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100 thoughts on “Are Trump’s economic policies helping African Americans?”

  1. Fixing entrenched economic policies within 3 years while fending off one's enemies, daily: Was Rome built in a day?

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  3. Can you imagine the suicide rate if we had the first, black, female president… and she was Republican. I can only pray haha

  4. Obviously this guy don't know what xenophobia means. Candace is always brilliant and so gorgeous 👏
    Trump is amazing president!

  5. Candice Owens is so dumb lol I dont agree with mr west on everything but I dont like Candice Owen's attitude it's not confidence its arrogance and arrogance leads to ignorance. She's at the ignorant level for me and so annoying when she talks lol and no just because she thinks the truth hurts or its hard to hear doesnt mean that what she says is truth. Hearing stupidity hurts more than hearing the truth lol btw loser candice fans has she taken an IQ test? What were the results?

  6. The jokes over guys everyone knows Trump is helping ALL americans! We're not believing the lies anymore he is done too much with his actions that challenge these statements. Move on to something else it's boring now geez

  7. I'm shocked that people are dumb enough to believe that Trump is racist just because he says bad things about certain black people. He says bad things about white people too but he doesn't make any exceptions for black people or any minority I respect THAT. Secondly did you know that Trump was sleeping with a black girl in the 80s. He is not racist Democrats just want you to think that so they don't lose your vote. If Democrats are so good to black people why are the ghettos so f*** up huh?

  8. what this man seems to be missing a person who holds down three jobs would hurt the unemployment numbers.. you have one person holding down three jobs you are missing two jobs in the market place which would raise the EU rate not lower it.

  9. the good dr has never lived under socialism so funny how he says it is a good thing where he clearly is mistaken

  10. Ive never in history seen one example where socialism works. It may sound good in theory to some people…but always falls short of accomplishing what it promises. To me it always seems to work out with a ruling upper class and a more impoverished lower class with no middle class. Maybe im wrong and if i am…give me an example in human recorded history where it has worked and flourished over capitolism. Ill wait….

  11. Most White people, as most people want the best for each other, and that's how I feel if we have to live together we should work towards a positive outcome for all my neighbors,, and I know prejudice exists, but we as a people have come along way and maybe u should talk about where u came from and know more changes are coming. But hate is a strong word, and it doesn't reflect most of what my people feel and I can tell u its mostly confusion, and dismay at how we are depicted by the left and it certainly doesn't depict who we really are.

  12. With the educational and financial accomplishments of African Americans. We need to recognise that the "Black Man" has become the new " White Man" in America. To a hispanic the White and Black man are holding him down. Think about it WHITEY,,,, LOL

  13. The entire production of this show, CO included, could not outweigh the utter brilliance of Professor Cornell West. They tried, it's good for them they cut it short

  14. Is the "tonality" Dr. West mentions the result of what Trump says, or what the media says he says? I certainly don't think the approach of the majority of the media is helping.

  15. Candace is so intellectually bankrupt it would be hilarious if there weren't so many people falling for the grift

  16. I love how in the last minute he's trying to explain the difference between socialism and welfare and she's just trying to force one of her TPUSA talking points down his throat.

  17. Mass incarceration is something that was created by the president Clinton.Ironically,the so called "black president" at the time put more black people in jail through his bill and black democrats senator voted for that.

  18. Dumb thing the professor forgets.

    Since we are upping our minimum wage to insane levels (push to make 15 min wage) all wages are up.

    Since now labor costs more it will drive up ALL COSTS.

    Huge reason why people are having 2+ jobs…..employers can not afford full time employees so they are employing only part timers plus over time and benefits getting cut because of increased costs.

    People's dumb moves are what creates a worse environment for everyone.

    If you are at the minimum wage level, it would have been much more beneficial to have everything just cheaper.

    So many things are up in price these days.

  19. Im trying to figure out if trump is actually a racist? Lady on the left is right about the defintion of xenophobia hmmmmm

  20. I’ve never heard President Trump say anything about Black people. Black People are angry because he’s sending illegal immigrants back home which they have nothing to do with. Democrats told Black people Trump is a racist. They have nothing to support that.

  21. When black Americans insist on calling themselves "African Americans" – they make a direct contribution to the idea that they are "foreigners" in America.

    Black Americans who can trace their roots some generations back are definitely NOT African – in no way shape or form. Calling themselves in that way, can only cause them to feel "apart from," as opposed to "a part of."

    In my opinion, such a practice is divisive and does not contribute to any type of racial symbiosis.

  22. First who did all these surveys ? Everybody make up surveys for political provocation and obviously most people falls for it. Second, the women were disrespectful and kept interrupting and laughing like they are discussing something funny. Third, she has no idea on what socialism is and I think Prof. used xenophobia instead because he was polite to call it racism. Fourth, if it is an objective discussion why on earth the journalist was with the one of the guests. Fifth, Candace would never be known or get any fame if she wasnt a black woman supporting right wing politics.

