Another View of Money
The Spiritual Economy This is Steve Moyer, it’s a – let’s see – today is 5th of December, I think it’s a Tuesday 2006 I’m sitting here next to the fire. Not much of one, but it’s a little fire there. Maybe it will get going
as I start talking. Today I’m gonna talk about money or the economy, which ever you prefer. I’m gonna talk about it
in a different way than we are accustomed to. A lot of people talk about money. They talk about money
in terms of how to make money, how to invest money,
how to save money, how to play the money game. Well, I’m gonna tell you,
how to get out of the game. Or at least how we could
conceivably get out of the game, and what life might be like
if we did get out of the game. I’m gonna start with the basics. This is a coin, it’s a dollar, it’s an Eisenhower-dollar. I don’t know if you see that too well, but it has a picture of Eisenhower
on the front, has a picture of the eagle on the back, it says one dollar, it’s mostly copper from appearances, has maybe some silver
on the front and the back, but probably not even silver,
its probably some nickle-tin-alloy. Its worth a dollar. It’s an Eisenhower-dollar from 1971. Maybe a collector would give you
more than a dollar for it but probably not, it’s worth a dollar. This is another coin, same size. I’ve three coins here. They are the same size. This one feels very much like aluminium
or something like aluminium, and it has a picture of Skylab
on the front. And it says Skylab on it,
and it’s a commemorative coin. And then on the back it says
something to the effect that this is made of metal, that flew
through space on the Skylab. It’a collector’s item. What’s it worth? Oh, a lot more than a dollar, to me, but it might be worthless to you.
It was a gift from a friend. A man who worked at the General Electric Space Center in
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. So if I wanted to get another one,
I wouldn’t know where to go to get one, maybe I’d go to eBay. But in any case it’s a Skylab coin. And then this is a dinosaur coin, has pictures of dinosaurs on it and it’s – “Age of the dinosaur”, it says on it, like playmoney, all right? A dollar, a dinosaur coin,
and a Skylab coin, all about the same size. So whoever says, size matters,
he wasn’t talking about money. Because size doesn’t matter,
when it comes to money, and substance doesn’t matter
when it comes to money, because this is also a dollar: It’s paper. It’s not coin. So the Eisenhower-dollar and this are the same – in value. One is paper and one is coin. So substance doesn’t matter
with money. What matters? Well, let me bring out
another form of money: Creditcard!
Well. This is actually a debitcard. Pay-pal, mastercard.
works just like a creditcard. Swipe the card, buy something. It’s that simple. Well, this isn’t coin or paper,
it’s plastic. But it’s not really plastic either. Because I could buy something
with these numbers on this card and the number on the back. That’s all I need to buy something. I could stick this in a gas pump, pull it out, and buy gas, and not even have to sign anything! You ever noticed that? When you buy gas, with a creditcard
or debitcard, it doesn’t matter, you just pull it and go, pump your gas. Now, what gives you the authority? Well, the authority to pump gas. Hm, what gives you the right to get gas? I’ve often said I wanna make a sticker
and put it above every gas pump. You know, be a little terrorist
or something, and stick this sticker on top
of the gas pump’s handle and say:
Squeeze handle to justify war! Because that’s what you doing. Why not tell people, what you’re doing
when you doing it? You squeeze that handle on the pump
and you’re saying: “Give me some gas!” What gives you the right to tell anybody to give you some gas? To demand it, to say, it must be there! I insist – well – money gives you the right. Your visa or master card, or your paper or your coins. That’s what gives you the money, that’s what gives you
the right to demand that the gas be there. Demand it! It’s not a request. It’s not like:
“I’d like to have some gas please.” No – I demand the gas. And what gives you the right
to demand the gas? Money! What is money? What is common to all these
three forms of money? The plastic creditcard, the paper
dollar and the coin dollar. Well, numbers. Numbers? Numbers. They all are about numbers! Money is always about numbers and numbers are always abstract. There is something else
money is always about: It’s about control. It’s about: “You will do as I wish, because I have the money,” It’s not a democracy. It’s not: “Hey´, let’s take a vote on this
and see wether we wanna do it.” No: “I’ve got the money.
