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99 thoughts on “πŸ”΄ A Recession Crisis, Gold, & the Central Banks’ Last Stand (w/Greg Weldon)”

  1. I think Bitcoin has way more upside than Gold. All the macro economic reasons to buy Gold are broadly the same as Bitcoin (Digital Gold).

  2. i need to watch more of this man. I'm surprised more economists aren't mentioning all the factors he was touching on.

  3. If you poor buy silver if your rich buy gold the rich almost never talk about sliver because the poor can afford it and they both have value in this market sliver is used way more than gold and if they switch gears βš™οΈ and talk about silver like they talk about gold silver will sky rocketed to the moon because more people can’t afford it a ounce of silver is around 16$ a ounce of gold is around 1400$ 85% of Americans don’t have 1400$ in their savings account so I think πŸ€” the poor should buy silver and crypto/bitcoin see gold is for the rich to keep their riches crypto is the poor to become rich by demand se theirs more poor people in the world then rich people crypto can put the power in to the poor people hands 😎

  4. 1971, gold default. Gold went from $35 to $800 at 18% mortgages. $3,000 pension per month cost $250,000. Thirty years later, rates dropped to 1%. $3,000 per year pension costs $3,600,000. Government employees get pensions, but NOT private businesses. It's a schism of reality versus fantasy. Facebook is worth FIFTEEN Ford Motor Companies? Fantasy grossly over priced. Reality under priced. Can't raise interest rates because prices fall. Prices fall and there are defaults using fake money, debt notes, unlimited debts. We are in trouble here. There will be a default either way. The elites are hoping to force the default on the 99% NOT the 1%. Hope it all works out.

  5. Save the end of the world as we know it… Peg a new currency backed by GOLD and Silver… call it the "MOOLAH"…. make it available wherever and to whomever owns the precious metals… then peg all other fiats to that… kiss the central banks, the fed, the ecb good-bye… (think about it…)

  6. I have been using the TLT as a strangle barometer for selling put premiums and buying a few calls on all indexes to buy more Gold even at these prices, I'm certainly not gonna use my monies to buy Gold during these uncertain times. Enjoy your important content.

  7. Bread in Germany went from one mark to one million marks in one year. Gold ruled. Foreigners turned Germany into a brother where all women became whores to eat. Food for sex. The goal was the destruction of Germany. Look at the blowback of Germany after. It's called Adolph Hitler and World War Two. Rothschild said give me the printing presses and I care not what puppet sit's on the throne. Hitler said give me the guns and I care not what puppet has the printing presses. In other words, reality, gold, trumps paper and Facebook.

  8. "…MMT, there's a very credible thought process behind it…."
    With that statement, you lost all credibility. There is ZERO credibility behind the concept of MMT.

  9. Love the interview, and his perspectives. Concerning the Fed, investors, economists etc. I cant believe many of them still act as if they don't know why there is no inflation.

  10. Gold and Bitcoin great hedge, moving into a digital world where a vast amount of wealth being handing down to millennials who have only known a world with a computer in the palm of their hand and money being digital (decentralised, scarce ,neutral, open sourced, and permission-less) has got to play right into the hands of Bitcoin. Bitcoin halving coming up next year (reducing the new supply coming onto the market by half) could be the perfect storm.

  11. This guy is a badass. He looks like he should be in a biker gang but he speaks like a wise learned man.

  12. Sir I give you a name for your searching. Dr. Markus Krall. Look what he has to say about the bankingproblems in the
    EU You have to translate that from German to English. But it is worth the work.

  13. Sorry, must correct you!…. The chinese DIDN'T walk away. They were wanting some changes to things that HADN'T BEEN FINISHED in the last round of talks. Then Trump out of nowhere (as usual), tweets out they broke the rules, they reneged. Wrong

  14. Just listen to the orange headed paedo bastard you voted. "Everything is great. America is doing great". More rate cuts and more Fiat currency will be printed and soon the USA will sell it's women and children to slave in China to repay it's debt. Ivanka will be a househelp in a Chinese farmer's home , kushner would be behind bars with his father in Palestine, your first whore will be soliciting in the red light streets of Thailand. Fingers crossed for the biggest crash in American history.

  15. The few "elite" families CONTROL and USE -as their rabid control dog- the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

    The orders go from:

    1) The "elite" families ORDER BIS ( a junior organization to BIS is the Financial Stability Board [FSB] whose purpose is to give "policy recommendations" to BIS, but these "policy recommendations" are SOLELY designed FOR the "elite families" and APPROVED by the "elite" families–DO NOT FALL for these shenanigans and sleight of hand tricks)!

