the 2019 recession is it real tell me
yes it’s real I actually think it started before 2019 did recessions a lot
of times we’ll start months and months quarters before the general well the
government ever says we’re in the recession but the girls been reading a
bunch of articles on recessions and how it’s affecting adversely different
trucking companies so why have an article here from CBO logic does not say
we’re in a recession I say it however we’re truckers how many trucking
companies have closed this year at CDI wife second trucking company and now to
shut down in 24 hours and this was published August the 28th of 2019
Georgia based trucking company has announced they’re closing down
permanently the news comes within hours of another major trucking company
closure and I’ll paraphrase you don’t want to hear me read the whole thing
Elinor would Georgia based trucking company ready trucking it’s going to
close on August 30th permanently it was confirmed by the company’s Google
listing and by an employee they have 91 drivers 103 power units companies
started in 1968 it’s a second generation family-run business and the news of
ready trucking shut down came the same day that reports beginning surface of
the closure of Denver based company hvh transportation we know that company they
left over 300 drivers out of work so far 2019 has seen multiple trucking
companies both large and small closed including Falcon transports LME and in
e-m-f there’s actually been a lot more because I think Schneider furniture
final mile final whatever that is they do furniture moving like ended little
stores like but there’s been other ones do this the list will continue to grow
week over week month over month as we’re going to see recession and its
part of the business it will make some people break some people and totally put
people in positions that they never knew they were gonna be in a year ago but
change is good okay I started predicting this recession but
I’m not sixteen months ago today is September the 2nd 2019 and it was around
April of 2018 when I started predicting it it wasn’t a matter of I have smarts
or anything like that it was just a matter of market trends and watching
trends and knowing how history works most of the people in our niche was not
owner-operators during the last recession a few was not very many so as
of today there are technically nine countries that are on the verge of
recession Germany UK Italy Mexico Brazil Argentina Singapore South Korea Russia
and Japan has been in a recession for over 20 years
the Japan’s been in recession for twenty years because they did exactly what
America did in 2008 which is artificially prop up everything now
artificially propping up the stock market will come into play in several
ways because you’re gonna see that as the government plays with interest rates
and stuff that like right now this this week they they drop the interest rate by
0.25 percent which is not a good thing because it’s artificial inflation
they’re inflating everything okay but what I did is right here I’m going to
Italy actually declared a recession several weeks ago so right here I will
insert a picture of the debt board okay this
is the dat board in the last year you go see that spot loads are down 24 26 %
spot two truckloads they’re up 12% but van’t loads two trucks is down 25%
that’s quite a bit now you’re gonna look over flatbeds at 49% down this is normal
in a recession flatbed loads just totally crash because building goes down
now you’re gonna I will show our quarry I will show a correlation between the
dat board and these other statistics as I go reefer loads are down 30% now yes
everyone’s going to eat so these are these loads are still going to you know
you’re still going to be able to make money but this is year-to-date this is
from 2018 September 2018 to today September 2019 that they’re down now if
you look at this insert you will see that the GDP is between 2000 and 2009
teen where we’re at in 2019 the GDP is slightly above where the government
would like to see it now remember we can’t trust anything the government has
to say right but in the next graph you’re going to see the growth of real
GDP it slows to 2.1 percent in the last year now if you look at the graph at
2008 9 era you’ll see where it tanked okay it tanked it tanks in Oh August or
something like that started tanking then it revived itself for for around and
then it really tamed ok now you’re going to see a correlation in 2011
and another one in 2015 those were those were slight drops for 1/4 now in 2018 it
still looks pretty steady its overall down but it still looks steady the next
graph is manufacturing activity and and the way it looks okay you’ll see in the
graph UK industrial production is in blue and manufacturing index is in red it is it
is overall a down market okay let’s skip one through two consumption continues to
pool the economy alright no this girl this graph right here shows disposable
income and consumables another one that is down correlate it with 2008 and you
see where it rises it never rises back to the same level that it was at before alright
consumer confidence is actually up now that’s a plus but when when we’re
talking about consumer confidence we’re talking about the unknowing as people
start realizing what’s happening they start pulling back their spending which
perpetuates a cycle of failure this is natural it happens every seven to eight
years now overall spending is very sluggish equipment invest investment and
capacity utilization is way down that means purchases of new trucks
purchases of Caterpillar purchases of all of this these high dollar items if
you look back a year and a half ago you’ll see that GE sales tanked I mean
they just tanked and that is indicative of a recession to
come anytime that happens ok the housing stats really show a story if you look at
overall housing building is down demand is down multifamily units is way up on
this graph and that shows that people are afraid to buy houses right now
so there are being multifamily units built that people are moving into and
renting that’s you know very if it’s a very important indicator actually home
sales if you look at this graph is another indicator they’re very
lackluster for single-family homes I mean way down what from 2006 they’re
like 50% down that’s a that’s a huge deal ok here is a graph of net exports
now look at this graph closely and you’ll see that in 2009 they sunk okay
but then they started up an up and down regiment up and down up and down up and
down and then but the last three years net exports are a negative down not an
up now tariffs wasn’t enacted at that point in time so that’s not part of it
now oil prices is a whole different thing okay I am a hip I have I invest
heavily in oil yeah I will continue to invest heavily in oil but if we look at
the graph on oil or oil prices do one of two things but it the calculations for
oil is there’s a lot of different factors that come into play generally
the government will manipulate the price of oil
Deary going into a recession to keep prices low because they want us to keep
traveling right so they try to keep prices low at some point during that
recession don’t escalate and they usually escalate quite highly now in our
niche that’s that’s no big deal because we will take that that that extra feel
sergeant and make money with it right but you can’t use that as a real
economic indicator so these are the current statistics on September the 2nd
2019 for what’s going on with the economy now in these times of recession
you will see a lot of companies buying each other out and merging here is a
company that has taken recessions to the next level and has seriously done a lot
of good for themselves so according to globe news wire
Heartland Express has acquired Millis transfer incorporated and related
companies they actually purchased them with cash
they always all of their days with cash so they are already solvent even after
buying them every purchase they’ve made in the last eight years has been in cash
actually just very smart it is we should be impressed if you’re not you should be
I always look at that when working for a company if you’re looking to work for a
company is who’s doing cash business they purchased away they got 11 terminal
locations five MTI drivers school locations Melisande related injured entities
generate approximately 152 million dollars in total revenue and the
operations were still profitable the value of the transaction was
approximately 150 million dollars including the payoff of all assumed debt
after the trans action the transaction was all cash
except for approximately 750,000 in Heartland stock the purchase agreement
contains customary terms and conditions including working capital and other
purchase price adjustments the transaction is expected to be a creative
two heart funds earnings in the first full quarter of operations see it’s not
all bad news for somebody they bought them it’s still profitable company at
the time and part one’s profitable and in the red now then you two can work
your business this way this is the kind of time when you start acquiring other
things right or going broke on your way yeah it really depends on how you’ve got
everything set up you can acquire things that it’s just like if you’re at home
and you’re not driving the truck I’ve told you a million times
you can tell around here when a recessions hit and their times are
getting hard because there’s a boat for sale a four-wheeler for sale that SUV or
second or third card for say everybody’s holiday yes the heartily sorry out in
full force for sale it’s the same in business comin at you later with more
dropping nose