  23. ] The word comes from the Ancient Greek words ξένος (xenos), meaning "strange", "foreigner", and φόβος (phobos), meaning "fear".[7]

  24. Candace can't mess with Dr. Cornell West. He is too educated…period. She shook her head when he talked about xenophobia. I did a short study on it and Dr. West is correct. Then for Candace to say that Maxine Waters has a low IQ then says it's a fact IF…..That word IF makes her sound stupid. Because that means without fact it is a fact that she has a low IQ. A fact is something that can be proven. There is nothing out there that suggest that Maxine Waters has a low IQ. I also looked up her statement that black conservatives never go liberal……That's not a fact at all. Where is she getting her information from. Hell, I'm done. Call me when black people vote 40% or more Republican then you can say you have done something. The FACT is Trump won't ever get support from people that he never comes to see. When is the last time he has stepped foot in a minority neighborhood speaking? That's the funny part. I'm done.

  25. Trumps economic policies allow people of all races to help themselves. Gotta try something other than Democrat run policies that have kept inner cities down since the 60s

  26. Last night I went out for drinks with my buddies Rogan, Shapiro, and JP (he’s older and likes to be the responsible DD) and had a great time, great conversation. Went home to my beautiful wife Candace. Then I woke up and cried a little.

    Edit: a word

  27. Then why is unemployment lower with Trump, than blowboma ? Cry baby haters, Trump is real wake up from your tradition, talking but you don't say nothing , Trump does everything while saying it all .

  28. Xenophobia is a fear of foreigners and foreign customs, religions, dress and ideals. So it is possible to be xenophobic of people who are a part of your own country but stick to their own customs and religions.

  29. look at the cherrypicked stats/vids and smug smiling (but vacant) fox faces … candy u need to stop ducking kulinski … try convincing your handlers … a real debate … without pompous idiot fox moderators etc etc … cornel already destroyed u and he is a nice grandpa LOL

  30. All he does is ignore the cold hard facts and repeat the age old narrative. He is further proof that the left is bankrupt of any of their own ideas, and just love to whine and cry.

  31. This is an example of two different kinds of people, one being Dr. West who used education to help him rise above while this other woman reacted toward her hate by losing herself in it. I couldn't help but notice that she had the most empty gaze, creepy.

  32. What's up with the Demos (Democrats)? They say stuff that is so foolish. I don't know how people are fooled by these people; I understand, They just hate those that are not with them.

  33. Mr. West needs to climb back under his rock. He wants more to serve his demons. Black people are complicated. I am black and see that he is an idiot.

  34. What is a low IQ? taken four IQ tests for my job over the years. Always comes out 129. Figured the nonsense was rigged.

  35. This creature is a TRANSGERRED male to female person. His/Her gaze is piercing and hard. I have no problem with any community it's the deception I have a problem with. Ijs

  36. Black unemployment has been on a steady decline for over 8 years. The decline has actually slowed slightly under Trump. His black approval rating as of June 2019 is about 10%.

  37. So I see the only real difference between being right wing and being left wing is that right wing puts responsibility on the shoulders of the individual and left wing takes responsibility AWAY from those who aren't interested in being responsible and puts the responsibility on the shoulders of those who have DECIDED to be responsible for themselves. So it's the left that needs the right — not so much the other way around.

  38. Funny she said work with the orange villian but never said that about Obama,so evil and such flipflopping

  39. Laura aka birdface,are you racist because you been put on so called vacation a tad bit since working on the mud media fox news

  40. Regardless the lack of ability to listen to Dr. West’s arguments, at 5:05 talking about Max’s IQ point is captivated. She said “it is a fact” that she has a low IQ if she WOULD take the IQ. Define fact.

  41. Americans gotta let this color issue go. We will never be one people if we keep opening these old wounds. Putting GOD first is the first step to recovery. Putting money in the pockets of Americans with good paying jobs is a start at least bringing crime down.

  42. Fox News: you don't need to to get morons like this to make Candace look good. Get someone better for her to demolish.

  43. Pretty obvious that the professor is of the indoctrinated old way of thinking and Candace Owens is of the new way of thinking that we’re all equal.

  44. Go President Trump go get on the train Trump train or get ran over God Bless America does get rid of all these immigrants that did not come over here legally

  45. The phenomenon as I see it, is that under a black president, you have more outward violence, because black people seem more powerful, so the white supremacists are more scared and thus more violent. This results in greater measurables re: events and outbursts of racial tension on public record.

    Under a Trump though, you have supremacists with a founded sense of superiority (I am giving them founded as regards their beliefs but not as a statement of fact), ergo less need to be violent in their current mindset. They have won, in their minds, or at least feel closer under a Trump than an Obama. This results in the opposite pendulum swing in outbursts and events of public racial tension.

    Of course, when you talk about a study in the face of white supremacists actually murdering people left and right and imply there are fewer racial tensions being felt, you seem a bit silly, doll. You have to be more careful in your readings of these things, they are complicated and while I am certain it is deliberate, I will still concede my final framing as truncated as if you act in good faith:

    Your study doesn't get the boot off anyone's faces, help or get out of the way. "Journalist"

    And Candace can lick me. A

  46. I love Candace. She's a gift to the world. I commend Dr. West for his acknowledgements of Trump's successes and his level of respect for both of these outstanding women.

  47. Professor West is a professor of FOOLERY. Get off the plantation, my Brother. DemoRATS still own your foolish vote. With all that education, you are still a FOOL when it comes to politics. WAKE UP BLACK AMERICANS. DEMOCRATS ARE USING YOU FOR VOTES. THAT'S IT. They don't care about your well being. FACTS..

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