We do it as I say, because I’ve got the money!”
It’s like that. It’s not like: “Hey, let’s all sit around and hold hands and figure it out.” No.
That’s not what money is. Money is an autocracy,
money is a tyranny. Money is: The Boss The man is money. That’s why you go work for
the man. The man is money.
Money is the man. Money is the man, do you hear it? The man is the man
giving you the orders. The man is the man giving you commandments, demanding your compliance. Let’s warm this up a little bit. Get this fire going. You know. That’s why we are in Iraq, because you squeeze the handle
and demand the gas. And George Bush and
the Republicans say: We understand, what you want.
It’s a demand economy. And you are demanding you want
the gas, so we are gonna go get it. Lets go boys, mount up your mounties, lets charge those arabs
in the middle east and grab their gas. Hey, it’s rule of the force,
rule of military force, brute force, Machiavellian rule. You take what you need, you’re John Wayne
and you take what you need. You don’t take any lip from
anybody, you’re an American. Now come on round up those horses
lets go, get that gas. Oh, we gonna kill people,
oh well, tough, luck, that’s life. You got to break a couple eggs
to make an omelet, right? That’s the idea of money. We are in Iraq for money. For the sake of money. So when there somebody says:
Why are we in Iraq? Well, we are in Iraq, because
money says, go to Iraq. We can start talking about,
I want us to start talking about money in terms of what it says. Because it says the same thing
to all of us. This isn’t like it says something to you,
and something different to me. It says the same thing all of us: Life is about control and domination. So you can be the one
that’s being dominated, or you can be the one
that’s dominating. You can be on top,
or you can be underneath. Money says: Take your pick. Take your pick, you wanna be on top,
you wanna be underneath, wherever you wanna be. But it’s all about this domination game. Who’s on top? And of course people with the most
money are closest to the top, but nobody is really on top, if you examine it carefully. Money, as an idea, is on top! Money is dominating our conciousness. It’s like:
“Well I have to get money to live.” Why?
Why do you have to get money to live? Well because government
stands there behind money with the gun and says: You will do as money says! You will obey money. Imagine, what government would be like,
if it wasn’t about money. It might be about human rights. It might be about justice,
it might be about virtue. That’s why I say teach virtue. Because it will take us in the
direction of a new government. This government is all about money. Money is running the government. The idea was that government
would run money. That government would regulate
money for the benefit of humankind. That was the idea. Way back when. But it never really worked that way
it was always a deception. And when you believe in money, that your freedom comes from money, then you are deluded. You are believing in an illusion. And when I point out the delusion
to you, and you refuse to let go of it you refuse to allow me
to break the spell then you’re demented.
You’re crazy. You’re insane. And this is what we see
in Iraq with George Bush. He’s insane. Everybody is trying to get him to see
how this idea he had was demented, insane, delusional. But he’s still hanging on doing. And so he becomes the dementor, like in Harry Potter. He, he is demented, He’s mentally ill. And all the people who think,
we need to stay there, are mentally ill. They’re doing
it for the sake of money, for the sake of dominance. Money is an evil system of control and domination for the benefit of the few,
at the expense of the many. I shall repeat that one
because it’s a good line. Money is an evil system of control
and domination for the benefit of the few
at the expense of the many. Now, a lot of people go: Oh no no money is not evil, money is – neutral. No, it’s not neutral, it benefits the rich. It benefits people who already have it. It’s easier to make money,
once you have money that’s not neutral! Neutral would be if everybody
is on the same playing field. That’s not how money works,
it never did work that way. It always worked to the benefit
of those who had it already. Those people who have money
can make more money easily. It concentrates itself, by its nature. That’s not a good thing. That’s an evil thing. Then you have to have government,
a countervailing force, come in and break up these monopolies, break up these concentrations of wealth, say oh we’ve gonna have to
shake things up. Well, now you got to expend
energy fixing a problem, that was created by your
economic system: The concentration of wealth-syndrom. So it is not neutral. And some people would say
money is natural. No, it is not natural,
it is entirely manmade. It’s entirely made up in our minds. There is nothing in money
that is natural. You can’t give me something
that grows on a tree that is money. It’s an entirely abstract thought. And it’s based by the gun.