    2) BIS to the World Bank (WB) and
    /then the International Monetary Fund (IMF) — the WB basically goes into un-indebted Countries and SLAMS them into debt then the International Monetary Fund (IMF) comes in later to MANIPULATE political actions, because the IMF acts as ENFORCER/the MUSCLE against those debtors/indebted Countries and forces "payments" thru austerity or other financial/BEHIND THE SCENES threats.

    3) The IMF orders Central Banks (CB).

    4) CBs then order national/local banks AND gets criminal politicians to put in laws that help them and HARM the people.

    5) National/local banks then force it on retailers and depositors!

    Thats basically the SCAM!!

    So time to shut down this SCAM and jail the "elites"!!!!

    Also, Why are we cutting rates??

    The "elite" families KNOW that the GREATEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH will be going on for the next 5-7 years and they NEED TO STEAL as much of that as possible!

    How will they do that????? NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES, and in the case of Australians–force them to KEEP their money in Banks so that they cannot get it out FAST ENOUGH–is one way!!!!!!

  16. The EU is a basket case, the UK has booked its place in the Brexit lifeboat and I'm hoping that when it comes to bailing out Italy and other failing EU institutions, they can push back any liability, just like the refusal to allow more fighter planes to be wasted in the defence of France in the 1939 – 1940s. The REMAINERs exist in a past paradigm clinging to a hope that the past could be rejuvenated. Just like Nelson in 1805 at Trafalgar and Wellington in 1815 at Waterloo Boris Johnson has a sense of history. He knows just like Churchill that clear skies will become apparent once the accumulating black swans have done their worst. The greatest challenge will be avoiding getting sucked into a geopolitical false flag event and end up fighting the wrong war.
    Is their a right war? NO. is a wrong war? Yes. Germany v Great Britain and a potential conflicts with China and Russia. The US, Russia, China, and even the UK can carve up the world of political influence without collateral fallout. The US needs to understand that they no longer have the political and financial clout they once had. Weaponising the dollar, supposedly neutral, used for international settlements has been a grave error of judgement. The US is effectively an island continent that needs a massive military complex to flex it's muscles. Russia and China are part of the world's largest land mass, they only need rail tracks for economic expansion.

  17. "Everything matters." Couldn't agree more. Not sure how MMT correlates to the Treasury and Fed retiring the debt, but I have NO DOUBT the current President would be in favor of that. Retiring the debt is the nuclear option. THERE WILL BE CONFLICT. The EU will counter with their own arsenal of idiots in the ECB. If the next Administration starts sending out checks, the country will come unglued. Why, you ask? Because the 1% will realize the currency they hold at JPM Chase is worthless. What do you think the 1% will be buying with that currency???

  18. CB of euro can't do those things because its not a world currency currently. haha who cares, who cares. How big is the derivatives markets worldwide? 1-5 quadrillion? More?

  19. Great video with excellent information and insight. It is refreshing to watch a financial video without Leftist political contamination or somebody pimping gold coins. I particularly found the segment about the valuation of gold vs African oil producing countries currency interesting in that it supports my theory: the USD is the best looking ugly girl at the prom and is thus all but invulnerable vs other currencies for the foreseeable future. I would love to hear a solid contrary assessment of said theory.
    Thank you for the great video.

  20. The fed know exactly what they are doing they are gangsters of the satanic bankers that control the world. Shit birdie rothschilds let me control the currency and you can make any law you want

  21. There is very little spare cash to pay interest rates on mortgages! Not so long ago people had to give up their mortgages because the rates were too high. It is very simple to get inflation, all you do is pinpoint place money to the population. They will not take on more debt! hence the government must do this in every country if they truly want inflation so that interest rates can rise. Raising rates whilst millions have been delivered to actual poverty is a ridiculous and harmful move. There is debt deflation for a reason, no one can afford more to pay to the banks and neither will they take on more debt. You can make loans available at minuscule rates but at a certain point, no one is there to take it. Why is there no law to allow the writing off of unavoidable mountains of debt, especially public debt, and likewise the responsibility to lie with the government to create public money for the public good? This would create an entirely new source of brand new well-paid jobs.

  22. Since when do banks need reserves to lend money? Why do they continue to imagine this basic lie? Banks create money out of nothing but a promissory whenever they create a loan, they don't first look to the reserve level!

