The infrastructure that supports our
modern way of life is vulnerable to movements in the ground
beneath our feet. We’ve developed a novel approach
for monitoring performance and safety of infrastructure
by listening to soil as it deforms. Acoustic emission are high
frequency noise that are generated by soil grains as they deform
against each other and when they interact with pipelines,
piled foundations, or by seepage and erosion
in earth dams, and by listening to acoustic emission
we can detect problems and provide early warning of failure. Our know-how has been
used by RST Instruments to develop the world’s first commercially
available acoustic emission sensors for geotechnical applications,
and they’ve called the sensors
Geo Acoustic Aware Acoustic emmission monitoring has
many benefits over existing techniques it’s lower cost, it’s easy to
install and use and sensors can be retrofitted to
detect deterioration of existing infrastructure. The system can be used to monitor
long lengths of buried infrastructure for example a series of sensors
can be attached to a pipe and the acoustic emission monitoring
used to detect areas of defamation which can provide information
on failure. Our acoustic emission monitoring expertise
has been used to design an award-winning landslide early warning system Community Slope Safe
helps to protect vulnerable
people living on slopes continuous monitoring of these slopes
can provide a real-time early warning of landslides, trials totally 130 years
of slope monitoring in several countries has
proven that the system works. To find out how our expertise
can help solve your infrastructure problems,
please get in touch.

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