Money is a rule of numbers, by violence. It’s gun numbers,
numbers and guns. That’s the nature of money. You will do as I say,
or I will kill you. that’s the bottom line of money. And of course, we don’t want each
other saying that to each other. So we turn that authority
over to government. So that government is the
only one holding the gun. And government will say, you will do
as we say or we will kill you. And that becomes the
tyranny of our lives. And when government is based on money,
or corrupted by money,
as we have seen. Then basically there is just money. And there is this little phantom of a
figure out there called government, which is trying to persuade you,
that you actually have a say in what’s going on. When really money is having
to say over government. Money is a conciousness of it’s own. And once the people in government
have this money conciousness,
which they do, it’s kind of hopeless. Because they
are not able to break out of the box
on there own. So the purpose of this video is,
to tell you how to break out of the box. First of all see money for what it is. It’s a control paradigm issue. That is to say, it’s about
controlling people. And control is an illusion. Therefore if you believe in money,
you believe in an illusion. That makes you deluded. If you are unwilling to give up
that delusion, when I point it out to you,
then you are demented. You are crazy, you’re insane. So it goes from illusion to delusion
to demention. That’s where we’re at. Money has
made us crazy – bottom line. We need a new economic system.
We need a new political system. We need one, that takes us
in the right direction, as a society, as individuals. Yeah, takes us in the right direction! What is the right direction? The right direction,
is the virtuous direction. The right direction, is the direction, which works, to create
a better society. A more loving society,
a more compassionate society, a more generous society. A right direction, is one that
produces more virtue, more solutions. Now, the current direction that we are in,
is one of overconsumption, overproduction, everything ‘over-…’ There you go. Excess And then somehow we have
to drive this economy, we have to expand this economy,
we have to grow this economy. This is the kind of language,
the kind of thinking, that money creates. Grow this economy,
so that we can all be wealthy. But when you actually start thinking about it,
it doesn’t make much sense. There is 1.3 billion people,
maybe 1.5 billion in china. Ok. so we’re gonna grow the economy, so that the chinese people can have
the kind of livestyle we have. That would only be fair. They are working 40-60 hours a week, why should’nd they have
the kind of lifestyle we have? You start doing the numbers,
you start looking at it and go hey, they are all gonna have
air conditioners and cars, and computers and microwaves
and iPods, and – wait a minute… The earth is gonna die from pollution long before the chinese get
everything we have. Oops doesn’t work. Growing the economy
doesn’t work as a solution. Because even though
you might conceivably be able to find enough raw materials
to do that, what kind of a mess are you
making of the economy of the world, the environment? What is going on? Well, sustainability is the word. And the economic system we
are in now is not sustainable. It’s unsustainable. Yes we can grow, for a while. But soon global warming
and environmental changes will catch up with us pollution
will catch up with us and we’ll say, oh we can’t
do this anymore. We have to find a different way. And the different way is going to be:
Reducing our consumption. But the economic system doesn’t
work with reduced consumption. At least i’d like somebody
to explain to me, how it could, because people keep needing money
to pay their rent and their mortgage and their bills, pay of their loans,
their student loans, whatever they have. They gonna have that money,
that means they have to go to work. That means they have to
produce something. They don’t actually have to produce
something for the rest of us, because 10% of the people
could produce enough stuff for the rest of society given the productive capacity
of industry nowadays. With technology, propably 10%
of the people could work, and the rest of us could sit around. But that doesn’t work in terms of money. Because we got to have money.
Why do we have that money? Because the system says
we have to have money. Why is the system required.
Because that’s the way it’s structured. Because in order to keep this
control paradigm in operation, we have to continually make more, and give some of it to the rich. Some of what we produce goes to the rich,
and they don’t work for it. Don’t fool yourself into thinking
they are working for it. It’s the tyranny of money, that says we have to pay them. That is the fundamental evil
of the system, is the idea that you have to pay some people,
just because they have money. Not because they’ve done
anything of value, but because they have money. Because they own things. This idea of property needs
to be examined. The idea of capital. The idea, that I’m in charge here,
I’m in control. That delusion needs to be
challenged and broken down. It is to be about what needs to be done?
