What’s going on Nation? Today I’m finally going to show you how to accelerate your shoulder gains by not 65 Not 66 but a massive 67 percent but not 68 percent. That’s just crazy. “You order this thing, the 8 minute abs?” “Well, this is gonna blow that right out of the water. Listen to this 7-minute abs” But in all seriousness guys the title is clickbait just to get your attention But as always the information here is top-notch And if you’ve missed any of the other previous videos in this series, just click the playlist link above to check them out So the master tip I want to share with you guys to help accelerate your overall shoulder growth Is this, If no matter what you do you never actually feel your delts working while training them or you never get soreness in your delts After training them that typically means your mind muscle connection is very poor more than that It means you’re probably letting other muscle groups take over during each exercise when training your delts and this Definitely is the reason why your shoulders are still underdeveloped So what’s the solution here? Well, it’s actually quite obvious if you think about it You need to learn how to engage your front middle and rear deltoids when training Generally speaking You don’t really need to isolate your deltoids even with my own clients heavy pressing exercises such as the overhead press Incline press dips and close grip bench Press are enough to properly activate all three deltoid heads and see growth in fact I bet if you just train with more sets of heavy compound movements like these versus isolation Type movements you would see much faster growth overall in your entire body But there are some cases where some people just have such a poor mind muscle connection to the deltoids that they tend to perform these movements only properly activating their triceps, chest, back traps and virtually every other muscle, but the three deltoid heads So if this sounds like you this is why you’re not growing and here’s what you need to do first Take a deep breath Kick your ego to the curb and let’s start training with some lighter weights so that you can finally learn what it truly Feels like to properly activate your deltoids when training now, let’s be clear I’m not saying that light weights are better for overall growth Progressive overload combined with volume will always be king But utilizing lighter weights for the time being will help establish a much stronger mind muscle connection to the deltoids So that when you go back to your heavy compound exercises like the overhead press your deltoids will be firing Properly on every repetition you might even start to notice an increase in how much weight you can lift as well So grab a pair of 5 or 10 pound dumbbells And let’s focus on some front lateral and bent over raises first up will be lateral raises Targeting the middle deltoids now It doesn’t matter if you’re performing straight arm or bent arm raises the mistake is always the same Most people only focus on lifting their arm up versus lifting their arm up and away from their body This slight change in form will be the difference between engaging more traps or more middle deltoid during the movement So what you want to do is simply keep your shoulder down and almost raise the dumbbell away from your body Like you’re trying to keep your wrist away from your head guys Your traps want to help so you have to really pay attention and focus on turning them off as much as possible on Every repetition now the same thing also applies to the front raise if you keep your shoulder blades retracted throughout the entire movement All the muscle groups will have a tendency to help out Namely your traps and chest traps for the same reasons as we just mentioned But why the chest well because now you’ve turned the front raise into sort of a low to high chest fly Remember in my how to barbell benchpress videos three golden rules I explained how you always activate the muscle group that’s in front the most while with the bench press We wanted the shoulders to be back and the chest to be in front because this is gonna allow us to maximize Chest engagement throughout the movement. But this time we want the exact opposite We need the chest to be disengaged and the shoulders protracted so that we can actually activate them properly So again, what you want to do is raise the dumbbell while reaching forward without rounding your back So protract your shoulders almost as if you’re trying to touch the wall in front of you or in my case It would be the camera a great way to check if you’re performing it The right way is to actually do one arm at a time and use your free hand to touch the upper portion of your chest While doing the exercise if you feel your upper chest working Then you’re doing it wrong And finally guys the rear raise and again the same principles apply Now for this you don’t necessarily have to be all the way bent over and parallel to the floor Just bend over as much as possible and for the purposes of this exercise if you have it available I actually want you to use a bench to rest your head on this way You can better focus on the rear deltoid on every single repetition Once more what you don’t want to do is actually retract your shoulder blades and then raise your arm If you do that, you’ll be targeting your traps and rhomboids far more than your rear deltoids So to keep the focus on your rear delts, do not retract your scapula And again move the dumbbell by extending your arm away from your body. So now that I’ve given you all this information How do you apply these rules to your training Well before we get started with that Be sure to tap that like button if you’re enjoying the video and let’s see if we can break 4000 likes with this video the last one in the series has three thousand nine hundred and seventy seven So we were close but I know we can do it and while you’re at it go back to that video and give it 23 more likes too Alright guys. So here’s what you need to do. Start your shoulder routine with a heavy compound movement preferably the standing barbell overhead press Perform six sets of six reps and then perform the activation drills we just went over This will allow us to take advantage of your upper body being pre exhausted Forcing you to focus much harder on each deltoid head during those exercises and you’re gonna perform three sets of 10 reps for each exercise So front middle and rear and this will become your next shoulder workout for the next few weeks The more you do these drills the more you’ll start feeling your deltoids activate on bigger compound lifts And this will lead to bigger and stronger shoulders over time So quick recap your next shoulder workout exercise 1 standing barbell overhead Press 6 set 6 reps and if you guys have to do them seated with dumbbells, that’s okay, too But I prefer the standing barbell and then you only get a rest of about 60 to 90 seconds in between those sets Exercise 2 is going to be a side dumbbell raise 3 sets of 10 reps Exercise 3 front dumbbell raise three sets 10 reps and then for exercise 4 You’re gonna do a rear dumbbell raise Three sets 10 reps and there’s no rest periods for the raises because you’re actually going to be alternating your arms So while one arm is working the other arm is resting I really enjoy sharing these quick tips with you guys And if you want to make sure you don’t miss the next video in this series Make sure your notification settings are set to all and not occasional in your subscription manager I’ll drop the link below so you can check in my pin comment also my free program Guaranteed gains. It’s pretty much ready and I will be sending out an early release this week to my email list So most likely Thursday or Friday So if you would like to check it out go to Muscularstrength.com and when the email box pops up Stick it in there just be gentle as always More good stuff coming soon. Hey guys, if you want to see all my 67 percent faster gains videos Just click the playlist link over here and also a new episode of InstaGarbage is coming on Thursday. So I’ll pop episode 1 over here as well Enjoy and keep making those natty gains