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23 thoughts on “2019 RECESSION”

  1. Good Morning U 2😊
    I read about another company last week with almost 400 units shut down with their drivers and rigs stuck all over the country. Don't remember the name but it was just three initials.
    Stay Safe👍👍

  2. A recession is Only created by WE the people… NOT the fucking government. Although they can push one by saying a recession is coming or here. But again, it is ultimately up to US, the people. But most people are dumb and can't figure this out.

  3. Is there really a resession of are the world goverment are actually playing bull crap with the money systems of earth? Either way some people are loosing their jobs

  4. Hey guys. I’m not sure that a few trucking companies going under is a sign of a recession. Im sure hundreds or thousands go under each year. Im not sure where you would find out how many trucks are active. And what their actual revenue is per truck per mile. Housing is like a slinky it’s not going to react over night to good or bad. But sadly it takes much longer to improve because many people who lost their homes lost everything and that takes time to get back. On crude oil prices. One of the main reasons why it’s at a low is because we are energy independent for the first time in decades. Fracking has kept energy affordable. Unlike the EU that is reliant on the middle east. Causing twice the price per gallon at the pump. I’m personally up around 20% ytd. I realize that could be anomalous.

  5. A recession is 6 months of declining GDP. That is gauged by the economy as a whole (GDP). Just because the profitability of one industry contracts – that does not mean the economy is in recession.

    Sure many trucking companies have closed their doors. But that does not mean we are in a recession. The profitability of trucking is very difficult with all of the currently regulatory actions affecting the trucking industry. That is why some companies are having to fold. It will continue until rates rise or refutations ease (the latter will not happen). Trucking is like airlines. Too many in the business which keeps rates down. Until the industry resets with many more companies shuttering – rates will not necessarily rise. It’s supply and demand.

  6. I've been watching the make sense channel and he has a video up recently that the rates are doing very well! I'm not going to put myself in a downer situation because people say that we're having a recession.

  7. You don't understand it's the holding companies and phone these large trucking companies a bond amount in Salem I'll go out of business you have just lost a subscriber you are absolutely dead f**** wrong

  8. Fake News along with climate change! Stay Safe! I believe Trump wants the American companies to move their production out of 🇨🇳China. We are in a transition phase.

  9. The spot market follows the same trends as the stock market. Testing highs and lows. When it breaks a low it will set a new lower high. The spot market has broken and set a new low. And it will continue like this. The spot market is heading down in to a depressed low. Not to mention the 2020 election year is around the corner. I agree with you completely. I hope and pray it doesn’t go to crap 💩. This is a great video.

  10. Hmm 🤔 The fed chairman just said the other day that we are not heading towards a recession nor are we in a recession.
    Record employment levels. Stock market is at an all time high. GDP is strong. Production is up. New Walmarts popping up everywhere. Amazon is booming. I just don’t see a recession. But I am not an expert so we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime we just keep on keepin on. Watch our pennies as always and make smart decisions.

  11. Recession or poor business decisions there is a difference. Of course there is also the truck accident that takes innocent lives lawsuits will put trucking companies out of business.

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