  23. Many need to learn how banking actually is working, especially politicians who keep embarrassing themselves with statements that reveal extreme ignorance. https://thenewdaily.com.au/money/finance-news/2017/01/03/how-banks-create-money/ Let us first tell the truth, or at least know it!

  24. Good point being made here in that there is no inflation being caused by all the printing that has been going on, you can see that in Japan. I think this is because the band of people being made very rich are not able to spend enough to the economy, they take their money offshore, and in any case they can only swim in one swimming pool at a given time and cannot even charge others to swim in them because the others don't have the means with which to pay such fees, and neither will they, nor can they go in to debt to pay them. The great majority has been ignored when it comes to consumer power. Barmy as it may sound to many surely debt jubilee – Steve Keen economist style, well managed and at intervals is a solid solution. It is not as if banks create money from a private pot of their own savings!

  25. European banks will not lend to customers if they were expected to lose half a percent plus the risk of default from the borrower !!
    There are 12% of zombie corporations in the Eurozone that rely on ECB borrowing at zero rates of interest !!Any increase would lead to their collapse !!Imagine the negative sentiment on all participants !!

  26. The biggest threat to our market, is countries moving away from the petro dollar. Swift system is on its way out the door. Companies and countries know this. Once the world doesn't need our dollars anymore for trade, those dollars in circulation are garbage. Poof. Death of the dollar. Permanently.

  27. Why is it when every economist goes on this show talks about all these trends and policies but never really acknowledges that 80% are hurting?

  28. If bonds are offering a negative yield, why in god's name would anyone buy them?

    It's pretty simple, no return? No purchase. Move to something that does not deteriorate, PM's for instance.

    Makes too much sense I guess.

  29. Buy gold nd SILVER…go ld now 1497.00 cup and handle now in motion. Do what the smart hv been doing. But it , don't wait!

  30. Why haven't I heard of this guy sooner? I'm so used to listening to all the fluff from the same so-called "gurus" (Agora Financial, etc.) yet Weldon's comments were 100% bullshit-free! I even learned a few things I haven't heard before.

  31. My argument of bitcoin vs gold. If an Alien comes from another planet and you offer him bitcoin or gold which one does he take? I say gold everytime.

  32. Fed intentionally causes recessions. Factored into their calculus of price stability is stock market price stability so when they think equity prices are too high they intentionally collapse prices with interest rate hikes. I imagine they are mainly looking at bond prices and wanting to maintain the bond bubble.

  33. New gold guru trying to make a name for himself !
    Go and watch the one and only true money orakel..Max Keiser repport, his trackrecord is perfect !
    He made me Rich !

  34. We have reached the state in our economy were you have to adjust your lifestyle to live within your cash flow and reduce your debt levels significantly…. For a while, a residential home mortgage loan may be the only realistic reason to hold debt, every other liability may be a factor that brings instability into your life.

  35. πŸ’›πŸ’™ If the ECB give negative interest rate loans to banks which give neg interest rates to customers, then this will send Bitcoin to $100k USD sooner than expected πŸ’›πŸ§‘

  36. There's very little new thinking on wall street.they all seem ridiculously dependent nowadays on what the fed does or doesn't do. There's no innovation taking place there anymore

  37. "They" are still trying to get us to believe that "fire doesn't burn" and "water doesn't wet"…keep stacking like a madman to preserve your wealth and prep your buns off fellow patriots. Bless everyone that understands the mess they have bestowed upon us commoners, for the sake of their transfer of wealth since 1913. The roosters are coming home to roost finally and the death of the fiat money game is about over as they totally lose control of the runaway freight-train. Got to ride the wave and the misery factor is going to be really great for those who have no clue. We need to help each other as much as we can when their pain comes.

  38. As of September 8, a full month after his announcement, there is no such website as 'gold-guru.com'. Maybe he left it in the saddlebags on his Harley.

  39. I continue to maintain that since 2008/9, the Mother of All Ponzis – the PRIVATELY-held [NOT]Federal[NO]Reserve – and other major CBs will "QE to infinity"/pick every remaining scrap of meat from the "Golden Goose carcass"; history will ultimately conclude that 2007-9 was the genesis of the "GreatER [global] Depression".

  40. It's all about taking China down. China's elite has been reaping, skimming, and misrepresenting the state of their economy for years. What's happening now is the US calling their bluff and taking them down. What is happening now will hurt us, but will crippled China. It's payback time!

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