Many of you are waking up right now to a sub $20 silver price with another huge paper smash in the early hours of the day. This follows the Fed speech and is a typical hit-and-run for these banksters especially during the seasonal summer doldrums of silver. They want no alternative for the almighty dollar and will use every trick in the book to break this resistance. That being said, here are 11 things to keep in mind about silver right now. Number one, this is all paper manipulation. There is no massive physical dump of metal on to the markets. In fact it is quite the opposite, as I will point out in this video. This is purely a high frequency trading in very illiquid markets to cause a waterfall price effect in the paper market. Does a $52 dump in the trillion dollar gold market make any sense when almost half of the gold in the Comex is gone just over the past few weeks? It does if those that are taking delivery, knowing that massive change is coming, want you to dump your metal cheap too. Short the paper, take the physical. “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” We live in a world where electrons control so many people’s perceived reality, whether it is the boob tube or the flashing ticker of the markets. Those in power know, like the Wizard of Oz, that if they pull a few levers, they can strike great and powerful fear into the masses. This is necessary to fool those individuals into sacrificing themselves to that power. The weak hands sell to the strong hands. The story is never who is selling, it is always who is buying. Number two, US Mint Silver Eagles sales are still at a record pace to reach 50 million ounces this year. So far this year, they have sold 24.2 million ounces of silver with a week left in the month. And with this latest smash in silver price, I am sure this pace will go even higher. This will probably lead to the U.S. Mint shutting out sales again in premiums for those that have silver, to go higher. To put this 24.2 million ounces of silver sold in the first six months of this year, last year alone, the U.S. Mint only sold 33 million ounces the entire year. And the biggest year they ever had was 40 million ounces in 2011. Number three, but the Eagles are not necessarily being sold to Americans. As I prepare for the relaunch of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series with my new Warbird and Love designs, I have had the pleasure of speaking to many of the real market makers out there and I can tell you that a huge part of the demand for this record pace in Silver Eagles sales is coming from overseas. Silver sales are good here, but nowhere near the feverish pace that we had in 2011. There is a huge surge from foreign buyers of silver and that is accounting for much of this demand. The historic silver bull market of the 70′s in silver was only created by Americans and western Europeans. This time around, the world is going to join in, and in a big way. There are literally trillions of dollars floating around the world and these nations know that it is not a fair economic system to be tied to the petrodollar. That is why nations like China, Russia, Japan, Australia and many more are dumping the dollar in bilateral trade and they no longer need to hold these reserves. The world is going to see that the only currencies that have no counter-party risk are precious metals and they will be taking delivery. Number four, 16% of domestic silver production was destroyed with the Kennecott mine collapse in April. The U.S. produces about 40 million ounces a year and an estimated 5 million of that came from the Kennecott Mine in Utah and that is now buried under 165 million tons of rock. So since the U.S. Mint must only use domestic mine production for the silver Eagle program, we will use every ounce that the entire country produces just for these coins. Forget about the thousands of uses of industrial silver, or the privately minted coins, there is a now huge gash in the American silver productive capacity with the Kennecott mine collapse. Number five, these lower paper prices are not going to bring on more production. The true cost of mining silver is actually much higher when you use real cash costs. Miners are not going to produce, only to sell at a loss. They will simply either not produce, hold for higher prices or go out of business, which again might be part of the plan. If you are logical, this may be part of the plan to buy these assets on the cheap before the collapse of the dollar. Number six, we have been here before. I sat through the grueling 2008 silver collapse. I listened to all the silver naysayers bash silver back then. They are once again fluffing their feathers. They say that silver was done and that you should sell. I always ask them what to do with your money then? Very little come back with any answers that make any sense. You cannot be safe even in cash with these highly leveraged banks and counter-party risk of the dollar collapse. You cannot be safe in the stock market with it at record levels and flash crashes. Even in Real Estate with these ridiculously low interest 30-year interest rates, that would destroy any equity that people have when either the economy and/or interest rates spike. We will never know the day the music stops and those that trade in and out of the market risk being caught on the wrong side of history. I stack because I have read the end of this drama and those with real friends, real assets and real skills will thrive. The silver bashers never offer any logical arguments on where they would put their money, which leads me to believe that the majority of them are just paid shills. And the ones that actually predicted the criminal manipulation of these markets to these levels are probably even more guilty of being closer to the heart of the debt and death paradigm than they would like to admit. I believe that many of these guys are simply trying to gain credibility with their insider knowledge, only to be the Pied Pipers leading those followers astray at the most critical