our life moves at a frantic pace the earth also moves around itself and within a planetary system where it interacts with gravitational fields, electromagnetic fields and so on. In 2020 there will be 6 eclipses instead of the usual 4. There will be two solar eclipses on June 21st and December 14th, and 4 lunar eclipses on January 10th, June 5th, July 5th and the last one on November 30th These planetary phenomena, the eclipses, will have a huge impact on each of the representatives of the zodiac in a different way, depending on the house they’re in. The annual forecast for the 12th science follows and will allow you to prepare yourself from certain events opportunities and changes that can take place during 2020 and be able to handle them better and not miss special chances otherwise. This new year is loaded with frantic events will feel more emotions than ever. Select your zodiac sign and horoscope to learn how the key areas of your life will evolve: love life, career and health. In an accurate and reliable way Aries: Success and only success is the ultimate outcome for you this year Success mainly in the business field with a few Scouts of course this year you will be very independence new people and partners are coming dynamically Sudden changes happen, fragile health and erotic stagnation completed the package. It will be a very special year because it will have a profound effect on your living space. Your astrology chart this year favors drastic changes on the one hand and constant surprises on the other, which you will know how to handle properly. This will keep you up to date on everything by gathering the right information. Beware of excess. Love life: love does not seem to matter to you during 2020. If you are in a relationship you will continue along normally but without great passion or much expression of love. You will not feel particularly romantic and will simply be content with maintaining your existing harmony in daily life. As I said your profession will keep you completely absorbed and you will forget about your partner and family for a while If you do not have a relationship you will remain that way because you do not feel you can connect with anyone and starting a new relationship seems not a good idea. If however someone gets your attention that will be an attractive and intelligent person because you do need beautiful words instead of sex. You could have several sporadic relationships with coworkers or work related people. It will not be a year of formal social relationships but you will be interested in people who are related to your business or work because you will make money through them Generally there will be good and quiet times but also sudden confrontations and battles with the reparable consequences are included on the same frame Career: 2020 will be a great year in the professional field rewarding you richly for all the hard efforts and job you’ve done in previous years. The profession will be the most important thing in your life. You will achieve your goals and aspirations while those people who are related to your job, will recognize your worth by offering various benefits and increase your income. Your professional reputation grows so does your self-esteem. If you have a business it will go well and if you’re a Salesman or a trader you will have a great year accordingly. Technology investments are favored. Health: you will remain vulnerable from
a health point of view, due to the low level of energy you have as a result of high occupational demand. If you do not already have enough energy, you will have to draw on emergency supplies to cope. Of course this brings you to a position to face your limits and has a cost as your stocks decrease you will be exposed to all sorts of diseases influenza viruses infections take care of your health and take care of yourself! Early response to symptoms is an ideal way to minimize illness Sport is essential and it balances hyperactivity and nervousness When you are calm and balanced you live under a much better mood and refrain from pointless battles. Take care of the health of your parents or siblings if you have ones. Our tip: don’t work during the weekend and set aside an hour to return home every day devoutly. Learn to work hard but smart this year, without punishing and exhausting yourself. And remember: Humility and tolerance are useful virtues! Taurus: The year 2020 will completely change your life. Your Career and health will reach the level of excellence. Love life is improving. And most importantly: you do travel abroad a lot, getting great personal and spiritual development, doing studies regardless of your age! A new year in which 6 eclipses will occur, 4 of them on a lunar basis, so we’re talking about a year to remember. You will have a new vision of things and life and your attitude is becoming different. Sudden changes take place every now and then, which is unexpected and stressful. But you’ll learn to accept, control and manage this. The changes will be positive. You change the function of your mind, you seems to change friends or expanding your list of close friends. Your visual field has changed, so has your environment. Unfortunately, the great loser here will be your partner. You’re going to change so much that this person will probably be left behind. This person will no longer agree with the new person you become. Love life: Your eroticism is generally getting improved and if you are in a relationship it will be a year of decisions and change. in a relationship it will be a year of
decisions and change this relationship is either going to reach a state of
perfection or will be replaced the singles will have several sporadic
relationships and great success with the opposite sex so that’s something nice
and important too you may emerge our tip when the relationship emerges let it
flow slowly without pressing down and oppressing anything there the weeks and
months go by get to know this person well without compromise the truth is
that you are looking for a very special person with whom sharing the same scale
of values and life philosophy however try not to find yourself into
relationships at the same time because there is a serious chance to do so
during the summer months dating a knowledgeable and well-educated person
who will bring you stability and security and then meet another person to
date who will dominate you with an irresistible sexual attraction take your
time to choose and not to hurt yourself from each other career success is coming
from April on in this very positive year for business matters but it will take a
lot of effort you will be offered an important position or agreement that
this will require full commitment in return if you are looking for a job
check for opportunities in areas such as media and advertising transportation
sector technology and public relations although in reality this is not
necessary because they will probably come knocking at your door
your image and your way of being will make people think very positively of you
