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100 thoughts on “As Damning Impeachment News Piles Up, Will Republicans Stick By Trump? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”

  1. Republicans are not Patriots, they're Parasites ! And in they're symbiotic relationship they work for the same Master, Themselves!

  2. America is bigger than economic numbers and conservative justices, it’s about being a place where truth and democracy are vital and indispensable. Where presidents act and talk presidential. Where democratic institutions and the Constitution prevail and endure.

  3. If Trump is not impeached and removed from office then the republic becomes a banana republic! It’s up to you the sensible people of america

  4. Viritas, but they've got big plans, they've got big base, they got great greed, they've got fox friends, caravan and Kavanagh and no shame.

  5. Vote democrat. Where 42 genders, drag queens at school, open borders, and murdering babies 15 minutes before birth is ok. No thanks

  6. I love how the left is so hyped up on polls.
    I don't see the latest polls coming out of Swing States overwhelmingly not wanting impeachment. I don't see these polls on YouTube how come.😁 don't want to hurt the delicate snowflakes feelings.
    I think halfway intelligent Democrats are beginning to see the light.. impeach 45 let's get it over with so it can die in the Senate…

  7. If the GOP is good with Trump having unchecked power, they'd better hope the corporate Dems never, ever take control again.

  8. Trump may well resign as the poop is about to meet the fan. Dirty Trump should have remained a private citizen if he did not want his dirty laundry aired.

  9. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/09/27/flashback_2018_joe_biden_brags_at_cfr_meeting_about_withholding_aid_to_ukraine_to_force_firing_of_prosecutor.html

  10. Of course they will, they are the only ones afraid of him and his Twitter fingers, clearly no one besides the GOP are

  11. The Democrats is not trying to hurt the GOP they are shooting themselves in the foot by continuing to support a corrupt president.They will pay a heavy price in 2020 for this blunder.

  12. Republicans don't believe in fighting against climate change or regulating the gun market and you're asking if they will cast an impeachment vote for their grandchildren? That's so cute.

  13. Yes, Republicans will stand by Trump. Don't expect a Nazi to be disappointed that their Fuhrer is breaking the law, they love that stuff. That's what makes them Nazis.

  14. Surely there is a limit to their support of Trump!?? As more of his abuses of power come to light will they continue their denial of proven facts? This is insane!

  15. One would expect that there would be more positive legislation being undertaken in Washington in regards to LGBTQ rights these days. Particularly when one considers the positions currently being taken by Trump supporters.

  16. I’m a lifelong democrat and I will be changing partiesPresident Trump is working today and signing a trade agreement. The Democrats are meeting in the basement of congress trying to figure out what to do next.

  17. Will Republicans Stick By Trump?
    At least in part, I believe, the doctrine of the Republicans forbids change. So….. expect them to stick by him like flypaper on flypaper.

  18. These three senators need to be defeated at the next election they are spinless people and do not deserve to be in office.

  19. Wasted 6 minutes of my time! All I hear is blah blah blah, no facts or substance. No wonder Trump calls you guys FAKE NEWS!

  20. Democrats are going to implode more . This is fun to watch the sensitive dems go after Trump. Actually I believe the dems would go after any Republicans. Thats their way. But wow , they really hate Trump! Ha,ha dems

  21. I have to ask, why is Trump getting so many donations while the Dem's are barely scrapping by?

    Why are the Dem's Rally's having trouble filling a phone booth while Trump has 20,000 over flowing stadiums?

    Is impeachment the dem's only hope? Sure looks like it.

  22. For Trump all migrants are second class 🤔 latín black CUBANS chicanos 🤔 blacks Even if they are nationalizad or have been born EUA 🤔 NO DEBEN VOTAR POR TRUMP PUEDE INICIAR UNA TERCERA GUERRA MUNDIAL Y ULTIMA DESPIERTEN SU ESPOSA TAMBIEN ES MIGRANTE 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  23. Their audience either doesn't care or doesn't understand what unprecedented or undemocratic means. In an undemocratic country, the president's actions are beyond criticism or accountability. Countries like Russia, China, and North Korea aren't democratic and can't impeach their presidents. Unprecedented? I guess they don't remember Clinton.

  24. During Nixon's administration republican congressmen turned on him the second his dirt became public because the party's voters had morals and integrity. Today's Republican politicians may see a big consequence for defending Trump without regard to the precedent they set. Remember that the rules being followed now to impeach Trump were set by Republicans impeaching Clinton. Learning from the lessons of history? Apparently not.

  25. RECIPROCATE. Trump said it at least four times in the phone call…He wanted Zelensky to "RECIPROCATE"…
    What does reciprocate mean?
    reciprocate verb
    re·​cip·​ro·​cate | ri-ˈsi-prə-ˌkāt
    reciprocated; reciprocating
    Definition of reciprocate
    transitive verb

    1: to give and take mutually

    2: to return in kind or degree
    intransitive verb

    1: to make a return for something

    We don't need the Latin to know this was a thing of value, exchanged for a thing of value deal.

  26. This is BRIBERY and it is a Impeachable offense… It says it in the US Constitution… let's not forget that Congress only approved of 250 million to Aid Ukraine but Jabba trump sent an extra 141 million to equal 391 million… was the 141 million a Bribe also?

    "High crimes and misdemeanors" is a phrase from Section 4 of Article Two of the United States Constitution: "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason,Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

  27. Trump is a psychopath and sadly people actually are either blind ignorant or corrupt enough to still back him Trump supporters will look like corrupt and very undesirable when this is over.