moment. That is why I say, listen to all, follow none. The biggest money historically, has not been chasing trends, but seeing where the world is going and buying right and sit tight. It is not sexy, but it works. In 2008, I was determined not to be emotionally pushed around and used the logic I presented in the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield video series to hold firm and actually buy more. Thank God I did, because I watched silver rise almost 500% from 2008 to 2011. Number seven, Silver is still way below the nominal record price of $50 that it set in 1980. It is even further below than the government inflation adjusted level of $135. And if you use real inflation adjusted numbers, like that of Shadowstats, the real 1980 inflation adjusted price of silver would have to get to $450. Silver is a precious and depleting resource and when you look at the price of housing, cars, education, food, energy, taxes, and insurance back in the 1980′s, it is insane to think that silver is so cheap on any level. Especially when the uses of silver have skyrocketed since 1980 and the whole world economy has opened up since then. It is now used in technology on a massive scale and is now even being said to cure cancer. Heck, they did not even have Silver Eagle program back then, or the Silver Bullet Silver Shield for that matter. Number eight, this time it is going to be much larger. None of the problems from the 2008 banking crisis have been solved. In fact its magnitude is worse. What started out as an institutional problem, is now a sovereign nation problem. This collapse will not be a puny multibillion dollar corporation like AIG. It will be the trillion dollar economies of the nations of the world and the quadrillion dollar derivative market that dwarfs them all. There is not any financial, political or social safety net left. We destroyed all of that in 2008 and we are on a debt-based junkie delusion right now. The collapse of the currencies will affect every counter-party, debt-based asset in the world. Your cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, pensions, insurance, all of it. The collapse of the financial markets will lead to the collapse of all political and social contracts. The anger phase of humanity is coming and only real assets with no counter-party risk will be worth anything. As you know, most commodities have storage or degradation issues leaving only precious metals as a real store of wealth. Number nine, 1:65 gold to silver ratio makes silver the only choice. The current gold to silver ratio is 1 ounce of gold is worth 65 ounces of silver. It only comes out of the ground at a 1:9 ratio. That means in order to get back to the natural mining ratio -or reality, silver would have to outperform gold by 500%. This is regardless of what happens to the dollar value of gold. Gold could feasibly go to $13,000 an ounce, and silver at a 1:9 gold to silver ratio, that would make silver at $1,444 silver. Number ten, the historical stockpiles of silver are destroyed. We know implicitly that gold has been treasured and kept secure. While silver has been used and abused as a cheap, industrial metal like tin. Since the price of silver has been under attack since the Crime of 1873, silver has been used in such small quantities that it has literally been destroyed. The U.S. government in 1950 had 5 billion ounces of silver in its strategic stockpile. Now it has zero. So if gold and silver come out of the ground at a 1:9 gold to silver ratio, and gold has been treasured and silver stockpiles have been destroyed, logic would dictate that the end of this silver bull market we will find the gold to silver ratio below 1:9. And I think it will come very close to a 1:1 gold to silver ratio. Either way, we are a very long way away from those levels which makes silver so exciting right now. It is the destruction of these huge stockpiles that explains the decade long supply deficit to the growing silver demand. Do not forget that we are only 7 years away from the United States Geological Survey’s prediction that if we continue to consume silver at these rates silver would be the first metal to become extinct by 2020. When I challenged the USGS on that statement, they said that only a massive revaluation of silver to bring on more production and wiser use of silver would stop that extinction. I don’t think we will ever run out of silver, but I do believe that the free market will crush this paper manipulation and that anyone holding physical silver on that day will be holding a lottery ticket of real value. And finally number eleven, forget the dollar price of silver. I think measuring silver in dollar terms is the wrong way to value silver, especially if we are talking about the end of the dollar. The thing I love about stacking silver is that regardless of the price, I know the amazing value and uses of this unique metal. Besides the gold to silver ratio, I think one of the most compelling reasons to buy silver is the historical value between silver and human labor. Throughout all of history, one day of hard human labor has been measured in a tenth of an ounce of silver. This is seen in the Bible with vineyard workers and Roman soldiers being paid a denarius for every day they worked. It is seen in Sun Tzu’s Art of War. It is seen in the Industrial Age’s worker pay. It is seen in even 2/3 of the world today that lives off of $2 a day. When the generational debt-based Ponzi scheme collapses, many would be lucky to get a silver dime a day for their labor, because so few of us actually do anything that produces real value. The debt-based consumer economy has warped our reality so much that hardly anyone produces any material value other than shuffling papers and wasting time. For the cost of the cup of coffee you are probably sipping on right now you can buy a silver dime and have one day’s buffer of real money from a very harsh reality. You can think of it as fat tail insurance, but I see it as the investment of a life time. Subtitles by the community

