hey guys is Mike here welcome back how
exactly I think you should use Instagram stories and especially if you are
digital artists you are designers you are creators you are photographers you are
videographers you are editors basically if you’re creative individuals this is the
right video for you how exactly you can use Instagram stories to boost your
personal brand on Instagram as an artist is definitely to be more interactive on
your Instagram stories it’s about building a presence and building a trust
with them and I know talking like this might be a little fluffy at this point
you’re watching this video but I just wanted to say that to really connect
with your followers in emotionally level what I’m telling you is that create a
story within a story don’t want to jump from one story to another that is
completely irrelevant because we are human after all and we want to listen to
your story and we want to go with the flow how it’s going on if you’re a
digital artist do the behind the scenes you know or maybe show some lifestyle
get personal not just about seeing your content and you know your art and we
instantly realize oh that’s you but sometimes it is more like a personality
contest which is unfortunately creating a story so have a narrative for yourself
I definitely think you need to be more timely you need to be more relevant in
your Instagram story you don’t have to chase for every single trend but at
least make the trend that is relevant to you and posting on your stories because
you know you probably are a photographer or digital artist but it
doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the things like
or if you have any opinions about any kind of you know trend that’s going on on the
internet or going on in your own niche definitely share it definitely post it
you know what on Instagram stories is not just about within your own little circle
it’s sometimes it’s about being relevant to your community so you’re not just
speaking for yourself but you’re speaking for the whole community
I always dealing with my depression and I think depression is a huge deal
but I don’t really exactly milking it every single time I post my story and I
would tell people hey I have depression no it’s not like that in that way but if
there’s something relevant there’s some kind of news that’s upsetting you that
makes you realize that you have to write something you have to give your opinion
this is the right time for you to do that so you make like a deeper
relationship with your followers that is not just I’m framed by the category on
Instagram that I’m just a digital artist and I can’t do anything beyond that but
you definitely can do it to build that relationship beyond just your own
little tiny circle and I think a lot of people don’t utilize that which is
basically ask for suggestions I mean like you can definitely ask questions on
Instagram but the best way to do it is definitely down to two the first one is
the poll feature so poll feature is easy to say basically just ask a question and let
people choose between A or B and the newer one is emoji slider poll basically it’s
like asking you to rate for something from minimum to maximum so whether how
much you like it or how much you hate it side to side putting both pictures
that is both are your photography for example if we’re talking about
photographers so ask them a question about which edit or which photography
they love the most I mean photography so it gives people the chance to interact
with you and give you an opinion trust me it really worked for me and I do believe
which I assume it will work for you as well a lot of people don’t tend to go to
the feed and scroll down all the way just to check my post but once a story
pops to them which is the main attention they just came and got into the stories
and start interacting with me voting and you know even reply to my story which
surprised me so it’s definitely great to get that
level of engagement on the stories so never neglect any single you
know feature on Instagram like all these features are equally important because
if you get a lot of attention on your stories it will actually help you to
boost your feed and is proven because like people will most likely go to your
feed after checking it they would tap on your profile or they will even
interacted with you in the DM and by the next time you posted something on
your feed it will most likely appear at the top of the algorithmic feed I mean
algorithm because that’s algorithm and that’s how they tailor content for you
the stronger the relationship you know like kind of like milking it that way they
would definitely show more of you to that person so you know trying to be
tricky here but it’s also a good way to kind of know more about your followers
opinions first of all you need to know how to be more interactive secondly
you need to kind of be more relevant to your own community you don’t want to out
of the touch and third you are starting to be more engaging with them by asking
questions so because you built that trust and that’s why you can do it and
now we’re jumping into the last three tips which I also think significantly
important but at the same time that could be also very tricky if you do it
wrong give a shout out to your on posts everyone do it all the time new post new
edit yeah so like you know what like it’s a little bit too much if you do it
every single time if that’s the only time you go to stories to post something
but it’s nothing wrong to promote yourself right so when it’s so
frustrating how you can do it like in a classy way my best way to do is
definitely go to your story as I’m a digital artist so by the way follow me
on my Instagram check out more digital work you posted your photo your product on
the feed already and then you start to go into the story
using the image or using a blank image trying to write something about the new
product you’re designing you’re creating tell them a story
what is the reason what is the logic behind that so tell them and that’s how
you actually create a sequence of yourself and carry you through onto the
final post check my new post to really lure them you know get their attention
freaking attention before they really decided to tap on your profile because
now you can even create a story with your own post basically you can re share
it with the reshare button which is the DM button which is the same thing while I
have a video fully talking about it so can definitely
check it out you can share it directly if people are really interested they
will click on you seriously if you build certain type of emotional relationship
with these people they will support you no matter what you’re posting people so
definitely doing all the pre-work and go to the final work you will see the
significant difference by using Instagram stories in this way discoverability by
using hashtags and location tags but I do have another part which I’m gonna
talk about it after this the first part about discover-ability which I believe
hashtags are important I’ve once posted a video which I filmed in Kuala Lumpur
which is my city it was an architecture that I pan from the bottom to the top it
was a video in 10 seconds so a little do I know that my hashtag architecture and
location Kuala Lumpur helped me to get about 300 something extra views and that
is insane my stories usually get about 50 views maximum so 350 400 nearly
I cannot believe that obviously it doesn’t really help much to be honest because
people don’t really tend to click on your profile just because of one
significant story because the interface design is kind of terrible with video
with the right hashtag that is completely relevant to that video
content itself it will show up in the explore page for that hashtag and as
well as location so Instagram AI is not dumb
they’re really really smart and you most likely would get one follower which is
a little but discover-ability with your on following with your own followers a
lot of people don’t talk about this I don’t even think about me using Instagram
stories is because I want to win over their heart win back their heart like
seriously but that’s so true because Instagram algorithm is kind of messed up
I should agree with most of you so I sometimes it just didn’t show everything
to them so what if they don’t bother to scroll down to the feed and they missed
my post definitely using Instagram stories to win them back so tell them to
go to your post like promote yourself but at the same time given values and to
go back to your feed check you out like the post they actually forgotten or
they never discover this is how you actually winning back them and I think
is so important to use Instagram stories to get
that part of attention stories give you the option to be a little personal
because if you posted something you don’t think it fits your feed so it
will only stay there for 24 hours attention span so the lifespan is that short but
on the feed unless you decided to delete it or archive it everything is on there
forever I also love to doing sketching so I’m using Instagram story art tools to
actually kind of sketch a few things and to actually post it on my Instagram
story and to create a highlights a story highlight on my profile so is part of
my profile integrated with my professional general feed the thing is
that they are actually complementing each other having a personal aspect of
your life getting emotionally connected with people yet you remain professional
for what you’re doing your portfolio is there so nothing is going wrong with
this way and that’s why I think you should use your Instagram stories to
build up a professional portfolio but also to build your brand and personality
right there so people get to know you beyond your work even though we say your
content speaks for it but you speak for yourself you speak for the community
you speak for your followers that is why you need to use Instagram stories so I
hope you get a lot of values in this video and if you like it like this video
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if you have any requests leave a comment down below and I would check you out and I
will see you guys in the next one peace out
I should say goodbye

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