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100 thoughts on “3 In 4 Economists See A Recession By End Of 2021 | Hardball | MSNBC”

  1. Lol poor fakenews CNN and MSNBC. America and Trump doing fantastic and fakenews CNN and MSNBC hate that. Cheers from Toronto

  2. Omg! He's already trying to set the stage to blame EVERYONE but himself for his failure in the economy. He signed the tax cut for the rich, working people paid $93 billion more in taxes in 2018 and guess who paid $93 billion less? The 1% ultra rich! Working people picked up their share of the tax bill. TRUMP TRADE WARS!!! His own trade war policies have hurt the U.S. AGAINST EVERY EXPERT'S ADVICE!! tRump went ahead and started the trade wars. There is no one to blame but tRump. And when this recession hits, remember who cost you your job and how his uninformed, off the cuff, swing by the seat of your pants, policy decisions put you out on the street. Say thank you to mr. tRump.

  3. It's going to get worse for the meat processing plants that were rated with illegal immigrants, we are Boycotting the meats from this plants until they get charged for hiring illegals in stead of Americans.

  4. Democrat fake news liberal media scam. If. Mr. Trump wins in ' 20 , well Trump caused a recession; if Democrats win , they blame Trump. Nice having it both ways…..

  5. Trump never admits his own faults. I think he knows the problems of US. However, his executions were poor. He has 3rd. class team work for him. Those staffs in his team are "YES" men and women. No one has an idea about what they are doing. There job is to cover Trump's butt and lie for him.

  6. When we get him out he's free to be jailed and his little evangelical chabad minions,if he is reelected goodbye to s.s.i. and health insurance and anything but more money for the rich

  7. Trump inherits a good economy from Obama, like he inherited wealth from his father. He is the only looser in American history to squander his wealth, loose a billion dollars and he will add to his disastrous resume, crashing the economy. If this is winning I hate to see what losing means.

  8. WARREN / 2020 / BOOKER / BE A BELIEVER } I Believe Elizabeth Has A Plan : I believe capitalism needs a serious makeover. It's not merely that it's turned into Corruptism, whereas the bigger problem is with who is in control due to deregulation, and yet still to a finer point; what they have done with it. While the rest of the economy keeps struggling along just to catch up.. and only then to watch the cronies skim the cream off the top again… and again.

  9. Jeez, people are dumb. Trump is right by blaming the federal reserve. They tank the economy with interest rates. Also, even with the stock market going down a bit, let's not forget it's still higher than when Trump first took office.

  10. Off Topic. . . If I may.

    Barney Frank and Bernie Sanders 2020!!! It would be like Stafford and Waldorf, the two old guys in the theater booth on the Muppets. . . I would love that! And the policies would be fantastic and they would not take any lip!


  11. The Recession has already started as Americans can no longer afford to buy what’s being sold
    And why wages are being controlled

    – This is the REAL purpose of closing businesses like Sears etc
    in favor of the Monopolies like the Amazons for the rich and the Walmart’s for the middle low classes.

    Trump told the truth that the rich are loaded up with money(the gold) and guns,
    thanks to his establishment and the trickle down of crumbs and drugs for the slaves.

    But even more important, The NBC News has just admitted, they don’t know what’s happening (here on this Program)

    And that they (the Christopher’s) didn’t know what was coming,
    – Verifying once and for All the TRUTH
    that all News is Faked.

  12. 3 democrats and 1 Republican, recession is better than the 8 years of Obama, high taxes, no profit, regulation out the wazoo!

  13. Wages are stagnant most American workers are struggling to get by well Trump cuts taxes for the richest most of us are one medical problem away from bankruptcy he doesn't care

  14. So this is what Trump was saying about making America great again. All I have seen is all he has done is dived this country and destroy the the economy. Oh I almost forgot about the tax cut for the top 1%.meanwhile all of the other Americans pay 90 billion dollars more. It’s time to get rid of this loser! Dump Trump 2020

  15. tRUMP's PERMANENT tax cut for billionaires and corporations includes tax incentives PAYOLA for U.S. corporations that create jobs OUT OF the U.S. None of his cult know this.