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100 thoughts on “11 Silver Things You Need To Know About Silver Right NOW”

  1. Cite your sources. You're just some guy on the internet saying something with nothing to back it up beyond just trust me I know stuff. Also they need to be reliable legitimate non bias sources.

  2. real money? fake money? money is just a contract – An agreement within a society for a universal medium of exchange. That medium can be anything. But the medium itself is inert, what gives it power is the agreement element. And the determining aspect of agreement in society today is directed force. The government is force and can make the currency anything they want it to be and use the power of the gun to back it up. And the people will obey that in the vast majority.

  3. I'm sorry for your pain… holding all that silver I'm sure bought at prices between $30-40….
    Good luck in convincing others to buy in and make your investment whole again.

  4. well what are Your sources? PLus everything he tells us in this video is biased opinion in a way with logical explanations. We don't have to follow it, but it gives us something good to really think about

  5. Are you asking me for my sources? He has a biased opinion on facts that we don't know that are true or not and then he rationalizes them out. That's like stating some amazing scientific theory then rationalizing the reason why it's true with no actual facts to prove it. We need proof. Anyone could make a video saying the opposite and just coming up with whatever reasons for it. If he said in the beginning this is my opinion then it wouldn't matter but he presents this video as fact.

  6. It would be valuable if there were facts to go with it. Right now it's just some guy on the internet saying anything with no sources.

  7. I trust trading all assets including silver… the best trade in silver lately has to been to be short… now starting to look like a good long opportunity… I would never make the mistake that any asset is ALWAYS the best asset

  8. You are all overlooking one obvious fact. How are you going to buy anything if the dollar collapses? Barter…..what a difficult pain in the ass that would be. Think about it!So we will have to decide on another means to buy what we want. Paper money is over so gold and silver are the only real money left. Now somebody tell me I'm wrong!!!!

  9. The Ultimate Exit Strategy at the end of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield video plans for that opportunity.

  10. So short sighted, Joe. When the dollar falls you will be able to put zeros behind the cost you mentioned… The real question is when will that happen?

  11. What opportunity? The opportunity to present a new form of currency, or just what did you mean by that?

  12. barter is no more difficult than paying in cash: whatever goods are of the most value for transport yet still value to consume become cash. Not all of us are addicted to the trust required for electron transfer of "money" (video game credits) hoping they get us real food.

  13. not whatsoever debunked. John Williams methodology is solid & he uses the SAME data used by the government – they just edit out equations from the past to present fraud as "normal". Like removing food & energy from inflation. That's fraud. That's the most important metric of inflation next to money supply itself.
    Current silver prices are far too low because energy cost & wage cost for mines is so high the production price is LOWER than the spot price. That energy isn't getting cheaper.

  14. bonds are the bubble. The only tangibles also in a bubble are apple products like iPads and iPhones. They are over-costly and over-produced and low in durability. Software & appstore quality is not even 10% as good as opensource Android stuff.

  15. Good for you, take that $40,000 and buy silver and gold. In a couple of year or so you'll be able to sell those metals for double the price you bought them for…..

  16. People are idiots buy all the gold and silver you want. But when the average joe can't afford gold and silver the price will drop.

  17. Total cop out.
    I have pizza delivery guys buying silver dimes for $2 after work.
    In two years he now has real savings and wealth for the first time in his life.
    Put down the coffee, cigarettes, pizza, chips, lotto tickets and stack real wealth.

  18. WOW!!! Is this the same USGERORGEPATTON? Now you are making sense! Glad you are following me around YouTube…hope you learn something valuable!

  19. Yeah? Type "Gold for bread in Zimbabwe" on YouTube….the same shit may come to America soon. Only those with more then two brain cells will profit from buying metals NOW…those who wait and depend on the "government" will meet the same fate as those in the video! Go ahead and keep saving those worthless fiat dollar bills….my money is on Gold and Silver! One day, idiots like you will work for ME!

  20. I don't understand, but i'm young so don't falt me. If you have gold and the economy goes to shit and the dollar is worth nothing. What can you do with gold??

