I’m Renaldo Lemos, I’m the director of
the Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro and we’re just at the
end of the Artificial Intelligence and inclusion seminar that just took place
in Rio. And for me the most important thing that we discussed is “what is the
impact of artificial intelligence over inequality?” So it seems like artificial intelligence is going to be a game in which the winner takes it all, so the
question is, who’s going to be the winner? Is it the United States? Is it China? So
does that mean that a lot of resources are going to flow to those two countries,
and what does it mean for the entire geopolitical repercussions of that. Number one thing is to invest in science. I think developing countries have to take science as a priority. We cannot afford not to participate in these debates. Second thing is to invest in education. So training people for new skills is also extremely important in a moment in which there’s a lot of possibilities of job insecurity and transformations in the job market. So
these are the new forms of infrastructure. The infrastructure of the
future will be investing in people. Tthat’s the way that it will actually
prevent a lot of the bad effects that Artificial Intelligence might have. In
Brazil we have the Marco Civil law which is a bill of rights for the
internet, and basically what it does it regulates from fundamental rights online.
So I think that can be a good inspiration for artificial intelligence, especially because the process in which it was built was a collaborative process.
We call it a multi-stakeholder process, and I think that’s the best way to build
public policy regarding technology, when all sectors of society actually have a
say in the outcome of regulations. So I think that this experience that
Brazil has had with the Marco Civil can actually inform in terms of process
how we should deal with challenges, for instance like artificial intelligence,
and the policy issues that is going to bring.

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