  16. "we" us 1% I gave the biggest tax break ever to,are rolling in money,we will not suffer a recession,so dont worry about The Donald,you taxpaying chumps have my children and me laughing all the way to the bank every month.trust me,you will see.strange that trump has no clue to the fact that working class people know they didnt benefit from any tax breaks.those who blindly follow him are in for a worse shock if he gets re-elected.

  17. Lol 74% economists say…. who gives a … more work = more money. Productivity. The next crash will end the banking cartels.

  18. Resident Orange is such a CHILD. It’s baffling how he never takes responsibility for his actions. He takes credit for what others created and blames others for his failures.

  19. We have never seen a more stupid president.  Obama gave him a fat cow that give a ton of milk and a hen that lays golden eggs.  trump for got to feed them and give them clean water.  Now it looks like the cow's milk is drying up and the Hen will not lay eggs.  The tax cuts  made up all pay more taxes when filing for 2017 and 2018.  Now we must pay more in 2019 and 2020. So a payroll tax cut will only give you about $20  more a paycheck, but you still have to pay over $1,000 more when you file for the year.  Two faced lying trump screws us again

  20. Trump: "I dont see a recession"
    Also Trump: (on same breath even)
    "The world is in a recession"
    GOP, this is your stable genius…

  21. Well we know that the doctors were correct about Crest tooth paste !The Scientist were correct about the coming Ice age and mass starvation and the pundits were correct about Trump having no chance of winning .
    The pres ask some stupid questions and Chris is a rummy with a tingle

  22. Ok, I get it: everything that goes right is because of Trump; everything that goes wrong is because of everyone else. This is win-win for Trump.

  23. Hard ash why do you present visitors to the show as Trump Hating Dems . If you did that it would give you some credibility. Hard -ash.

  24. Trump is taken America into a wall of recession by his actions only,he will blame others for his own actions in the China wall of recession,is he waiting for charges heading towards him,of his time with Epstein and Barr actions in the jail system,with how many have now gone to jail that worked for Trump,

  25. HC is not your president Chris …get use to it …We know you all were humiliated !   DT2O2O ..the economy is fine…Stop trying to scare people for ratings .that's is so desperate ..China has been ripping us off for years ..its time America stood up …Dems do ZERO ….the tax cuts is great for many of us ..more jobs and higher pay checks ..wake up or listen to these comedians !

  26. "The only problem our economy has is the Fed" … so says stable genius trump. Really? How about tariffs imposed willy nilly without fore thought? Or government shut downs over a wall that Mexico won’t pay for? Or a ballooning federal deficit because of tax cuts that aren’t paying for themselves? Or a complete dysfunction and utter chaos in the WH now aggravated even more by the deliberate reckless dismantling of national security? And the nonsensical tweeting about firing the chairman of the Federal Reserve doesn’t help either.

  27. The economic recovery has been going on for ten years at a consistent unrelenting determined pace since the catastrophic Bush recession. Yet in the ninth year of the recovery trump asserts he inherited "a mess" and incredibly claims ownership for the “success” of the whole ten years, including the low unemployment rate. In truth trump's been blithely riding the economic recovery success coattails of his predecessor .. and now in the process of destroying it.

  28. What’s with this really outrageous weird stupid habit of trump’s meeting the press backed by loud helicopter noise? It is obviously deliberate so that reporters have to shout their questions and trump can yell back with his irritating blustering swagger? It’s plainly arrogant uncaring, inconsiderate and plain stupid. This guy is no president … he’s a phony and a coward!

  29. Whatever happens, it'll be someone else's fault. He'll profit from it though as long as he keeps charging the government for his visits to his own golf clubs and MAGA-Lago.

  30. djt – "I don't see a recession the world is in recession" this is so trumpian, taking all sides and trying to cover all bases at the same time, no wonder his supporters hear what they want to hear.

  31. Trump is riding on the economic success of Obama last four years and Trump is getting us in a recession because of the Tariff war with China.

  32. Gold is at 1500 from 1200 a year ago. Trade with China is the worst we've seen in years. International relations are worse than ever. 47.5 a barrel of oil July 2018, 61.5 a barrel in July 2019. What's coming? Its happening now!! The $ is losing traction and pulling back, and has been for the last 6 months at least!

