On September 2, 2015, my wife and I left on a trip around the world. I decided not to shave until we get back. Russia Mongolia China Vietnam Cambodia Thailand Myanmar India Egypt Sudan Ethiopia Kenya Tanzania Zambia Botswana Namibia Brazil Uruguay Argentina Chile Peru Ecuador Colombia Panama Costa Rica Nicaragua Honduras El Salvador Guatemala Mexico USA Canada Russia September 2015 – June 2018 911 days
33 countries
129244 km
38 cm – beard

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  1. Hey guys! We're overwhelmed by all the support! We just post a video where we answer the most common question we've been asked. Are we rich? How much did we spend? https://youtu.be/8A1f_rYT4TI

    Here's the video of me shaving off the beard: https://youtu.be/yaW3jT94fAw
    A fun video of beard problems: https://youtu.be/5ydXG100wLo

  2. I searched one year beard timelapse (tryinf to convince myself not to shave this 2 month beard. I dont know what yall talking about "Fun fact you didnt search this "

  3. Nice job, it grew in pretty well without beard tools which is one reason why I assume you decided not to shave till you returned. Must’ve been a bitch having it in Africa and South America.

  4. That’s sickness n they tell me stuff ban me suspend me etc fkrs cowards corrupt btchz etc 😁💦♥️🤷‍♂️

  5. He looks better with the beard nice therapy than g-d whew 😅 haha nice but fkr ur white 😡😝😁💦♥️🤷‍♂️😋

  6. this is the kind of recommended stuff i love. the commitment it must of took to make this vid is amazing. Props man 😁

  7. With all this movement of around 124,000 km in 2 years, it's like time stopped for around 0.4 seconds during these 2 years because of general relativity.

  8. I never understood why so many guys grow beards, especially long ones, they always make you look older. You look like you went from 30 years old to 60 years old in the span of two years lol

  9. If I'm gonna travel the world, I feel that bringing a woman along is kind of defeating the purpose. Wouldn't the whole point of it to be to have sex with women in every different country? 🙂

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