(calming guitar music) – There’s a lot of people
that have questioned capitalism post the financial collapse. Few of those conversations
really go to the depth of thinking that I think is required. I spent 20 years on Wall Street kind of learning a craft and a trade that enables me to be an informed critic of the way the system currently works. The issues are much more
profound than I think we collectively have woken up to and at the root of it is the
way our economic system works and the way finance drives
the economic system. And I’m not talking about the bad behavior that led to the financial collapse, that’s in many ways just
a symptom of a problem. The problem is a much more systemic one. (calming guitar music)

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3 thoughts on “A pre-launch message from John Fullerton, author of “Regenerative Capitalism.””

  1. Brilliant and much needed framework. In 40 years of working on these issues, John's approach is the best that I have found

  2. I am waiting to see Fullerton's ideas fully elaborated and see how they work in practice to be able to asses if they are a real change or just a continuation of the lethal old capitalist "eternal growth" nonsense, and the egocentric greed that has been driving it.
    I celebrate his efforts at a time we need to recognize the transition history is forcing on us, and the many creative expressions required for all of us to critisice and shape in the best manner.

  3. We definitely need a new economic model. The term regenerative is powerful. There is little doubt that it is time for we in privileged societies to live as true stewards. Taking on the mantel of caretakers of one another, our communities and our planet. We are not lacking, we are lacking in more egalitarian distribution models of our shared planetary resources. There is so much potential – thank you to the leadership of John Fullerton, Hunter Lovins and many others who are leading the way..

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