  33. OH REALLY???

  34. FAKE NEWS once again spewing projection, whatifs and conjecture..(we've had Russian Collusion then Conspiracy with millions spent on a futile investigation, now it's Recession)..and all the breathless berating on those associated with the President ie; Kavanagh and the LIES that were spewed once again from the left wing media aka demos on him alone is breathtakingly partisan pointing to an animus that is so bad it beggars belief..that and that alone is what is driving the country apart..Trump is doing what he said he would do and somehow only known to the demos don't like that..how could you wish for a recession as they do just to overturn a sitting president..it's insanity!

  35. But see, trump is much more smarter and has great words,some would say the best words. All the educated people who KNOW what is going on are wrong😂😂😂

  36. The media says that everything Rump says is a lie…. than they take what he says literally.. the media are exactly as bad as Rump… they repeat everything he says no matter how "nutty"…. then discus the lunacy!

  37. We the People blame gop for bankrupting American children by $1 trillion dollars in debt from this Steve Miller administration!

  38. This president put tax cuts in effect for when he comes out of office. The cuts are as everything he does. They are for his own seflish psychopathic purposes….

  39. Obama deserves blame for the coming recession. He gave us only 10 years of steady economic growth after the worst recession in 50 years (thanks to G.W. Bush). He shoulda done better. It's not Trump's fault that Obama left him a mess.

  40. Everything is a conspiracy theory with these right wing nut jobs – anything that makes them look bad or makes them uncomfortable , any fact they don't like is a conspiracy , it's a false flag . They are divorced from reality

  41. These are just hard core left trying to fool you. The unemployment rate is the lowest in 60 years. More Americans working now than ever before. Consumer confidence at all time high. There is no recession coming this is just a new tactic the Democrats are trying.

  42. Hopefully he runs it into the ground by the 2020 election. That way when the Democrats sweep the board they are in position to make grand change to the fundamental construct of our society.

  43. According to Trump's Republican Party, 3 of the 4 economists are fake ones. To get the real news on the state of the US economy, best to listen to the fuckwit who bankrupted The Taj Mahal Casino… and the Trump Castle Casino… and the Trump Plaza Casino… and the Trump Casino Resort… and the Trump Plaza Hotel… and the Trump Entertainment Resort…

  44. He's sold the USA democracy to Putin and weakened the economy. Putin's so happy with the effort he put in back in 2016……it's paying off bigly!

  45. You leftist fools have no idea of the pleasure I get from watching the meltdowns of idiots like you every day. You're a constant source of amusement. Mocking and laughing at leftist whiners like you makes my day. Tell me more about Trump and collusion I need a good laugh.

  46. Democrats are SO SICK IN THE FN HEAD they're praying for a recession so they can win the White House. Sick Mfers.

  47. Americans should all listen and believe a guy who has bankrupted 5 businesses. When one business is shut, just move forward and start another sham business. So easy!😆

  48. The smartest thing Trick Trump could do right now is to admit that there is a very good possibility that we are headed for a recession. The worst thing he could do is to keep denying it. We all know which road he's decided to take and it will only backfire on him!

  49. Is it like Hilter and Stalin getting upset and screaming at their generals when they were loosing and accusing them of everything ?

  50. Kudlow isn’t the brightest to take that seat… take a look at his past economic analysis in the past all wrong!

  51. What’s left in their toolbox? The Nazi’s annexed land forcefully (Greenland, cough) and started exterminating people… Wake the F up people!!!

  52. Ohio lost 5000 jobs
    Oklahoma farmers are committing suicide
    100million people are behind on their mortgages and car notes
    It’s not 🤡trump fault
    America is great????????

  53. 13 bankruptcy but the idiots voted because they think Trump is a good business man laughable he bankrupt a casino he is the biggest loser

  54. Expecting recessions in a capitalist system is like expecting hurricanes in Florida. Yep, there gonna happen. But one can prepare for them and heed the clouds on the horizon.

  55. Question to ASK Trump is: If the Recession Do come in the near future between now and 2021, will you be blaming someone"

  56. His tax cut was only for the top 1%. The rest of us got nothing. Do not people realize that we got nothing nothing nothing. He has sunk our economy. and it affects the world economy all over the place He has no insight what so ever into what he has done to serve himself.

  57. Look at Melania's parents hopping off Airforce 1. He sucessfully made them citizens along with Melania. Re-pubicans had a fit when Obama's mother in law was with them to help with the girls. The hypocrisy is so high!

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