  21. Did you NOT see the video I told you to view? Can you say Barter? Trade for goods and services? Pay people to work for you? When the current currency collapses, people are still going to need something of value to purchase goods and services. Fiat wont do, silver and gold will replace that worthless fiat!

  22. Well i don't believe the USD will collapse, I'm sure the government would back it with gold befor something that bad would happen. You're living in the world gold and silver companies have painted for you. In reality many American's don't have gold and when the money in their pocket is worth nothing. People will be stealing for their goods, not trying to earn gold.

  23. What makes you so sure the USD wont collapse? Why do you thing Nixon took the USD off the gold standard? Why put it back on the gold standard when there isnt enough gold in the universe to back all the Trillions of green backs already printed? Its true, Many Americans DO NOT have gold or silver..those are the ones who will do poorly. If you dont agree with videos like this, then that is a choise you are making! DO NOT cry when shit does happen and you knew about it and did nothing to prepare!

  24. The collapse of the USD can be provided by throwing gold behind it, you know what that means? Back the money with gold that we have. If we don't have enough gold to back the money. Then we don't have enough gold to use as a currency when the shit hits the fan. People like you will just be sitting ducks. But the gold companies are making a killing off people like you. Buying gold in fear of economic collapse. I'm not saying the economy won't fall out but gold isn't the life saver.

  25. George Patton are you a believing man? oh no you might say..its another one of those Jesus people, well..I am:). U think the dollar is going to make it???? It can't make it and won't, Satan just used us like T.P. he will chuck the dollar when its time, Much Christian love to all, I'm not saying silver is a total shield, keep your interests diversified, also buy food, water filtration, medical supplies, etc…I will say a prayer for you, that God will open your mind so you can have truefreedom

  26. The US DOES NOT have enough gold to back up its currency! Not even close. If that were the case an oz of gold would have to reach 50 thousand dollars or more. Banksters are suppressing the value of gold and silver in order to prop up the USD. But only fools fall for this kindergarten trick. If purchasing Gold and silver makes me the "sitting duck" (as you call it)…that is fine by me! I dont want you to buy silver and gold anyway…MORE FOR ME!! Good luck during the inevitable crash of the USD!

  27. Well why not 13 ways or wait a minute how about 23 ways nope not that number how about 33 nope how about 77 nope how about 88 lmao stupid numerology numbers these bastards like to play with 11 13 23 pick a new number you fucko

  28. Well said. I hope to see silver close the gap to below 10 to 1 ratios. However, 1 to 1 i don't see that happening just yet. If we see $1400 an ounce, i think its justified only because of how often its used and how rare it really is.

  29. Very well done.
    Thank you for this.

    Unfortunately, much like God's word, most people will refuse to hear it, and they will be found destitute and wanting in that day.

  30. depends on where and when you sell it. right now, if you sell here, sell for us dollar. if you sell after fall, sell for whatever it is then whatever it may be. who knows what it will be after fall.

  31. Thanks for the video. So even if the next U.S commodity is not silver or gold do you think the prices of silver will be much more expensive within 10 years? What about Platinum?

  32. The U.S. dollar would have collapsed already if it was not being used to back up oil Globally. In your opinion, what is it going to take to tank the currency?
    Other than a few other Nations backing out of it..

  33. Just about anywhere you can imagine. In fact there is so much silver available you can buy as much as you could want from literally thousands of on line dealers and or ebay. You need about a 2 car garage and about 45 years to actually make any significant money on physical silver.

  34. Great place to start buying silver, especially if you don't know anything about it and just want to be sure its real. the american precious metals exchange has a website, apmex has decent prices and a huge selection. You can even resell for profit through them or places like ebay.

  35. I agree, and whats more you are right, our society has 10 leaches for every worker..they produce = 0 maybe this has helped in our demise?

  36. even though spot is under $20, the real street price is $25 depending on what type of silver coins u r buying. great video! i hope we get $10 silver again. i like the point made at the end of the video about traditional daily wage in silver.

  37. Keep it quiet. Stack quietly. All this noise is just going to wake up more people. More buyers equals higher prices. I don't care what happens to the rest of you I don't care what your speculation is, I'm Way ahead of all of you. Either stack or join the labor camps to get your food. Also having a little bit of survival knowledge is important. Most of you soft and Democrats are going to be eating trees. You don't know how to hunt you don't know how to survive and Darwin can tell you what will happen to you.

