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68 thoughts on “7th Sector – Release Trailer | PS4”

  1. Before game rentals, you took a risk by outright buying the games. Then… you could rent games, thereby reducing the risk to the amount of money spent on the rental.

    Thanks to YouTube… you don't even have to do THAT anymore!

  2. Dis has" inside"written all over it

    Especially wif the spider tank hing strai ght up reminded me of the giant handy meatball scene in "inside"

    I fycken poved dat gae and im intrigued in dis one look super cool

    The developers obviously took inspirateion from playdeds inside and dats super cool

    Cant wait to see it in action

  3. A lot of sound used from Half Life, and it could explain why it call 7th Sector and looks a lot like Half Life cause City 17? :O

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