Rather than who’s in charge? So, we need to compare for example money with it’s inverse. What is the inverse,
or opposite of money? Money is based on control,
money is based on numbers. What’s the opposite? of control? What’s the inverse of control? Cooperation! Now, there’s a hard question: What’s the inverse of numbers? Actually it’s quality! Quality is the inverse of quantity. So we need an economic system
based on quality and on cooperation. And you can go down the line. Money is government issued
and government controlled and all the alternative option B
I call it is personal responsibility. Money is artificial scarcity, The inverse, option B, is: abundance. Money is about fear. There is never enough to go around,
and you are afraid, you won’t get what you need, unless you go compete with others. Money is about competition. The inverse is about, love. Love is the inverse of fear. Money is about fear,
the inverse is about love. Let’s give a name to the inverse so that
we can talk about it in a different sense. The name I give it is the “Spiritual Economy”. The inverse of money, the flip of money, is the Spiritual Economy. And in a lot of ways, money is the devil. Because it tells us that we should
buy into this delusion, that we can be in control. Get some of this stuff and you’re in control of other people. And if that’s what you should do if that’s the purpose of your live, is to be in control of your environment and that includes other people,
because they’re in your environment. That’s the delusion, the dementia of money. And then it says, well we gonna have religion and
government to kind of balance out the evil of money so that, you know, you gonna get your message from religion, but religion gets corrupted by money in fact this is what corrupts
just about everything is money when you look at it. Government gets corrupted by money,
religion gets corrupted by money. We each get individually corrupted by money. I tell you the truth except if there is
money in it, I tell you a lie! See? I lie for money. Don’t you lie for money? I’ll do evil for money, won’t you? See? What is that? Why is that even something
that we tolerate in our lives? The idea that it’s ok to lie for money. That it’s ok to be corrupted for money. Why do we accept that? This is a deep philosophical question. Because we know it’s wrong. In our hearts! In our hearts we know it’s wrong. But we still do it. We still play games for money, we know You’re supposed to love people.
You’re not supposed to play with them, dominance games. Right? We supposed to trust each other, supposed to be kind to each other. Money doesn’t teach kindness and trust, teaches suspicion and cruelty. All the way down the line money
is teaching the wrong lessons. And money is power, that’s true. What’s the opposite of power? That’s a good question. Priniciple The inverse of power is principle. You stand on principle. The Spiritual Economy is the good one. But we’re too busy with the real economy the dominance economy the control paradigm economy, the evil economy. We’re too busy with that
one to create the other one. Don’t bother me with this thing about
Spiritual Economy, virtues and all this stuff, Steve.. I’m busy making money, go away. I don’t have time for it. There it is. That’s evil. That’s what I call “money consciousness”. Money consciousness is:
I don’t have time, I don’t have time. And you notice the people who are very wrapped up
in money are always out of time. They don’t have time. For you as a human being. And ‘time’ is a delusion. ‘Time’ is a form of tyranny. A very concept that there is a ‘time’. There is an atomic clock somewhere,
that’s keeping ‘time’ and that we are all racing against ‘time’. There is only so much ‘time’… Again this scarcity factor,
you see the paradigm? And that you have to do it in this
amount of ‘time’, otherwise you fail. Again the game, you see the game? There are winners and there are losers. And the clock will tell us who is
the winner and who is the loser. Time is the delusion. Ego Ego has a certain amount of time. How long you live? Well that’s about how much
time you’ve got. But what about if you dedicated
to something like virtue? Than you are timeless! Because virtue goes on,
long after each of us dies. Now you started to get it. terms of how they think in islam, moslems. How some of them think anyway in terms of the transcendence
of the values and the principles that they are fighting for or supporting. There is where the war is,
if there is a war. I think there is just ignorance. But some people think there is a war going on Well if there is a war going on, that’s where it is,
in the idea realm, in the spiritual realm. In the realm of: This is an
idea worth fighting for. The moslems may be saying that their ideas are worth fighting for. Justice is worth fighting for. Mercy is worth fighting for. Truth is worth fighting for. Respect, honor these are virtues these are transcendent values they transcend the individual. Individuals are: begin – live – die. But virtues go on forever. Love goes on forever. Kindness, compassion, respect these things go on forever and we can support them with
our actions for the period of time that we are here. If we want. Or we can support ideas like money, so that my life is about money. And I will go to my life thinking about money, because what ever you’re thinking about,
you’re creating, you’re supporting. You think about virtue,