  38. Unfortunately, many fools have run to Bitcoin in an attempt to make gain in the ponzi scheme of the century. A fool and his money are soon departed. Bitcoin crashed 50% this last week. More to come. God's money is gold and silver and that is the only thing that will last………….until the mark of the beast which Bitcoin is a prelude.

  39. Notice how there are more dislikes now that silver has entered a corrective phase?

    Sure we could see $15 silver but I'd shit bricks if we got below there.

    I'm stacking hard at $19/$20, and saving a little powder for $13-$15 incase they really want to make it super obvious to even the average joe, that these markets are indeed controlled by a 100:1 naked short.

    Believe it or not I saw the sell off coming in January 2013. I shorted the paper markets to hedge. I have taken off the hedge and now continuing to stack.

    The COMEX physical inventories are already worth less than 2 billion USD.. its just a joke. Any billionaire could sneeze on the COMEX and own all its silver.

  40. We wont be here in ten years………….. I won't say his name …  OH  yes I can DICKTATER  He is making so much paper, Germany  China and 3 more countries are devaluing the dollar,  5 more months they won't even take our money it will be worth toilet paper,, Invest in silver , Goldline gave me no PRESSURE.  88 cents too go not bad in a month

  41. Ratio argument is RIDICULOUS. The economic equation is supply AND DEMAND. When you look at those ratios you are only looking at the supply and you forget about the demand. And all the arguments about the industrial usage of silver are ridiculous as well, do you know the amount of silver that goes in one iPhone it is less than 0.000001 GRAM you do realise that a few kilos of silver are enough for the whole telecommunication industry in the world for one year. Let's be generous and give every industry that needs silver 100 kilos of silver. The US produces about 1500 kilos/year so the industry demand is 1/15 from the whole equation all the rest goes to jewellery and I'm sure you would agree that demand for gold in the jewellery industry is higher than the demand for silver, thats why the ratio does not add up cuz you forget about the demand. And dont be a gold/silver bug invest in the dow jones average and you will always outperform in the long run it's simple mathematics. Now in a particular year you might lose a lot BUT overall if you invest 100$ in the DOW in 50 years you will have much more than if you invest in 100$ in gold. ALWAYS no matter what happens in 2015 or 2016 overall you will do better having actual value. All gold/silver bugs are talking about value EXACTLY the value of gold/silver is purely phycological if tomorrow everyone decides that gold/silver does not have value we will still be able to live without them BUT if wheat or corn disappear then that's REAL problem for society. So main point I'd rather have a few fields of crops that actually have value for everyone in the world than to have gold that you can't really eat and the only reason it is expensive is because we believe it is, plus it's shiny.     

  42. Spot silver and gold prices are commodity prices for a certain amount delivered on a specific date.  Actual cost of a silver round can be  a few dollars over spot (it takes time and money to make a round), and 10%-15% – 20% over spot for Silver Eaglesetc. depending on where and from whom you purchase.  There are higher mark ups for U.S. silver dollars, and they are about 3/4 oz of silver.

  43. I think we must all as stackers consider one Major piece of the puzzle. The illuminati, they are biblical in every way Lets say they are collapsing the economy on purpose to create a New World Order. Before you bet all your chips on Silver what will happen if the Economy crashes and gets replaced by the mark of the Beast? Think about it were so close to Jesus coming back and a financial collapse would help usher in the mark. Our Silver wouldn't help because no man can buy or sell without that Mark. I stack Silver for many reasons. It's best to have paper and Silver however Jesus is the One you need to invest in. We're all doomed without Jesus Christ.

  44. If you all have a family, sure you do, or anyone you love or care about. Make a prayer closet and seek God, because the dollar will collapse and some form of "implantation" or "tattoo" will be ushered in WORLDWIDE and already is in a small sneaky way. Without it you won't be able to buy sell nor trade, I believe you can do something with silver and such, but this will be caused upon ALL PEOPLE. Do not take it and do not conform to the society which will be caused to worship the beast and its image.
     If you take or do any of these things you are damned and there is no way you are getting into heaven, but if you overcome it(have faith in God, this is prophecy) you will have riches beyond you imagination in Heaven. Jesus Christ is the life the truth and the way. Amen

  45. Everything in the world economy revolves around 5 things. What i hold is a solution comprising all 5 them. Let me show you the IDEAL solution to Wealth Gathering like never before. Click the link

  46. I thought for a second I was watching a video from sept/oct 2014 🙂 Keep stacking – the price will go up again at some point.