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100 thoughts on “67% FASTER SHOULDER GROWTH! | (ONE MASTER TIP!)”

  1. Generally speaking, you don’t really need to isolate your deltoids. Even with my own clients, heavy pressing exercises such as the overhead press, incline press, dips and close grip bench press are enough to properly activate all three deltoid heads and see growth. In fact, I bet if you just trained with more sets of heavy compound movements like these versus isolation type movements, you would see much faster growth overall.

    But there are cases where some people just have such a poor mind-muscle connection to the deltoids that they tend to perform these movements only properly activating their triceps, chest, back, traps…and virtually every other muscle BUT the three deltoid heads. So if this sounds like you, this is why you’re not growing and my ONE MASTER TIP will help you be on your way to seeing more growth!

    CHANGE NOTIFICATIONS TO ALL – https://www.youtube.com/subscription_manager

  2. If people compensate with delts on a bench press and with a chest on OHP does that mean doing both hits both effectively either way? 😀

  3. People say I have very broad shoulders. Of course it's genetics, for me atleast, but I do overhead presses and delt flyes High, medium and the low. Trust me guys…you'll feel that burn. Scott is right about the last workout, too. Don't ever retract your blades. I do this without retracting and I feel the fire in my rear delts.

  4. Are facepulls really good for rear delt training? Ive used them and my posture has improved as well as my rear delt visibility

  5. Hey Scott, please do make a video on Fat Gripz, "The Ultimate Arm Builder". Do they increase muscle activation in the upper arms or not? and are worth it at all? I'd love to know your opinion about them. (Like so he can see this if you're also curious).

  6. I never do barbell presses for shoulders. It hurts my joints every time. Weirdly though, dumbell presses are just fine. So I do them instead regularly.

  7. I haven’t clicked on one of you’re videos for a couple of months Scott but you’re really looking good at the moment, are you in a surplus phase or just maintaining?

  8. Scottt My Mannnn …!!!! Luvv Yaa .. Started Training today after a break of 5 months and gosh I need your voice for motivation ..

  9. I don't train my front delt directly. Feel like bench press and ohp are enough. Is it correct or should I start incorporating front raises?