you’re supporting virtue if you think about money,
you’re supporting money If you think about dominance and control,
you are thinking about dominance and control. This is the spiritual war we are in with Iraq,
with moslems, with George Bush and everything else. It’s all coming up to the surface as it should because that’s what’s really important
at this point in our evolution is we’ve got some bad ideas in our head and money is one of the principle ones. And underneath that is another bad idea
which is: You are not good enough That you are not good enough – by yourself to be deserving of what you need that you have to go out and work for the man that you have to be controlled,
that you have to surrender your timing, your will, to money,
to the man, to someone else. Because you are not good enough to decide for yourself what’s right, what’s wrong,
what’s necessary, what’s unnecessary. There would be anarchy,
we can’t have anarchy. And so money comes in
as the organizing influence, the means by which we control society and direct each others activities. Now I know that sounds pretty far out. But it’s true! And my job is to speak the truth. How to get out of the trap of money. It’s a game, it’s a trap. How to get out? Look at what it is, tell the truth about it, and build the alternative! Now, I’ve known about this for ten years and for over ten years I’ve been
talking about this what I call the Spiritual Economy. It’s a good thing to think about. And what I’ve noticed is that even
just talking about it changes people. People change their behaviour just
hearing me talk about Spiritual Economy. They start dealing with money differently. And that’s good It’s a step in the right direction,
they’re like: “Yeah, you know money really isn’t
this great thing that we should worship.” “There really is a need for something
else in society.” And some people have tried to develop
alternative economic systems and yes they have to some extent done so, but: We come back to government because: If government doesn’t recognize
the alternative then you are still stuck with money. When it comes time to pay your taxes,
can you use the alternative system or not? If not then government becomes the
enforcer of the tyranny, the tyranny of money. And that is what basically is the downfall
of other economic systems is that they don’t work for everything. They may work for something, you may be able to barter
something with these credits or whatever, but the idea that you’re going to control
the behaviour of other people with a currency with a money system is the idea
that has to be undone. We need to go into the gift economy. The idea that I’m not controlling anything,
I’m cooperating with you. I’m sharing information
in the open, the truth. About what’s happened. And we are rewarding people based
on what they’ve actually done. That’s right, rewarding people based
on what they’ve actually done. Rather than saying: “Well, you’ve got to serve
my egoistic desires!” “You’ve got to make me boss for a day and
then I’ll give you something of value. No, no, that’s not, that’s
not the right way to be. The right way to be is ‘hey’ did you do
what needed to be done in this situation? You did? Well you deserve to be
rewarded for that. It’s as I’m the one that has
the ability to reward you, I will do it. It’s as I’ve been in
the position of doing it I will do it. That our definition of wealth
needs to change from rather than how much have I
acquired for myself how much have I given to others? Appropriately, intelligently, consensually and there is the word. Consensual Do we all agree that this person deserved whatever it is I gave them? Ya: If we do, then it was a good gift. Education … … is the source of all true wealth. And in the money system people … are kept ignorant so that they can be controlled. And I can give you many examples
but ehh … … if you just think about … … how – There are many different programmes and
many different places, organisations and and so forth which help people. But how do you find out about this stuff? You’re kept ignorant about it. There are maybe a few television commercials that tell you about how to get heating assistance
or how to get food stamps or something but very few. It’s not very well organized. It’s a difficult system to deal with
because there is no way to find all the ways that you can get
what you need. It should be an organized system,
should be easy to deal with. Meanwhile the television is barking
commercials at you all the time. All these commercial messages
which are about money. “Buy my stuff!” Rather than: “Here is the free stuff!” Well you can see: The tyranny of money has
to be this way, it has to say: “We have to silence these people that
are giving away free stuff, because ah, we won’t be able to sell our
stuff, if people are getting it for free. So we have to deny people the knowledge
of how to get it for free, so that we can sell them our stuff.” “Let’s keep people ignorant!” That’s part of money consciousness. You make money by
keeping people ignorant. If you look at the Iraq-situation there are heaps of companies that’ve
made heaps of money by keeping the people ignorant
about what’s going on in Iraq. If we knew what was going on in Iraq
we would say: “This is enough!” “Stop this!” As long as they keep us ignorant and keep us saying:
“Hey, you know what, we’re building schools and …” “… dadadadadadada, reconstructing stuff, yayaya” Well, what’s the truth? Tell us the truth! What’s really going on? In Iraq? If they did that we’ll say: “Look, this isn’t working.” “Forget it!” “We’re not doing it anymore!” We’re not successfully controlling
the people over there. We are failing to control
the people over there. Money paradigm has failed. And if you can see it, you can see how we created this, by wanting something we were not justly deserving. It goes back to that gas-pump. Gimme the gas! It doesn’t matter whether I deserve it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s justice. Give it to me because I have money! And I’m in control because I have money Here’s the delusion, see? It’s really sickness, it’s demention. I’m in control because I have money,
give me that gas! And so George Bush and the
Republicans march off to war because we’ve told them to march off to war. We didn’t say:
“Give the gas to the people
who needed the most!” No, that was not what we said. We said:”
I don’t give a crap about the rest of the world.” I got a hummer, it gets seven
miles to the gallon, give me the gas! I’m gonna worship the people who have a hummer I’m gonna bow down to them and say:
“You are a God.” Arnold Schwarzenegger You’ve got a hummer, well he’s got a nice hummer I guess he’s got one
that’s fitted with hydrogen or something He’s one step ahead of us. Wasteful consumption. That’s part of the nature of money. It’s more about keeping the game going
than it is about sustainability of the earth Money is a delusion. When you believe in a delusion you are demented. When you believe in an illusion,
an ILLUSION, that makes it a delusion. We need us to break each others delusions,
we need to break the spells by telling the truth. Come out of the spell! Wake up! Wake up! Money is an evil system,
we need a new economy. Now don’t run out and say: “Oh, we’re gonna have a revolution.” No, no, the revolution is up here,
in your mind. In my mind, In OUR mind. Revolution is in the realm of ideas The war is in the realm of ideas The spiritual war It’s about what are we doing here? Are we here to fight over who’s in control? Who’s in charge? Who’s dominant? Or are we here to evolve human virtue for the benefit of all things in the universe. The evolution of human virtue for all things. Now that’s a pretty high purpose It’s a good one Maybe there’s a higher one. but it’s good for now. Let’s focus on doing that. The evolution of human virtue
for the benefit of all things. That includes the earth and everything
that lives on the earth. The cosmos and god and anything else
you can see about. All things. Yeah that’s why we’re here to do good for the purpose of good. To evolve virtue for the benefit of all things And I give you that, that’s a higher purpose than
I’m here to control you. Through money and government And we’re gonna make laws to dominate you I’m here to make the money so you
will do what I say, you know. All that dementia. No, that’s not high stuff that’s low stuff. We need to start talking to each other this way: You’re captured by the dementia of money. You’re demented Come out of the spell, brother, sister Living the truth. Living virtue. Teach virtue. It’s the best way to learn it. Teach it! Find somebody who hasn’t known
virtue and teach it to him! Or you find somebody who does know
virtue and teach it to them! What is virtue, well I’ve got fifty on my side. Love is a virtue, kindness, respect, consideration, tolerance, flexibility, truthfulness, honesty, honor, tact. These are all virtues. Forgiveness, mercy These are all virtues, they’re good things to do. And you practice them. Teaching them is a good thing,
because then you think about them. And whatever you think about you create. If you’re thinking about controlling
people that’s what you’re doing. If you’re thinking about money that’s what
you’re doing, you’re going down that path. Let it go. Think about virtue! Learn the process of teaching virtue
over the goal of teaching virtue! Enjoy the process! Now as far as the Spiritual Economy goes, I’ll talk a little bit more about that. I envision a system on the internet where we could make records of our transactions since
we’re into this whole number-thing. And maybe that’s the flaw of the Spiritual Economy
as an idea is that it’s still into numbers. But it does play with them and that’s good. It has a playful attitude towards numbers. You can create any number of credits in the
Spiritual Economy any day of the week and give them to anybody you want. Well, what are they? What are they worth? Well, they’re numbers, that’s all. Just like money is numbers. But they’re not worth anything Because there’s no force behind. In the sense that … … there’s no gun The government’s not going to enforce
your Spiritual Economy credits. The government is not going to say: “You have to do something for these credits!” No, the government is going to just say: “They don’t exist.” They don’t exist at all. Because when you join the Spiritual Economy
you will sign an agreement that says: “All Spiritual Economy credits are worthless.” And that you agree they’re all worthless. I have no right to expect anything
from anyone for credits. Here’s where you see how expectation
is the stuff of evil. Because money lets us expect something. As soon as you expect something you’re
moving out of responsibility. You’re moving into the realm of: “I’m going to get what I want by