trust you and be willing to help you make it so that at the end of the year
you can achieve the one and only surplus you expected in 2021 you will reap the
fruits of your labor with plenty of money in the basket health your health
too will be excellent during 2020 you will have a lot of energy and will
feel strong if you had a health issue last year it would disappear completely
you will want to change your look and appearance so you are likely to start a
healthy diet and add and workout routine your weak spot is the neck the thyroid
gland and your throat take care of them as best you can the two solar eclipses
will affect the family especially your parents what concerns you is the health
of your parents and their relationship Gemini the most important fields for you
during the new year will be your career sex personal transformation traveling
abroad social life and friends a very special but difficult year worth
experiencing it because of the great progress you will make you will break
the glass with many things and people in your life and in this bleeding condition
you will become the person you have always dreamt of being you may be
shocked by an unpleasant experience of someone very close to you that will make
you react and give another meaning to your life however your libido will be
higher to the heavens and he will Express sexy
in a different way changes take place in your value scale this year you will not
have as much communication power or the tendency to stir up the others you will
be more selective with your friends and prefer dinners in cozy places rather
than clubbing to achieve the financial security that you have been wanting for
so long you will need to renew and refresh relationships life plans
professional projects after September you may inherit a property or deal with
managing it and what makes you happier is witnessing an increase in your income
the changes you make in your life enjoying new good friends of yours and
traveling abroad love life if you are married or living together with a
partner everything will continue as before there are no changes or breakups
but be careful as you may face many crises you will try to refresh your
relationship but what you really need to do is turn on the passion again if you
are single then you will go out and meet people of the opposite sex but in a
different way than before quieter and in a relaxed way you will be more selective
and Kharma caution you may go out with someone you care about and eventually
nothing at all happens or getting to know people only for sex which is also
not a solution career your profession will be the most important priority for
you in 2020 you have been working for many years to reap the rewards of such a
long effort and this year you will finally get what you deserve you will
feel happy that you have reached your goal you will be very ambitious about
your goals and how to achieve them and you will develop a very well-equipped
plan you feel that the time has come to consolidate and develop your skills
through a new job you have long dreamed of
it because the time has come and you will have professional success your
relationship with money will be complex and changing you’ll make more money this
year so that your purchasing power can increase significantly but there will be
more turbulent times especially around lunar eclipses health health will be
better than last year you will feel better and better each month you will be
trying detoxing diets from time to time to cleanse and strengthen your body
while exercising regularly you may have to go through the operating room but it
will be unimportant your partner accompany you on this detox and healthy
eating plan together you will do sports activities and feel refreshed cancer a
lot of work for you in 2020 and a change of strategy sex and personal
transformation Paul health-code prosperous financial sector and only a
few old friends around you will have a very interesting year quite stressful
but very good with positive changes it will be a year of reflection as the six
eclipses occur for lunar and 2 solar the moon is the governing planet of cancer
so it will affect you a lot this year you have to make gold the pill you
should give to everyone so you can get what you want you will not be able to do
it directly you have to ask for it until you accomplish it work will exhaust you
and your health will not be very good it’s time to take care of yourself more
than you wanted to in 2020 your friendship with some of your closest
people will cease changing your business strategy will take a lot of time and
energy despite the complexity of the year you will do well because finances
and success with the opposite sex will make you smile
something that will reward you love-life the most important thing this
year is love and sex together with social life and work you will be worried
you feel that something is wrong in your relationship and you have to do
something to react this situation will lead you to do extreme things like
wanting to arouse passion and jealousy by flirting with others creating teams
and distrust fool then creating intimate and romantic moments to revitalize the
atmosphere and make it up you will be in this situation all year long if you are
single you will feel the need to have a stable companion with whom you will
share strong and deep feelings but as this person arrives you will receive all
sorts of dates as long as you give yourself the opportunity to meet the
love of your life this can led to several sporadic
relationships throughout the year starting in May you could fall in love
with someone in revocable and start a very good romantic story with passionate
prospects this is someone who has a moderate age difference and a deep
character you will feel protected and happy you will generally accept all
sorts of invitations to socialize it’s going to be a year where you have to
work harder than others to win people over and get things you can’t achieve on
your own you need others and you know it so you will be devoted to them body and
soul career you’re a professionally strong person but from May you’ll change
your strategy and became more competitive tougher and as powerful as
possible you have to focus on making social openings winning followers
getting in favor convincing others vidual plans are the best in the world
and you will succeed you reach all your career goals and your
career will be prosperous stay tuned and you’ll end the year with full bank
accounts health health won’t be in fine balance unless you pay close attention
to it remember that as we said you would work
hard and you could overload yourself you need to find time to disconnect and rest
you should try to sleep long enough to fully charge your batteries you need a
lot of energy in the first three months of the year will be crucial the weak
point of cancer is the stomach so a healthy diet will be paramount

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