 Billion Dollars- Padma Bridge after completion of this project Bangladesh’s GDP can grow even faster Bangladesh’s GDP is being driven by its Exports Bangladesh’s Exports in 2017 was 34 Billion Dollars and of this 80% Export is constituted by Garment Industry Which is the Second Largest in the world behind China and after this industry, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics and IT Industry are the key contributes let me tell you that These exports are being driven by their Power Generation Capacity Which was 6000 MW in 2007 and in 2017 it reached 16000 MW and for 2022 its predicted that this will reach 22000 MW Now lets talk about Foreign Reserves Bangladesh’s Foreign Reserve in 2007 was 3.7 Billion Dollars and in 2017 it reached 35 Billion Dollars if this foreign reserve is compared to Pakistan’s then Pakistan’s foreign reserve is only 31 Billion Dollars Due to this Pakistan’s currency is getting devolved Bangladesh’s getting 78 taka per USD while Pakistan gets 1 dollar per 105 rupees Digital India may or may not get success But Digital Bangladesh surely will Because total Internet users in Bangladesh are 38% and in India it is only 33% And its predicted that Bangladesh will have 70% Internet Users till 2021 and India will only have 60% then Bangladesh is going to get something for which they have been waiting since 40 years That is getting out of LEAST DEVELOPED COUNTRIES!! United Nations has marked 47 countries in World’s Least Developed list and Bangladesh is one of them And to get out of this list Bangladesh needs to achieve 3 Criterias The first is Per-capita Income UN states that the Per-capita Income shall be 1200 $ and Bangladesh has passed this in 2015 itself now Bangladesh’s Per-capita income is 1600 $ The second Criteria is Human Asset Index Education and Health Play an important role in Human Asset Index To get qualified in this the Human Asset Index points must be 66 or more and surprisingly Bangladesh’s has already achieved this Bangladesh has 70 points now The third criteria is Economic Vulnerability The above shown 8 points contribute to Economic Vulnerability To qualify this Bangladesh needs to get down to 32 or below 32 points and Bangladesh has managed to get down to 26 That means, United Nations will review these in 2018 March and the surprising fact is that UN will not review once but twice! once in 2018 it will review to check if Bangladesh is meeting all the criterias and after three years from then in 2021 UN will again review and if Bangladesh manages to maintain these scores till 2021 then Bangladesh will be unlisted from LDC Group which will be a tremendous achievement for them and in 2021 December, Bangladesh will be Celebrating its 50th Independence Day and if in that year Bangladesh gets out of LDC group Then there will be no more gift better than this to them That’s it for this video, Share your thoughts about the video in the comments section below If you enjoyed the video please like it and do NOT forget to SUBSCRIBE Thanks for watching

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100 thoughts on “Bangladesh Economy Miracles Latest Report 2018 || “SONAR BANGLA” Ep01 {English & Bangla Subtitles}”

  1. It’s really nice to see Indians praising our Success. We’re blessed to have neighbours like you. Lots of love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  2. Bhai environment Ka barame video banaya achi environment Ka bina development ho nahi sakta esilia forest, natural resources aur environment Ka barame video banaya

  3. I am really surprised. You have made a full playlist about Bangladesh. Can you explain why? Are you a researcher and doing some projects about Bangladesh? Gathering info is not a charity its a expensive work. How you got the financialal help? As an indian why you are investigating on Bangladeshi growth?

    Dont tak it other wise i am little qurious. I appriaciate your good work. Please Honest answer is expecting.

  4. Are you from India or Pakistan? I don't know. But really appreciate your work. Love from Bangladesh. You deserve a subscription !!

  5. This video is a fucking bullshit. Have you even been to bangladesh . Its a fucking shit. Its capital Dhaka is the 2nd most UNLIVEABLE place on earth after Damascus of Syria which is bombed every hour. So these numbers are mostly made out of air.

  6. Bangladesh nuclear power plant project is about 14 billion dollars. And padma bridge project is more than 4 billion dollars. I think u have to manage right volume of money against the projects bt taking the help of Bangladesh Government website.

  7. I appeal to the Bangladesh Government and Lawmakers to Grant Civil Rights for Minorities, especially Hindus in Bangladesh for a Greater Economic Growth And Developmental Success of both Nations

  8. bangladesh never be a rich country , only west bengal and rest of the other indian states will be more richer than bangladesh. Bangladesh is remaining still as a poor country always like pakistan.

  9. With Liberal Democratic stance and with all respect to all religions Bangladesh, India, Pakistan must work together to establish regionalism and All the best for BRICS. There will be members from SAARC too. Jay Bangla Jay Hind Pakistan zindabad

  10. If every Indians thinking about Bangladesh like u. We will never ever hate Indians peoples. We r Brothers but some time some Indians has no manners, they think like that, we r nothing to India. But, they don't think India and Bangladesh Difference not so much, we r politely same yaar. Just India is a Big and Bangladesh Small and last one thing India has Pormanu but Bangladesh has not. Thats it. Another way, we r happy in our Country. We will Developing our Country. And InsaAllah we will be Success. Our Bangladesh is the one of the most peaceful Country in South asia and whole Asia. But, recently we has some Political issue. Either Our Country is the well developing Country.
    We r Proud to be an Bangladeshi.
    Anyway, Love U brother.
    Love From Bangladesh.

  11. it's really true Bangladeshi government Sheikh Hasina amazing talent full Prime Minister she is powerful women. ‌‌‌ ‌love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  12. Great job, Bangladesh! Wish you great and speedy success from India. Truly happy for you and we Indians will offer you all the support that you need, with the best that we have. Glad that you have chosen a stable government that is capable and competent enough to handle socio, political, economic and international challenges effectively. The only area where the lovely people of Bangladesh can put more fight is in safeguarding the Hindus and their rights in your country and in eliminating all the ISI and Salafist influence on your population. Best wishes!

  13. Please please giv me your email I M doing pH.d on Bangladesh I need ur help 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 an Indian scholar

  14. Good job bro. You are a very rare indian who has respect for friendly neighbours. You can add the followings –

    — 4 billions USD for Padma Bridge project (own money of Bangladesh). Will open in 2020.
    — 2.7 billion USD ( Dhaka metro project). Will open in 2019 — 12.65 billion ( Ruppoor power plant project) will open in 2019
    — 230 million USD ( Karnafully Tunnel project) –
    – 11 to 15 billion USD ( Paira deep sea port project) (PLANNED COMPLETION DATE 2023)
    — 4.5 billion USD for mahesh khalid deep sea port ( planned to open 2024)
    — proposed : Improving navigability in 100 major rivers:
    Ecnec approves Tk4,489cr project to procure 35 dredgers.
    — Electricity :
    2018 : 20,000 MW.
    2030 : 60,000 MW.

  15. পদ্মা সেতুর ওপর নির্মিত প্রামাণ্যচিত্র, সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন, সাথে থাকুন…
    (Documentary : Padma Bridge// Subscribe Please)

  16. Why do u make videos about Bangladesh, have u ever checked their opinions in their personal videos, they step for Pakistan more than for India, abuses India a lot, only few r there who don't, not required to be so possessive for them, they r radical nation,even most of them don't accept shonar bangla song as their national anthem bcz it was written by a Hindu, they r even dangerous than pakistan

  17. India and China want to operate and maintain paira port. I think if we give it to Japan no body would dissatisfy.

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