controlling the situation.” I’m gonna demand the things happen the way that I want them to happen. Give me the gas! That’s evil. That leads to war. So if you wanna know who’s responsible for war ask yourself: “Well, what have I done today to create an alternative … … to gas?” An alternative to … … a demand economy. Demand economy! Supply and demand. Am I cooperating with people who are
looking to create a better way? Am I really studying virtue,
am I teaching virtue today? Hm? Teach it, don’t just talk about it or think about it!
It’s good to think about, but teach it! Because when you teach it, you learn it, that’s the first
thing that happens. And the second thing that happens is, you appreciate it more because you’ve given it to someone else. And teaching virtue can be
as simple as teaching the words. Just saying them. Nice to have a fire. So, … Let’s see. Oh, money is anti-community Yeah. There’s more money to be made in splitting
people up than at pulling them together. So if you want to save money, get together! Community saves money. Isolation … costs money. There is more money to be made in community,
oh LESS money to be made in community! More money to be made in breaking people up. If two people are married and they get seperated, there is now two housholds. There’s more money to be made. So furniture, you get housing,
heating costs, everything. Focus on community! Pulling people together. We have of course been working on ourselves to try convince ourselves,
that our desires are what’s important. And that live is about filling our
desires and meeting our goals. Of course that’s all the money-system way. That’s money consciousness It keeps us going. To goals and desire-fulfillment but it’s not healthy for us in the long run… or even in the short run. It’s going in the wrong direction. And this is where the directions
can be determined in terms of direction. Which is the right direction? What community is the right direction and
what type of community is the wrong direction? Isolation is the wrong direction. Globalism is the right direction in a sense of we are all one family, the human family. So we are going to open borders. And get in the idea that the mexicans and the chinese can come over here. Well my direction is a virtue too moderate change one day we step in the time. We have nowhere we’re going and we are going to an open borders society I think. One where we can trust each other. One where the wealth is distributed fairly. And the government does serve
the evolution of virtue and human society. So That all needs to happen in small steps education needs to happen all along the road if you think about it objectively in terms of how much good do we do if we wanted to do good? It’s not shortage of money it’s not the issue it’s the vehicle for doing good that needs to be there the standards.. I’m a computer programmer I know that if we have standards we can do a whole lot more with a lot less work less effort less sacrifice. Money makes us suffer. Money makes us sacrifice in a sense that it makes us do things that
don’t need to be done for the sake of money. We’re working for money we’re working to support the
system, the idea this goes through life and look at everybody who has a job and say that this job really need to exist if we restructure the society in a different way could we do what needs to be done without this person doing this job and you would find a whole lot of people who have jobs that don’t need to exist! Insurance does not need to exist I assure you Insurance is all about money and did you know just as a little sideline: Larry Silverstein, the man who had
the lease on the world trade center paid 15 Million Dollars for insurance policy that paid him 7 billion Dollars now that is a return on your investment 15 Million Dollars for an insurance policy that paid him 7 Billion Dollars. There’s a movie if you’re gonna google you’re
gonna find it, it’s called “9/11 Mysteries” It’s a good documentary It goes … 9/11 is really a
blessing in a sense that there are all kinds of movies and shows and
people who are telling the truth about it and the truth just keeps coming there’s more truth if you notice it’s blossoming it’s wonderful it’s a cornucopia of blessings because as we look at what’s coming out of the 9/11 episode in our history, we’re seeing that a lot of deception is there. A lot of delivered deception is there people trying to get us to see things
differently than they are and the 9/11 truth-movement is saying:
look! this is not true! this is true. and then you see how people are deluted and delusional in a sense they’re attached to a particular believe such as the official story of 9/11 They are attached to it without
any reason to be attached to it. Why are you so emotionally attached
to believing this official story when the facts do not fit? The official story is out of
consort with the facts. It’s out of harmony and you also look for this idea of correspondence that one way we
know the truth is whether it
corresponds to the facts if it corresponds to other truths that we know and the official theory does not so why are you so certain that you know what happened? ask yourself, if you believe the official story. Why am I so certain? That it is the correct view of what happened. I’m so certain of it that I won’t
look at any other information. I won’t examine 9/11 Mysteries at google video
[now to find at YouTube] like Steve said I should.
