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98 thoughts on “4 Tips for More Upper Chest Growth! | RESULTS IN 4 WEEKS!”

  1. Looking back to the last 5 years, Im so glad your channel was the first thing i watched for bodybuilding tips and tutorials.

  2. TTТТhis stuff is absolutelу amaаzing! I usеd this right аfter I graduatееed high sсhоol until the еnd оf my frеshmаn yеar аnd gainеd аbоut 30 pounds оf leаn musclе. I wеnt from 145 at the end of high schоol to 177 bу thе еnd оf my first yeаr in college. This stuff is nothing short of аmаzing. I'd reсommеnd https://twitter.com/1bf4370445a6ab3c6/status/742668391975096320 to anyonе lооking tо bulk uр fairly quick! 4 Tips fоr More Uрper Chеst Growth RESULТS IN 4 WЕЕEЕЕКS

  3. Is the bench press good for a 16 years old, like me? A few days ago I did my chest day and during the workout I felt pain in my chest. I'm a little bit scared, please help me here 😀

  4. so do I have to target the upper chest and lower chest at same day and if yes which is for or seperately (please really need this)

  5. Scott, mate, loving these videos, but every time you say "baah-bell bench press" I keep wanting to follow up with "have you any wool?"

  6. Yeah, unfortunately not every can obtain a massive chest in the upper area, says the guy with a small chest. Why are you even making videos about working out

  7. You say that "to build muscle, you have to fully stretch and fully contract… the muscle" — this doesn't stand up to even the simplest analysis. Does a bench press "fully" stretch the pectorals? No. The position of your arms and the bar hitting your chest prevents it; a dumbbell fly would permit a deeper stretch. But does a bench press build the chest muscles? Of course it does. How about a squat — does it fully stretch the quads? Not at all. Does it build muscle? Better than any other leg exercise, by all accounts. This proves beyond doubt that a full stretch is NOT necessary to build muscle, and points to the fact that range of motion is not even a factor in muscle growth. It is the intensity of contraction that determines how much growth will be stimulated, as per the "all or none" principle; which states that each muscle fiber contracts fully, or not at all, with the number of fibers recruited being directly proportionate to the level of resistance (lifting a spoon to your mouth requires less fibers than lifting a dumbbell, but in both cases the fibers that do activate, activate completely).The idea is to employ resistance sufficiently difficult to activate the maximum number of fibers. This is facilitated by including the fully-contracted position, but range of motion, or isolation vs. compound movements are ultimately not relevant factors in muscle growth.

  8. Thank you Scott. I go to your videos for all new exercises. Excellent instructions really well articulated. And no gym ego which is so refreshing. Keep it up pal! From the United Kingdom

  9. i love how he always stresses that proper form is key. he's right. too many jackasses want to look cool lifting way too much weight instead of actually targeting the muscle group(s) they are trying to work out.

  10. Great advice. Upper chest is a trouble area for me so I appreciate this video. Keep up the good work Scott.

  11. i like your videos Scott but you seriously need to get to the point because i tend to come out of most of your videos before ive seen and heard what i originally came for.

  12. Hi Scott how are you doin. I've been listening to your videos for a long time as I am blind. My problem is that I don't know the name of the exercises but half the time I know what you mean it's just explain what you are doin a little bit more, just a little bit I would really appreciate it. I was listening when you where here in Ireland, love your videos man. Best on youtube, thanks for taking the time to do what you do 👍🏻

  13. How is this chest workout?
    – dumbell bench press
    – (i don't know the name) the exercise where you have a barbell with one end connected to the floor with a hinge point and the other end (with weights attached) you push it up. (this thing is mostly used for a back exercise)
    – pec deck
    – high to low cable fly
    – barbell plate weight bench press as a finisher with a nice squeeze in mid-chest

  14. Don't listen to this guy! Reverse exercise with the bar fucks your elbows.. He needs do a lot to his body.. How fuck he can give advices to people.. Mystery!

  15. I saw one of your vids, where you said. To do 6 sets and 2 to 3 exercises. Now I doing that. And here you tell again to do 4 sets. Getting confused.

  16. Fancy your videos; any video clips featuring back exercise, particularly those for beginners with very weak back?

  17. I do my low to high cable flies with 20 and drop to 17 than 13lbs and I bench 315. I do a lot of good clean reps and it feels like plenty.

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