Please, subscribe to ayurved care channel for more health related information and don’t forget to press bell icon to get notification on every new video welcome Mummies & Daddies, this video is about your 3 months baby’s developmental milestones . please remember that, premature babies might have a developmental delay your 3 months baby, now starts to sleep better at night. he or she may sleep 14 to 16 hours a day mother’s milk is still best food for babies till 6 months of age. in this month your baby can consumes 720 to 1200 ml milk in 24 hours your baby is trying to control his/her hand, he/she tries to grab small toys now baby can open and close fingers 3 month’s baby is very sensitive to touch. you should maintain more skin to skin contact with your baby. it will more comfortable to him/her. baby closely observes near objects. observations build up strong neurological connections in brain week by week your baby’s neck muscles getting strong enough to hold his or her neck more upright than before in this month, baby can smile. if you, your relatives or even strangers gives smile to baby, you will get back smile response from baby this is known as “social smile” by this month, Your baby should turn toward loud noises and following moving objects. baby is now kicking hands and legs intensely your baby gains approx. 30% of weight and increases 20% of height than its birth. During tummy time, your little one will begin to lift their torso up with the arms if you hold baby upright on his/her legs, babies bears weight on their legs. please note that 2.5 month vaccination is compulsory. consult your paediatrition. remember, every child’s mental and physical developmental milestones can vary. some child shows it on time some delayed. please consult your doctor if it is overlate thanks for watching this video, please like,share and subscribe to our channel

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