  10. @ScottHermanFitness
    I organize my workouts like this on a push day
    Is that bad and is there more effective way I also do the same on pull days I alternate back exercises and bicep exercises

  11. My shoulders feel burned out and tired and they ache during a workout, but the next day I feel nothing unlike when I train other muscles

  12. I always touch my chest when I do the front raise, I thought I looked like a pervert, guess I was just checking if I was doing it right 😉 Thank god someone else does it too 🙂

  13. Hey Scott! This is exactly what I needed for my shoulders! They have been the same for a while now I finally have a mini program I can apply to them! Thanks a bunch for the 67% increase Scott!💯

  14. Scott I haven't done any consistent workouts before and I want to know if it would be better to do metaburn90 or your app? Thank you – Tanner

  15. Is it good to do lateral raises, next front, rear and repeat this? Next round lateral, front and rear, and next round. Is it better to target one of 3 heads firstly, finish the first head and next go to the other or all 3 heads in turns?

  16. I would have to disagree with Scot on front raises . front deltoids don't need a isolation exercise if you are training correctly. Think of all the work they do with all your chest training and shoulder pressing. Hell even triceps training if you include dips and close grip press!!! Do you honestly think on top of all that they need a isolation exercise too!!!?? I have not done a isolation exercise for my front Del's in 5 years!!!

  17. My OHP is all triceps, but luckily I have also found Incline bench is all delts, no pecs. My best advice, don't force the feels, if OHP feels like a triceps exercise then for you that is what it is, do something else for delts.

  18. I have a confession… I can't grow my delts. Even after following Jeff and Jeremy's tips. My physique looks incomplete without boulder shoulders. Hopefully this is different.

  19. Scott, off topic question. I’ve heard that ass to grass squats puts a lot of pressure on your knees and you should go 90. I disagree but why do people say that?

  20. Hey:

    I’ve been going back for 12 month now and seeing no gains in back size: however I am stronger and can lift more weight. Any advice;
    I’ve been doing 50 pull ups, 40 barbel rows and 3×10 dead lifts.

    Any advice.

  21. Great shoulder content ! And thanks for introducing me to Jed North gear; its really comfortable and good looking style…..Now I've got to fill it out!

  22. Am I supposed to do 6 sets of the barbell, and then do 3 sets each of the next excercises or just in total do 6 sets of barbell?

  23. I've only seen a few people with significant Side Delt development, that only did the major compund movements, and they all showed signs of overall chemical assitance. That would gel with all the EMG studies that show little Side Delt contribution during any of the big basic compounds (including Overhead Barbell Press). And trying to focus on moving your elbows out towards the sides (to obtain the MM connection with your side delts) during the big compound presses would get you BURIED, with any reasonable amount of weight. Same thing with Rear Deltoid head. EMG studies for the Posterior Delts show the need for Barbell Rowing with a very wide grip and bar path high on the chest. This obviously cripples ability for total weight moved in the Row, largely due to the much less efficient hand positioning and bar path for the much larger Latissimus Dorsi muscles to get involved optimally and do their thing.

    Bottom line: 90%+ will need to put in the time for quality isolation work to see significant Lateral and Posterior Deltoid head development, OR they will need Pharmacological support.

  24. Do you have tips on why my right shoulder is hurt when doing the overhead barbell press? Bcs if I do military dumbell press or arnold press, it doesnt hurt. I always do rotator cuff exercises at the start and always pyramid up the weight from the warm up to the working set.

  25. I can't leave a comment on your insta garbage vid for some reason, so I'll put it here – have you heard of @everydamndayfitness ? He has a saying "Instagram is where fitness goes to die," and it would be cool for you to join the Swolevengers!

  26. Tore my trap muscle actually doing an overhead press, it was shoulder day, and i went a little heavier than i normally did. Have been chilling for the past 3/4 months not doing anything, but a week or two ago, i strted gymming again, slowly increasing the weight everyday, now im hitting weight that i couldnt even get to before i tore my muscle

  27. Dumbbell press helped me some with shoulders previously i only did barbell press and raise exercises. But once i started alternating between dumbbell and barbell i started seeing gains. The reason for this was that as you showed in your video here i was using to much other muscles for my shoulders exercises. But at least for me the dumbbell press basically required me to use my shoulders more once i started adding some weight. So this made me progress faster and improve my technique overall.

  28. Hi Scott! Is there any difference if I press with a hex bar. Does it activate the shoulder in a different way? Greetings from Ecuador!

  29. Thank you for your videos! I am a 58 year old woman I started weight training last January for the first time in my life! All my life I have been a yo-yo dieter. So far I’ve dropped 75 lb – 50 more to go. Please tell me how to lose now because I’ve plateaued and I’m stuck

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