I won’t look at that movie it’s 1,5 hours long and tells about the
demolition of the world trade center buildings but they were brought down with explosives! Now I have already changed my believes
about 9/11 several times. Have you? We need to be able to do this,
we need to be able to say “Oh, well I was wrong”. No big deal, but I used to believe this and that was not true so now I believe this Oh – that was not true,
now I believe this Hopefully what’s going on here is
revolving yourself towards a view
or a believe or a set of truth’s which is more in harmony with virtue more in harmony with everything, basically. unity unity is a virtue So as we evolve in our believes regarding anything and everything God, 9/11, sex, whatever whatever your believes are as you evolve you believes they are to take you into unity,
they are to take you into virtue and produce good results. If you get to a point where you’re going
“I’m not going to look at any more information,
I’m get up with looking at this information then you know you’re not in the unity,
you’re not in virtue. You’re not there. You say “I haven’t got time for the truth”. What’s that about? You haven’t got time for the truth. Somebody says:
“Here is the truth about 9/11” You go “Oh, I haven’t got time for that”. Why not? So much of what’s happening since 9/11
has been based on 9/11 our foreign policy for example the war on Iraq for example. If you don’t have time for the truth then that means: We’ve lost it. We’ve lost our virtue because truthness is a virtue and reverence is a virtue and reverence for the truth is a virtue. It’s all about numbers and it is not paper or coin or credit cards that’s not what money is money is a controlled paradigm issue it is an evil system for control and domination ..of control and domination for the benefit of the rich or the few at the expense of the poor or the many. So I recap: Money is an evil system
of control and domination for the benefit of the few
at the expense of the many. We need an alternative! We can have an alternative! I call it the Spiritual Economy. It’s based on abundance,
it’s based on the personal responsibility based on quality assessment. That is to say. Rate your transactions with people in the open, I was satisfied, I was unsatisfied so what becomes the focus is the quality of the relationships you have with others rather than the quantity of numbers I can create a million credits in a
Spiritual Economy any day of the week. I can give them to you. What do they mean? Not much. Unless you rate me in a quality way and you say
“I was very satisfied with those credits” and you give quality information is
to what are they for. This becomes a way of telling the truth and honoring people who are doing good deeds. It is very important to honor people
who are doing good deeds and uplift them – that’s what honoring is and the existing system is very bad at doing that. It can do it, but it is very difficult
for it to do it because we’re living in fear with money. “I don’t have enough, I’m not good enough” In Spiritual Economy you’re going
“I am good enough, I can create
abundance any day of the week” and I can give it to you! and I trust you to do the right thing with it. These are virtues – trust is a virtue. Generosity is a virtue. Truthfulness is a virtue. So, we need a new economy,
let’s create it! Go on my website:
find out more about it! Write me: [email protected] Participate, join in, great community Do the right things: Teach virtue! You know, if you do nothing else,
teach people about your virtue. Learn the virtues yourself,
that’s the best way to teach them. How you gotta teach something
if you don’t already know it when you do already know it
… more than likely. Go to my website:
and look for the virtues. Teach them! My name is Steve Moyer,
today is December the 5th, 2006 and I wish you well! Blessings. Subtitles made by
Konstantin Kirsch and friends.

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