  28. This mush for brain president has clearly sold us out to the Saudis, and the Russians, and congress does nothing about it.
    What we're seeing now is not even close to the tip of the iceberg. Mark my words on that.



  29. Look how Trump has pulled us into his stinkin dysfunctional dramas. We all should be angry at him and not at each other.

  30. It’s important that Trump is removed AND punished – otherwise his behaviour and abuse of power could set the bar for a future POTUS.

  31. I get it if he was one of their own. He's not one of them. I know plenty of Republicans that, although different viewpoints, at the end of the day have respect and a level of diplomatic decency. McCain and Pence are natural and classic Republicans. Trump is only President because Obama roasted him. Sounds simple I know but we're talking about a particular mindset here.

  32. REPUBLICAN SENATORS ARE SELF-IMPLODING . . . they, individually, may not think so, but wait until they get results of their next elections . . .

  33. The worse thing that America ever did was put this poison of a so called human being into office. This dangerous trouble making lowlife fool. Don’t worry about enemies outside the country. Worry about the one in the White House..

  34. Donald Trump’s behavior has raised fundamental legal and constitutional questions: Did Trump as candidate criminally violate election laws? And once in office, has Trump as President failed to fulfill his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution”? And if in fact, Trump has failed to take the lead in protecting our elections from foreign intrusion, is that an impeachable offense?


    These passages explain that, despite all the political rhetoric emanating from the White House, the Capitol building and elements of the media, if the House impeached and the Senate convicted Donald Trump, the only result of that Congressional action would be his removal from the Presidency.

    The President, Vice President and civil officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    — Article II, section 4, U.S. Constitution

    “Judgment in cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office … but the party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to law.”

    — Article I, section 9, U.S. Constitution

    👉 There is no language in the Constitution providing the President with any immunity from prosecution by the appropriate criminal authorities: he is subject to the ordinary criminal processes of “Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to law.” Furthermore, there is not one syllable directly putting the President beyond the reach of the criminal law even if Congress does not impeach.

    The argument that the President is immune from the criminal laws is just that — an argument.


    Trump has a secret plan to evade the Constitution


    Watch "All the Ways Trump Has 'Destroyed the Norms' of American Life | NowThis" on YouTube


    Ex-Ethics Chief Tweets Very Long List Of Bad Signs From Donald Trump’s Presidency


    Trump made the admission during a lengthy interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.


    Watch "Trump Asked Ukranian President to Investigate Biden's Son 8 Times // Malcolm Nance AM Joy MSNBC" on YouTube


    White House Violated Law With Plan To Move Hundreds Of USDA Workers: Inspector General

    Just days earlier, Trump’s budget director bragged about how many workers quit because of the pending relocation.


    Trump committed obstruction of justice and should be indicted, says Fox News analyst, Judge Napolitano.


    Some Members Of Trump's Exclusive Clubs Appear To Have Been Invited To An Air Force One Tour


    Trump's Cabinet has been rocked by a number of ethics scandals — here's a complete guide


    Remember that time trump said the President Should Be Fired for a Government Shutdown?

    “If you say who gets fired, it always has to be the top,” Trump told co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she asked, “Apprentice”-style, who should get fired and bear the brunt of the responsibility for a shutdown.

    Watch "Donald Trump Talks Government Shutdown, Sep 20 2013" on YouTube


    Donald Trump “stealing” military construction money to pay for his “xenophobic vanity wall project” on the U.S. border with Mexico.


    This Mar-A-Lago Member Had A Great Time Photographing Trump Handling A National Security Crisis


    Trump is stealing from Military Pensions to build his wall.


  35. The only good thing about Trump is that he's found the flaws in the system is easily corruptible. But only becasue Trump's corrupting the system, fortunately we the people see through Trump's BS. Thing have got to change with a new President in 2020.


  37. I do not hear the Republicans doing anything but stonewalling WHERE IS THE TRUTH – JUSTICE – the AMERICAN WAY?? To stand and defend Trump may or may not be honorable….
    To close your ears and refuse to hear the evidence? TRUTH – is not for either side – TRUTH is what "WE the PEOPLE" need . . . let it all come out – WHERE ARE HIS TAXES??

  38. As it stands now they are arguing procedure – and the procedure they are arguing was set by the Republicans in 2015 – these are their rule they are objecting to

  39. The Dems should approach the Ukraine for dirt against Trump, according to the Republicans this type of activity is a nothing burger.

  40. Geez! Nothing like taking the taxpayers money to buy bribes like the taxpayers will support that. This guy just dont know when to quit. Lock him up in a padded cell so he cant play head games with anyone anymore. Ever!

  41. Conservatives must deeply consider each of these questions and their effects:
    What is the future of America if Republicans in congress and almost 50% of Americans continue to prop up and support this corrupt president and he gets reelected?
    What is the future of America if Democrats gain majority in both houses and the White House for the next 8 years?
    What is the future of America if moderates (in either party) are elected in place of extremists and corrupt politicians?
    To my mind the gravest danger to our nation is to continue to turn a blind eye to the mockery our president is making of the constitution and everything this country stands for.

  42. So now he is using bribery, using money that was donated to his campaign. This man just will not stop committing crimes.

  43. Shameless money-grubbing politics sending the GOP down the toilet along with the big orange turd in the White House.

  44. trump = cult ,worship recruit, lie , cheat, steal, bully ,corrupt ,deny and give him your money for his enterprise , rep to stupid to realize right from wrong period .. so jail house doors will keep opening there cages and lock up all his fixers for corruption of the Constitution and real patriots will win

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