Hi, I’m Jess Thom. I’m a white woman in my thirtiesbiscuitwith short dark brown hair and a very cool wheelchair.biscuits, biscuitI also have Tourette’s Syndrome
biscuit, biscuit
which means I make movements
and noises I can’t controlbiscuitcalled tics.
beans, sausage, biscuitI’m here with Deepa Shastri,biscuita deaf Indian woman,
five feet tall
and in her forties.
She’s medium built
and currently pregnant.life giving, biscuitDeepa will be communicating
everything I am saying in British Sign Language,
except my tics,
but these will be
in the captions.biscuit, biscuitAccess to Work is a department
of work and pensions fund biscuitwhich can help cover
some of the extra costs
of carrying out your job
or travelling to, from
and during workbiscuitbecause you’re deaf or disabled.biscuit, cats, biscuitThis film is part
of a series of three that explains the
process of applying for Access to Work
biscuit, biscuit
biscuitto make use of the fund.
There is one for
self-employed people,ta-dah, biscuitone for employerscats, one for cats
not one for cats,
biscuitand this one, which is
for employed people.ta-dah, and catsThroughout the film we will be moving through
Battersea Arts Centre,biscuita beautiful, old, Victorian
town hall.biscuitAs we tell you about
different elements of applying for Access to Workbiscuit, cats, biscuitwe’ll cover eligibility,
what you can apply for, the application process and managing monthly claims.
biscuitFor each section we’ll
also give you top tips from colleagues,
and other organisationsbiscuitwho employ people who
get access to work support.beans, biscuit, cats, biscuitLet’s talk about who can apply for access to work. To get help
you must be deaf, disabled or living with
a long-term health condition which means you face
barriers during your job.biscuit, cats, biscuitYou must also be
sixteen or overbiscuit
and there is no upper age limit.biscuit, f***You must live and work in England, Scotland or Wales.biscuitYou can’t get Access to Work if you live in the
Channel Islands or The Isle of Man,biscuitand there is a different
system in Northern Ireland.biscuitYou need to have a paid jobbiscuitor be about to start
or return to one.biscuitA paid job generally means full or part time paid work,
biscuit whether permanent, casual
or temporary biscuita standard PAYE job.
All of which must be
paying minimum wage or above.biscuitAlso could include You can’t get a grant
for voluntary work or for when you’re in training, for training related to
your paid employment.biscuitIf you get other benefits, these may affect whether you
can get an Access to Work grant.biscuit, cats, hedgehog, f***,
If you’re receiving
Universal Credit, Job Seekers Allowance
or Income Support, can still get help from
Access to Workbiscuitif you work more than
one hour a week.biscuit, biscuit, biscuitYou can get Access to Work if you’re on Employment
Support Allowance, if you’re doing permitted work as agreed with
Job Centre Plus.biscuitBefore you apply, talk to your employer about what
adjustments they can make to meet your access requirements.biscuit, cats, hedgehog,
biscuit, ♪ high note, biscuit
Examples of adjustments
my employers have made for me include providing a soft area I can
go to if my tics intensify,biscuit, catsadjusting the length of my
working day or allowing me to work from
home when necessary.biscuit, cats, biscuitYou can apply for a grant
from Access to Work to cover the additional
costs including equipment, travel and
support workersbiscuit, cats, hedgehogEquipment covers adaptations
and new equipment that is needed for
access reasonsbiscuit, biscuitIf public transport is not
accessible to you, Access to Work can help
pay towards the cost of getting around to
do your work.beans, biscuit, hedgehog,
Access to Work will consider
funding a support worker there are no other
options available.biscuit, cats, biscuit, biscuitThe Access to Work support
worker categories are:biscuit, biscuitAccess to Work will not pay
for a support workerbiscuitto give nursing or
personal care.biscuitSupport starts at the
front door biscuit when the person is ready
to go to work.biscuit, cats, hedgehog,
biscuit, ♪ high note
You can apply online, by phone, textphone,
BSL video relay or NGT text relay.
The assessors may not
be familiar with your specific medical
condition, impairment or access requirements.biscuit, hedgehogYou should be prepared for this and be able to clearly
articulate your situation a way that the assessors
will understand.biscuitIt’s a good idea to have a
trusted friend or colleague to lean on for support
throughout the process.biscuitThe three main questions
on the application form are: biscuitWhat are your conditions
or disabilities?biscuit, biscuitDo you want some help
to get to work?biscuit, biscuitDoes your condition
make it harder harder for you to do your job?biscuit, cats, biscuitSome of these questions
have follow up questions where you can provide
more detail on the barriers you face and what support you need.biscuit, biscuit, biscuitYou are then asked to
provide your contact information and employment details. After you complete the
initial application formbiscuitan Access to Work advisor
will contact you to ask for additional
information biscuit such as evidence of
access requirements from a medical professional. For example, your GP.biscuit, biscuit, biscuitThere are specialist
disability teams within Access to Work
who are more familiar with access needs around
certain impairments.biscuit, cats, biscuitThis doesn’t necessarily
guarantee they will be familiar with your specific
medical condition, disability or access
requirements.biscuitYou should be ready to
clearly articulate your situation so
that the advisor fully understands the
barriers you face.beans, biscuitIf you are unsure what
support is available, the Access to Work adviser can
discuss the options with you, but it is helpful if you
research and know your access support needs
in advance.biscuit, biscuit, biscuit, biscuitThe adviser may also
contact your employer to discuss how Access to Work
can support you.biscuit, biscuithedgehog, biscuitThey will not contact
your employer until they’ve agreed this
with you first.biscuitAssuming you are assessed
as eligible an assessor may visit
your workplace to assess your needs.
If the process is
completed successfully,biscuityou will receive an offer
of support.ta-dah, biscuit, biscuitYou’ll be told how much you’ll
get and for how long.biscuit, biscuitTo accept the offer you’ll need
to complete the declaration within four weeks of
the date of the offer.sausage, table tennisIt is common practice
for organisations to pay for support workers
and travel costs up frontbiscuit, cats, biscuitand then be reimbursed
by Access to Work.biscuit, cats, hedgehog, biscuitAccess to Work will send
you a form for claiming the amount
of support you use on a monthly basis.sausage, biscuit, cats,For every calendar month
you use support, you need to post a
completed claim form signed by you and your employer,
along with any relevant receipts
and invoices.sausage, biscuit, cats,
Your claim must arrive within 6 months of the activity
for which you are claiming.sausage, biscuitThis guide has been produced
by Disability Arts Online with funding
from Arts Council England.biscuit, biscuitFor the full guide, alternative formats and
links to other resources visit disabilityarts.online/ATWta-dah, biscuitThank you for watching, and we hope this
was helpful.

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