Today I’ll share with you some amazing hair hacks if you’ll follow these hacks your hair will get long, thick and shiny so lets get started wait! wait!!…. what are you doing?? Are you fighting with your hair?? whenever we’re going to detangle our hair we notice so much of hair fall & we feel like that all our hair got in our hands and what if we’ve got baldness??? whenever we’ve got tangles in our hair then what we do?? trying to detangle our hair giving them jerks and due to which our hair got fall from their roots STOP!! doing like this.. and start detangling your hair from the tip if you feel any tangles in your hair then divide your hair in some small sections try to detangle your hair slowly this way your hair get detangle within few minutes and also don’t you suffer from hair fall why this plant is not growing??? friends just tell me one thing how a plant can grow without water and fertilisers??? same occurs with our hair too To make our hair long & strong fast for this we need to consume healthy & protein rich food Protein is like water to our hair now what works as a fertiliser to our hair for growing our hair fast we need to use such a hair oil which contains AMLA & for this you can use Dabur Amla Hair Oil Now you may ask why only Amla??? As Amla contains Antioxidants & Omega-3 fatty acids which help to promote hair growth Take hair oil according to your hair length in a bowl before using it warm it a little as warm oil gets deeply penetrate into your scalp Now partition your hair into small sections now apply this oil with the help of a cotton ball in a tapping motion Also gently massage your scalp with the help of finger tips for about 15 minutes This Dabur Amla hair oil gets absorbed fast into our scalp and reducing our hair fall problem also it strengthen your hair and if your will get strong that means no chances to hair fall whenever we are shampooing our hair we need to properly clean our hair so that now dirt remains in our hair & scalp flip your hair upside down while hair wash slightly massage your scalp so that all the dirt got loosen from your scalp so that it can easily removed If you have frizzy hair rub 9 to 10 drops of this hair oil in your palm and apply it on your wet hair this keeps your hair manageable If you are detangling the dirty hair with a comb and using the same comb to detangling the clean hair so what’s the benefit of cleaning our hair Keep separate comb also regularly clean your combs So these are all hair hacks Let me know in the comment section below which hair hack you’ve liked the most from all these Also subscribe to our channel Anaysa & don’t forget to press that bell icon & be the first to watch our latest video So will see you in my next video till then take care bye-bye

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