  47. There will be a lot of mouths to feed.  Encouraging people to buy silver now would be a good thing.  Remember that if people are wrong about a dollar collapse, then we would all be the richer.  We would just have a stash of useless silver.

  48. Say you buy a 1000 ounces today for 16.00 per ounce.When silver hits a hundred an ounce and you sell.You have just sold your precious metal for the collapsed dollar.What did you gain?

  49. Would you not be better off,buying some dirt and growing food.Raising Chickens or Goats will bring you a much faster profit.Look folks, I have 400 pounds of silver, some I paid close to $50.00 an ounce.My point is silver closed today at 17.34.I love silver for a very long term investment.I would trade my silver today for 1/2 acre of Soybeans.When you are making a living off silver or gold you will always promote it.Silver has not been $50.00 an ounce since the Hunt brothers drove the price up in the 80's and 2012.That is a 30 year gap a long time to hold on to a metal that closed today at $17.34. Just thinking out loud.If the dollar collapses like the Krona or the Ruble.your 17.00 an ounce silver is down to 8.75 an ounce.

  50. Try to understand this,if we hedge against the paper dollar with metal,and our system collapses,we will be in a world of shit!
    First of all, say you have a silver eagle and you want to buy food.Say the price of silver is $200.00 per ounce,but you only need $100.00 worth of food because that's all you can keep at one time before it spoils.So you take out your hack saw and cut the eagle in half and buy your groceries.Then on the way home you need to get some gas for your car,and you take out the hack saw again and  cut off $25.00 of the half eagle you just cut in half earlier..Do you really want to live when things get that bad?.Remember if you can't eat it,its just shit, plain and simple.Just watch the walking dead,the only thing that matters is guns, ammo and food.

  51. Check out Realist news. He talks about Yugaslavia when TSHTF. Fact is Gold and silver still bought stuff,guns etc. People still want to live. Now Yugaslava has come out of the mad max eara…

  52. One dollar is always worth one dollar in 1964 or 2015. What that dollar buys changes. The one dollar in 1964 is not one dollar in 2014. The dollar buys less and less. One silver dollar buys the same as it did in 1964. Silver holds value. Paper does not hold value. Ratios change. I have to protect myself. Silver protects better than paper.

  53. Commodities rise and crash, as does farm land, corn, soybeans, gasoline, marriages, friends, health, and silver. Best to know the end game. My end game is sell half after it doubles. Get out if it drops 10% and buy when it's lower. Have a plan and stick to it. Don't risk more than 10% of net worth. That way losses are limited. It's roll the dice money, speculation. Always diversify.

  54. The time to buy silver is now.. I realized a 61 cent an ounce rise in less than 3
    weeks and the price will continue to rise. By the end of 2016 to early 2017 it will likely be more than $75.00 per ounce.

  55. 11:42, "…hardly anyone produces any material value — other than shuffling papers and wasting time." Your nail-on-the head truism hit hard, because not a day went by that I didn't scream these words out in my head, as I literally sat there shuffling papers and wasting time. I had to get out!

  56. Buy silver. Its value is steady. The price in fiat currencies and the apparent fluctuations in price, are actually only a reflection of the 'accepted value' of the fiat currency concerned…not the real value of the silver. Paper can become valueless in no time. Silver won't.

  57. love this video! but here's a silly question: if our technology requires so much silver and by 2020 the Ag becomes extinct what does that mean? Will Ag become irrelevant as we'll have to swich to a different kind of technology?

  58. I agree and I’m teaching everyone I know and love to start buying. It’s actually fun when you find a nice bar somewhere for a bargain. I’ve recently started to take silver seriously and I dove in head first!

  59. Predicting extinction of silver in 2020 is absurd, I can buy all I want anywhere I go around Dallas metro and top that off @ under $17 and that's paying a premium, this is only 1 area I'm speaking of, multiply that by the whole country, WAIT, multiply that by the whole planet, what you'll learn is that there's no shortage of silver @ anywhere in anyway way, I stack silver but people MUST know the facts and the facts are silver is very very plentiful, maybe one day in 20 or more years it may become scarce BUT now it's not that way atol, instead of stacking for SHTF stack for collection and fun of having a beautiful metal that anyone can afford

  60. and here we are on the cusp of 2020 and still …i can go buy an ounce of silver for the cost of two cups of starbucks coffee

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