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100 thoughts on “✅ Awkward Stage Inspiration – INSANE Hair Growth Time Lapses”

  1. I’ve been growing my hair for about 4 months and it’s pretty long already the last time I actually cut the top was on January 1st of 2019

  2. I really really need an advice. Ive been growing my hair for my 5 months now and im in the awkward stage, my mind says i need a haircut but i dont want to. What should i do?

  3. The worst part is when you have straight hair I’ve been growing out for 4 months and I look like a fucking emo

  4. I got a question I’ve got medium hair but a lot of baby hairs at the front of my head I think it’s because I get a shape up when I get a haircut I think it’s messed up my natural hairline and now I hate it so I’m thinking about just getting a buzz cut then letting it regrow will it solve the problem or not do anything?

  5. I'm already in my awkward stage. My hair looks like a fucking bowl cut and people would assume that I love Korean stuff.

  6. Is it normal for having faster hair growth like half a year is like three months because that is happening to me

  7. Cool🤟😎 I wish I had thought of doing this.. Im about 2 months from a full man-bun. When that one guy shaved it off, I shrank a little.. Lol noooooo

  8. I am growing my hair since November 2018, but I will start my military service next year… SO WHY THE FUCK AM I DOING THIS AGAIN?!

  9. Tips plzzz….My hair is about 5 inchs… i am gonna grow it. But i don't know why my hair is falling! It hurts. Every time i do shampoo at least 10 hair fall.

  10. I went from watching how to grow long hair to how to deal with going bald lol. I had a thick head of hair that was about 3 feet long and it’s just been falling out. Baldness isn’t even a family gene for me really. Crazy how I went from one spectrum to the other…

  11. nice I've got also curly hair and started to make it long. been 4 months when I cut my hair last

  12. I can't even grow hair that long
    Probably my hair type its more long hair like the Beatles not like a surfer

  13. Hi… i'm going to grow long hair and does it important to go bold for long hair growth ? Plz answer my question.
    Your Faithful Fan😊😍

  14. I used to have a decent amount of long hair but I took a trip to Mexico and my mom decided to take me to get it cut and it hasn't grown much since then….I miss my hair

  15. Hey Thomas! I decided to let my hair grow and get a full bun, but my question is: would you recommend starting by a half bun (keeping the hair short on the sides) amd then go for the full bun when you already can do the half bun? Would this help with the awkward face? Thanks for your help! ❤

  16. I'm going full viking. My curly hair gonna bang. I'm starting from a no 2 fade to the skin. So a true grow out. Shoulda started pics while ago. Mines full af like 2nd dude… it gets moppy and dony know how to control it

  17. What is it with shaved headed guys that give me the impression that they’re most likely trouble makers or crazy people

  18. Grew my hair out since mid 2012 until I cut a large sum of it off last year august. and this year May I cut more… Let's say… A bit too much off and regret it even though it doesn't look that bad, My hair is a little similar to your hair length in this video so I estimate I have a 1 year head start. Of most people. I layer it when needed myself as I've always cut my own hair from all my years of hair growth. You can look through my old and new YouTube videos to see it change throughout the years. Of course there were periods where I cut a decent sum of hair off but that was mostly the top to layer… it's not a perfect representation of pure 7 year hair growth but it's very close and still long.

  19. So great to watch this !
    I’m growing my hair out and I’m at that frustrating phase with nothing looks right but I’m sticking to it and I’m being patient thank you for this!

  20. alright so I'm growing my hair out and I'm at the stage when it's in between and if I don't style it in the morning it looks like a mushroom and I don't know if I should continue…..please help

  21. What made you get a perom on your hair when it was looking good?👆 hair bayle. The truth!=straight to cruly na na the natural hair growing.
    Neomoil is dam good for growth ver healthy for strength and coulerd hair its all so good for gray no more gray no falling out thicker hair so that all the goodness you get for all hair tiyps go for it I got a 50 mL bottle it come hard and 💯persent neon oil put warm water in a small bowl then put the bottle sitting up right for a 5minets then brush the hair throw add small amount to the hand rub into your hair especially the scalp massage 5minits then leave in a week wash and conditioner .then repeat. You can bye this from boots or health shops. They you have it 💯👈☯️you will love this it as alot about this product that work with anti ageing skin problems look it up it pure oil for menny things 💯👈neem oil I've been growing my hair out first months after that I needed some thing to help with my hair growing since I got neon oil my hair growing out good and faster trust me amazing I love this product go for it 💯👈👍👍👍😉

  22. Been wanting to grow my hair out, but my school dont allow when it gets to awkwardbstage because it doesnt look good on students. Im planning only to get a long hair on top and continue growing out in college

  23. I’m at the point now where it looks like I kinda have a mullet. What should I do? I started from an undercut and didn’t get a haircut since then. But now I dont like the look of it and get a strong urge to visit the barber. Also people keep telling me to cut it and it’s annoying.

  24. I have essentially the exact same hair has the second guy, hopefully this is enough to keep me from cutting it.

  25. I'm trying to grow my hair for the first time in my life.. and it's hard because now I'm in the awkward stage. wish me luck.

  26. I have hair like Ghooper except I’ve been trying to train it to lay back. I’m at 8 months right now and I work outside. It’s very windy where I live and impossible to maintain so I’m forced to wear a hat every day. Any tips on good products that will hold it but not irritate my scalp or skin if I sweat?

  27. I'm extremely worried because I think I might go through an awkward phase because I used to have curly-ish hair and I straightened it to death for years and cut it. So I wonder if I might have straight hair when I grow it out or if my naturally curly-ish hairstyle will come back.

  28. Do you advise to cut the sides and back when growing hair? Undercut? Or just let it all grow top back and sides?

    The sides and back of my hair really grow quick so not sure what to do?

  29. I’m nearly 5 months in. My hairs just stared to stay back when I brush it backwards, the sides are in a really awkward stage very messy around my ears and it looks horrible. How long in everyone else’s process does this awkward stage start to pass? My hairs really thick btw.

  30. This is my first time Growing my Hair and its been almost 5 Months since i Started and its getting awkward BUT its good to see there are others that have passed these difficult times 😉😁

  31. I confess I'm here just to appreciate guys with long hair. There are almost no guys with long hair where I live, so sad :(((

  32. when u have straight hair and your hair is less than an inch in length your hair is always stretching to the sky like fucking headgehogs spikes

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