Australia is on fire. In five months, more than 6.3 million hectares have burned, more than 1,700 homes have been destroyed, and 23 people have lost their lives. We’ve never seen anything like these fires, and no one’s really sure when they’ll end. But from this disaster have emerged incredible stories of resilience, generosity and community spirit. Here are five of our favourites. The celebrity donations have been staggering. Aussie comedian Celeste Barber, best known for her piss-takes of the rich and famous, has led the charge. Less than a week ago, she started a Facebook donation page to raise funds for the NSW Rural Fire Service. As of right now, she’s raised a whopping $40 million bucks. Elsewhere, spin king Shane Warne has put his baggy green up for auction, which is set to go for at least half a million. But the prize for most creative fundraising effort has gotta go to an LA-based Instagram star named Kaylen Ward. She’s been sending nudes in exchange for $10 donations; thus far she’s racked up half a million dollars. At yesterday’s Golden Globes, Russell Crowe used his speech to highlight the bushfire crisis and its links to climate change. Jennifer Aniston accepted the Best Actor award on his behalf, reading his pre-prepared speech. He is at home, in Australia, protecting his family from the devastating bushfires. Make no mistake, the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change-based. We need to act based on science, move our global workforce to renewable energy, and respect our planet for the unique and amazing place it is, that way, we all have a future. Thank you. ‘Fleabag’ star Phoebe Waller-Bridge wore an Australian-designed suit to the awards, which she’s pledged to auction to raise funds. And the money that is raised from it will go towards relief in Australia. The mass loss of wildlife as a result of the fires has been heartbreaking. Multiple videos have emerged of firies and the public doing anything they can to save injured animals from the blaze. Australia’s #1 bad boy of EDM, Flume, has dipped into his back pocket and donated $100,000 to Wires to help displaced wildlife. And around the world, people have been knitting koala mittens, joey pouches, bat wraps and other items for animals injured, or orphaned, by the fires. It’s really fucken cute. The outpouring of community support has been unprecedented. People have been driving thousands of kilometres to feed exhausted firies, and everyday Australians have been opening their homes to total strangers. People are even offering caravans to people long-term. But some of the best news is that we’re already looking ahead, as a nation, at how we can support those affected. The #goemptywitheskies campaign has been gaining serious traction, and it encourages Aussies to plan road trips to affected areas once the fires have stopped burning. to bring some much-needed business to the communities. Humanitarian Turia Pitt has created @spendwiththem, an Instagram page featuring products from small businesses affected by the fires. And finally, Magda Szubanski and ‘Egg Boy’ Will Connolly have joined forces to raise funds that’ll provide ongoing mental health and trauma support for bushfire victims. Wherever you are, be it in rural, regional or metropolitan Australia, we’re all affected by this climate disaster. If you have a good news story you reckon someone could do with hearing, you can share it below. Or you can get fucked.

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62 thoughts on “5 Good News Stories To Come Out Of The Australian Bushfires”

  1. America is the biggest contributor to climate change. Trump should donate a few of his millions to say sorry then get off his fat backside and do something about it.

  2. most youtubers: "like comment and subscribe"
    Pedestrian Group: "…if you have a good news story, share it below !-or- you can get fucked! "

    lmao <3

  3. You actors sit there with your fancy cars and your private jets and your million dollar homes and you want to stand up at an awards ceremony where you all brown nose each other and lecture us about climate change … HOW DARE YOU

  4. 183 people arrested for starting fires that tore thru towns and wildlife that were prevented from controlled backburning by the fn Greens. But yeah, ok, now that shits hit the fan let's delete all our posts about it and point the finger at the usual voiceless scapegoats.

  5. Funny how all you sheeple buy into the fires being caused by the world hoax known as climate change when in fact nearly 200 people ( 67 of those being minors ) have been arrested and or being investigated for starting the Australian fires. Shame on those that continue to exploit a very sad and tragic situation that was caused by man and Australia's shit government and it's shit green standards.

  6. 90 % of the fires in Australia is man made……in other words…..environmentalist terrorist… advance their agenda and blame global warming.

  7. Jennifer must've been reading cards she sure sounded FAKE…didnt they already catch someone who started that fire from fireworks?

  8. What would be better is sent planes to drop water to put out out of control fires and send more to make places that are in danger to the fire to keep it wet

  9. When will people understand that the fires aren't caused by climate change, it's caused by mismanagement of the bush and too many rules and regulations that make it impossible to fight the fires.

  10. 198 people caught lighting these fires and that is just the ones caught! There are no hidden cameras in the bush… Yeah sure the climate isn't helping but this can't all be put on climate change or it makes me suss on a conspiracy!

  11. Maaan I subbed to this channel thinking this women was a main stay.
    The topics jump around and shes no where to be seen.
    Piss off @Pedestrian Group

  12. All good news. But most of all the money raised will end up in the pockets of bureaucrats the corrupt and "lost" in red tape.

  13. Yes let's put a shitty govt that is probably stealing the funding for the firefighters in place and then blame global warming for all the fires…….. wtf is wrong with people

  14. I love how all these rich celebrities fly around in the their private jet and living a mansion telling average joe to reduce our carbon emissions.

  15. Climate change my ass. Stupid liberals stopped Austria from clearing out under brush, making fire breaks. So made it impossible to fight. Same thing happed in Paradise california….

  16. China is the worst offender. All this shit they’re talking about is USELESS if China is able to EXPAND. Idiots, throw more money at it maybe it’ll go away

  17. Its a island your surrounded by water why don't we have enough plans to come over to dump all the water on it to put it out ?

  18. How about addressing the real problem.
    290 arsonists have been arrested.
    Years of not allowing controlled burning due to fear of global warming.
    The Aboriginal people have been doing controlled burning for centuries. With no worries.
    But you money grabbers dont care.
    So now , urban sprawl is encouraged?
    Why don't you get fucked.
    Pay attention to the outcome.
    They burned a billion animals alive for financial gain.
    Anyone that believes this is because of global warming should get fucked.


  20. The tradgity is not climate change based, in fact it is because of climate change activists that the fires are even this bad.

  21. watch?v=B_tn8f0uaB4 <<<Here's the truth of why it's burned down. Time to wake up from your delusional illusion you are sleeping in.
    So, who's really getting mind-f**cked by listening to the Elites mouthpieces in Hollywood?

  22. Nutters, science says Bush fires spread out of all proportion by stupid green no fire break and no controlled burns policy and caused by arsonists, there's no difference in temperatures. These BS green "environment science" worshipers also said we'd be In an ice age by 2000 and Britain under water by 2020, and world food shortage causing billions to starve should have already happened. Real scientists know climate is sun driven and when the planet was at its greenest C02 was far far higher. Geuss what geniuses, plants are suffocating without C02.
    Yes greens, you caused the deaths of millions and destroyed homes and lively hoods and you're adding to killing off plantlife, feel ashamed? No because virtue signalling trumps truth and taking responsibility.

  23. This fire wasn't due to climate change! People intentionally set the fires! Stop lying or get the facts before you upload!

  24. Just allow the people to put the fires out. I can't believe Jennifer Aniston is acting so stupid. I would expect it from Jolie maybe?

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