Welcome to the International Airport
here in Vienna in Austria, and I’ve just flown in from Edinburgh, I’m in transit
on my way to Tirana in Albania where I’m doing the opening keynote speech at the
AllWeb Conference tomorrow, so I thought I’d do a quick trip reports about the last
leg of the journey, Vienna to Tirana with Austrian Airlines, fancy joining me?
Welcomes RogVLOG. Today’s flight leaves from Vienna
Airport Terminal 3, a bright airy terminal on multiple levels so there’s
quite a lot of hidden escalators and stairs to navigate to get to the gate, after security, I face the usual route
march through this gigantic shopping mall, seriously are the no airports left
in Europe which don’t feature these long twisty twining routes through the
millions and millions of shops? There’s our ride for today an Airbus
A321, it was mayhem at the gate with people piling in from all directions
trying to get through. When boarding an aircraft, I always like to give the outer
hull a little bit of a tap – it’s a good luck thing. There was a small business
class cabin at the front with the middle seat left free, with the rest of the
aircraft it was your typical three times three configuration, but to be perfectly
honest the legroom was actually really quite good. Soon we were moving away from
the gate for a very short taxi to the active runway. Austrian Airlines offer complimentary
drinks and snacks onboard for all passengers even in Economy, although it’s
quite a limited choice, today you could have either an apple or a packet of
salted crisps so I decided to go for the healthy option and crunched into the
apple. Also enjoyed a really quite delicious
can of beer as we flew over the Alps. In no time at all, we were starting our
descent into Tirana with some fabulous views of the coastline as we descended. As the aircraft turned around to taxi to
the terminal, I caught a great glimpse of some of the stunning Albanian scenery
including those mountains way off there in the distance. Welcome to a very bright, very hot day in
Tirana in Albania. Oh, that was a great day for flying,
fantastic views as we flew over Croatia Montenegro and then swooped down into
Albania. So I’m safely here at the hotel. What do
I think of Austrian Airways? Well on the plus side free drinks and free snacks
and the legroom was really quite good, on the minus side the boarding process was
absolute mayhem, I don’t think anybody knew where they were supposed to go
other than on the plane, of course. If you enjoyed this episode of RogVLOG please
do subscribe to my youtube channel and I will catch you on the next one!

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