Hi there, it’s Paul and this is your very
first, for me at least, edition of Bold Profits Daily, and this week I want to
tell you about an incredible opportunity in a sector that people have given up
for dead and because of that they’re missing signs that this incredibly hot
sector is about it take off, and I can tell you from past history now when this
sector takes off, people make big money fast, so this is a really, really exciting
opportunity. So what am I talking about, the sector I’m talking about is
biotechnology. Those of you can think back to 2013 and 14 and 2015 this was an
incredibly hot sector.There were stocks that made people hundreds of percent in
some cases even thousands of percent, and there have been things that have been
going on for the last few months that have been telling me that the insiders
have been nibbling and accumulating biotech stocks, big stocks, small stocks,
pushing things up ever so slowly so most of you won’t notice, and it’s all now
suddenly coming out into the open and you might have heard that just this week
Bristol-Myers has agreed to buy another large biotech company called Celgene for
$74 billion. If you were in Celgene you made 30 percent overnight,
just like that, and I believe that’s a good deal so
people that own Bristol-Myers I believe are going to do well because I believe
Bristol-Myers stock is actually going to benefit from this deal. Another deal that
happened earlier in December was when another large pharmaceutical company
GlaxoSmithKline bought a biotech call to Tesaro for $4 billion in that case Tesaro’s shares rocketed up by 70%
again, rocket fast in a day, and there’s also other small details that are really
important for you to know, which is that even though it’s been this fear or panic
and worry in the stock market biotechs have actually been doing okay
and I measure that by the fact that Wall Street has been able to sell 51 IPOs to
investors while all this panic and gloom has been going on including one mega deal for a company called Moderna where they did it for $600 million in other
words the big money wants to play in biotech. The deal between Bristol-Myers
and Celgene tells you that the deal between GlaxoSmithKline and Tesaro
tells you that, the 51 IPOs tells you that, the deal from Moderna tells you
that, and that means it’s time for you to get in right now into biotech, and the
easiest way to get into biotech is to own an ETF, and you can choose between
any number of biotech ETFs, however I’m going to show you a very unique ETF that
will give you more exposure to the small names like Tesaro that can rocket
up if somebody buys them, that can rocket up if they have a good result in one of
their clinical trials, or if there is an announcement in one of their drugs or
even a company that has similar drug, and the ticker symbol for that ETF is XBI
and this is the Nasdaq biotechnology ETF and the secret sauce that makes this ETF
move more than others is because it has an equal weighted strategy. In other
words, it puts equal weights into all of the companies – that’s different than
other ETFs which base it on the stock market value, in other words the bigger
companies, higher weights, and the smaller companies get really small weights, obviously if you’re equal weighted, if a small company
goes up a lot that ETF is going to jump higher so XBI, which is the Nasdaq
biotechnology ETF. Now this is obviously a shameless plug – nonetheless I want to
tell you that, if you really want the names, the single names, that can really
shoot higher 300 500 700 even 1000% like they did the last bull market, you should
look at the stocks that we have in one of my services Extreme Fortunes. There we pick the tiny small biotechs that can really rocket higher. So that’s my Bold
Profits Daily for you this week – buy into biotech right now using XBI which is the
ticker symbol for the ETF that I would tell you to buy into to get in on the
coming bull market in biotech, and also check out my Extreme Fortunes service
where we have a lot of very, very small, ready-to-go-up-a-lot stocks in the
biotech sector. So I’ll have another Bold Profits Daily for you next week. Until
then, this is Paul saying bye.

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